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Worldtour - Tallinn-Moscow-Bangkok

Friday, September 30, 2016 | Stephan Weckschmied / Marc Adamiak / Holger Homann | The World Tour

Arrival in Bangkok!

30-09-2016 Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng - Vientiane - Khon Kaen - Bangkok

Our Maison Dalabua, an oasis in Luang Prabang
Beautiful temples in Luang Prabang; world heritage
French colonial style houses
Mekong views
In the morning we left very early in order to visit the Tad Sae waterfall and....
...to swim with elephants
Russ making friends with this cute one
Lanie and Russ in the water after the lephant dived
Stephan and Roli on their new friend
Marc, what happens??
Soo much fun with these friendly animals
Stephan imitating the elephant or the elephant Stephan?
Everybody looks enlightened
On the road again. One of the most enchanting roads in Laos is between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. And this is where we are on today.
Land slides are common in Laos when it rains a lot. And it had. We are just lucky.
However some parts of the road are very slippery even without rain or mud on it.
Amazing landscape
Exactly at our lunch stop heavy rainfall. That IS Edelweiss Timing )
After lunch the roads will be veeery slippery.
on top of the mountains...
Is it fantastic or fantastic?
Roli passing...
...and then a pedestrian overtakes us on the right hand side. Unbelievable )
Our freindly tourist policeman Petsakhon buys two birds to bring to hos home in Vientiane. So, two more passengers in the van
a creative light installation in our Silver Naga Hotel in Vang Vieng
on the fish market at the road...many interesting things to see and buy
Our today's ride is going from Vang Vieng to Vientiane on backcountry roads
The Nam Ngum reservoir
Lanie and Bob with their driver Phoy,the policeman Petsakhon and Mr Phong our Lao tourguide.
Arrival in Vientiane.
And we don't know if we can continue into Thailand as planned. The Thai Permit which we applied for already 6 weeks ago is still pending.
A new process for entering Thailand with your own vehicle, which was just implemented in July by the DLT, Department of Land Transportation in Thailand.
This could be an option...)
In the evening at our hotel at the Mekong.... some weather ahead, but nice sun rays games!
Monks passing by while we are waiting to pass the border to Thailand.
Oooh this Thai Permit...! Who would have thought that it would get that tricky to get into Thailand with your own vehicle?!
We used the time in Vientiane to clean our van and motorcycles. Pre-preparation for our shipping, whether directly from Vientiane or from Bangkok if we could finally get our Thai Permit. Not only our group is stalled at the border but many other people with vehicles as well, trying to enter Thailand from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar...unbelievable. And the DLT (Department of Land Transportation) changed the process two times, closed the office for three days, annoying everyone: the tourists, the customs Department, the tourism board, the hotels, which are getting cancellations because the people cannot enter Thailand.
Edelweiss dinner in Khon Kaen after an exiting day, whether to be able to enter Thailand or not at all.
Jim (not on the picture), our local partner, made it possible, that our group was allowed finally to enter Thailand. He drove the people from DLT in Bangkok personally. His flight to Bangkok was worth any penny. Thank you Jim!
The guy on the right hand side is our friendly and helpfull Thai tourguide Mr Mo.
Arrival in Bangkok!!!! Yieeeehaaaa!!!
16.710 km from Tallinn up to here in Bangkok. We made it and can be proud of ourselves! A very demanding tour topped with a lot of spices. Great team work and thanks to all of YOU!!!
At the Fair & Easy warehouse, our shipping partner in Bangkok
prparing the vehicles for shipping
Nithipat and his team, very kind people
Holger getting the roof rack off
Karl-Heinz jumping in and out of the van
Our river boat cruise in Bangkok on an old Thai boat. With these boats they sailed up to China in the past.
Nice views from the boat
Wat Arun temple at the Chao Phraya
Traditional dance on our cruise, including a nice dinner
But maybe Peter prefers more the scorpions after our boat trip

23-09-2016 Mengla (China) - Luang Namtha (Laos) - Luang Prabang

At the gas Station in Mengla: he broughthis scooter for fueling up...
...also a possibility...!
on our way to the chinese-laotian border
Thanks and good-bye China.
We enjoyed the last 4 weeks!

Our Special thanks to our chinese guide LEO and his outstanding Support!
entering LAOS
Rice fields on our way to the guesthouse in Luang Namtha
The Group is ready to start to Luang Prabang
A day with 310 km - almost just curves.
lunch break at a nice viewpoint on the top of the mountains
an interesting way, how to use empty beer cans
almost every village has 1-3 gas stations, to get some "diesel and lagular"
Region of temples
the river "Ou"
short break to drink - in the humid heat of Laos
on our way, we saw even more Kids - School was over.
we were told, that in Laos, the Family has 7 children (in average)
not so easy to leave, what one was used to for quite a while
approaching Luang Prabang

21-09-2016 Jianshui - Jiancheng - Mengla

Our last days in China.


Jianshui impressions...
...pssst - sneaking between the big brothers...
on our way to Jiansheng
impressive views along the road
fish farms down in the river
we passed banana, tea and caoutchouc plantations
Up in higher regions, temperature was pleasant - further down it got warm and humid
...and "a bit" muddy...
Rhonda and Stephan, crossing a landslide
Karl-Heinz being interviewed by some local kids
lunch break at a truck stop in the jungle mountains
some other obstacles were waiting, but were not a Problem.
Russ crossing the tree
renewing the ramp
Bob, helping the car to find the right spot
after some more gravel, all reached Asphalt again
a Police Control post "had to" extend our day a