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CVE 160A - A Special Viking Experience!

Monday, June 27, 2016 | Ted Goslinga / Manuel Marabese | Europe

Final Day - Geiranger to Ålesund

And so we are already at the last day of this special tour with this special group of friends from Macao!. Starting the day with a relaxed ferry boat ride through the astonishing Geirangerfjord was a real nice begin of this final day of the tour. Gliding slowly between the majestic rockwalls is a pretty impressive experience. After disembarking the ferry we headed slowly northwest in direction of Alesund, but first we had to take the last ferry of the tour. This time a short one and the last part took us all round the area of Alesund. Along a great coastal road we finally entered the finish of this tour. A big thumbs up for this great group of friends who appeared to be fantastic riders throughout the entire tour!!. We hope to see you all back on any Edelweiss tour, anywhere, anytime! Best regards, Ted & Manuel

last picnic !!
Our hotel at Geiranger Fjord
heavy traffic in the Geiranger fjord!
First class passengers!
beautiful scenery

Day 9 - Fjaerland to Geiranger

Ready to gear up... almost...
Morning mist and cool air with the mighty Jostedalbreen glacier surrounding us...
A bit foggy but you still get the idea
Up on the road to Geiranger across Djupvatna at 1030m but it feels like 3000m on the Alps
Preparing ourselves for the snow ball fight...
Making friends with Chinese bus tourists
And... THE view of the King of the Fjords, Geiranger!

Day 8 - Bergen to Fjaerland

Fantastic route we rode today! More than 300 km unspoiled scenery in Norway! Waterfalls all around you, steep rockwalls, clear fjord water....and water falling from above..! The day started perfect with a dry ride out of Bergen north bound. Today we had about everything the scenery of this country could give us: from nice towns to gorgeous lake sides, from green valleys to steep mountain roads, from a hazy shade to drizzling mountain passes with snow: this is Norway!. A little later than normal because of a big soccer tournament and a broke ferry we arrived at our super scenic fjordhotel where the dinner as usual is awesome and the atmosphere even better! After tasting a self brewed beer by the owner soon the first ones felt their eyes where getting heavy and went off to their bedrooms. Despite of the rainy afternoon the group enjoyed today's ride very much (including the 18% grade of some mountian descent.

waterfalls at Tvindefossen
The van route goes instead through the longest road tunnel of the world: Lärdaltunnel with its 24.50 Km!
Charming interior of the living room in Fjordstua, out fantastic water side hotel built in 1937
Ted playing some aperitivo riff
And Gabriel is enjoying the view from the terrace
An outstanding meal, started with organic ox from the nearby farm
The owner Bård brews his own tasty beer with hints of juniper berries collected across the field and using water from the glacier
Our scenic hotel in Fjaerland

Day 7 - Rest day Bergen

After having a nice and long (for some...!) sleep in, the tourmembers slowly got in the breakfast room to enjoy a firm Norwegian breakfast and getting ready for a city tour through the nice and old city center and harbour side of Bergen. We tried to get up on the cable train to have an nice overiew over Bergen, but due to the huge amount of cruiseship tourist waiting in line, we first walked along the old Hanseatic houses on the waterfront. Then  up to the Bergenhus (castle) at the end where yesterday evening the placed was crowded with hardrock fans, because a Danish band called Volbeat was giving a concert. And tonight even better: Paul McCartney is playing at the same place. So all hotels in Bergen are full booked!

Coming back from the tour our tourmembers spent some time (!) in the souvenir- and other shops and rest of the afternoon everybody enjoyed their free time in this lively place.

Bergen downtown
State of the art Fire Dept , Bergen,Norway!!
Bergenhus castle
Bryggen waterfront houses
Manuel trying to get an answer for the constant question for Bergen area: how is gonna be the weather tomorrow?
Ted with the Norwegian navy band, remembering his days in the Dutch Navy...
at Bergen's castle garden
Tonight seafood in the fish capital of Norway! What a huge king crab!

Day 6 - Sola (Stavanger) - Bergen


Today we are gonna move along the North Sea, destination Bergen. Three long sub-sea tunnels and two ferries are connecting the bitsfor this coastal journey into the heart of "Vestlandet", the realm of western fjords.

First stop: Stavanger brygge and its colourful wooden houses
Big attraction of the morning: Ape car, 2 stroke
Time to board the first ferry!
We are getting closer to Bergen, all day cruising along the coast

Day 5 - Vrådal - Sola (Stavanger)

What a beautiful weather this morning compared to yesterday afternoon! A clear srispy blue sky is always a good thing to start with!. Last night we had an incredible dinner at our hotel and the breakfast was again very delicious. So all in a good mood, breifing outside in the morning sun and off we went to the higher grounds of Norway. Swerving the beautiful roads and curves brought us up to the plerfect picnic sport of today where tourguide Manuel prepared us a very nice BBQ picnic! under a roof terrace (those Norwegians know how to build the perect picnic spot!). everyone enjoyed this great lunchtime. with a full stomach we headed more west and finally got up to the breathtaking views on the Lysefjord . We were rewarded with a clear view on the fjord and surroundings. After the descent into the valley and a great afternoon ride, we finally ended up in Sola , south of Stavanger at our fabulous beach hotel. What a great end of a great day. Today is the longest day of the year, so all the time for a evening stroll along the beach and then a wel -earned night rest!

Eidsborg stave church
Fun in the snow!
Picnic time: de luxe version with bbq grilled salmon (and extra heat for the hands)
`looking down into the Lysfejord
Suddenly all the groups' attention is going to a Suzi GSX !!
Our beach hotel in Sola (Stavanger)
Food time!
kiting at hotels' beach

Day 4 - Oslo - Vrådal

After resting a bit in the Norwegian capital we head towards west, discovering the beauty hidden in the countryside: Telemark region is on the agenda!

God morgen Norge!
Everyone always happy to pose for photos!
View around Telemark
Heddal stavkirkje, the most imposing stave church in Norway, still standing after many centuries
Weather got a bit worse in the afternoon, but for tomorrow we are expecting sunshine!

Day 3: Rest day in Oslo

After quite a long stretch of highway yesterday, today it's time to relax a bit. In the morning we go for a short ride through the forests and hills just outside of Oslo (what a green capital: from city centre to ski area in less than 20 min) and towards the lake of the (sadly) famous Utøya, where Norway had the worst internal attack in 2011. 

The afternoon is spent enjoying some tasty food along the waterfront Aker Brygge and visiting Oslo city centre... in the evening the sun is still up! Great summer feeling in the Nordic!

Posing in front of Holmekollen Ski Jump. Oslo hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1952, and Lillehammer in 1994.
Our charming hotel with a supreme view over Oslo Fjord
Nobel Peace Center
Beautiful buildings in Karl Johans gate
A lively area.. Aker Brygge pier
Feeding time!!
The new modern art Museum, quite a structure!
and of course there is the city beach...
Along Karl Johan's Gata, in front of the parliament
View from Akershus fortress
Ted in good company
Feeding time again! Dinner with a view...
At your service !!

Day 2: Gothenburg to Oslo

Because of the late arrival of two of our customers, we made a late start towards the border owith Norway. As soon as everyone saddled up, we took of to the highway to get out of Götenborg towards our first stop at Vanenborg. Since it was already lunch time we combined the offestop and lunchstop. Perfect timing since the Swedish rain gods decided to let down some water. Following the route west and then up north along the swedish coastline it slowly dried out and by the time we had to gas up the bikes it became very pleasant to ride. Arriving at our beautiful old Norwegian style hotel next to the Olympic ski jump of Holmenkollen we enjoyed the abolute gorgeous view over Oslo and surroundings. During the dinner the first jetlagged guys in the group went off to bed to get a proper night rest, soon followed by the rest. Tomorrow a nice day ahead with a short ride in the morning and a city tour in the afternoon!

first lunch stop of the tour!

Arrival Day in Göteborg, Sweden

And so there were 10 bikes waiting at our fantastic start hotel in Göteborg, Sweden for their riders from Macao in China. All lined up, shining and eager to go on the first Viking Experience tour of this year through Sweden ann Norway. Soon our customers showed up one by one, excited for the adventure what is ahead of them and admiring the bikes they will be riding.

After the welcome briefing and the motorcycle handover, we enjoyed a wonderful 3 course dinner inside of this fabulous building. Soon after the dessert the jetlag creeps in and made the people going up to their rooms, dreaming about what's ahead!

nice line-up!
Getting ready for the briefing!
Quite a good view for a Swedish landscape appetiser.
Ted explaining Manuel's perfect mapping design of Viking Norway
Time for dinner now...
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Monday, June 27, 2016 at 16:28

Dear Jason and Friends,
I very much hope you arrive at Aalesund safe and sound and that you had a great trip experience. Please say hello to all your friends + I enjoy to watch you smile


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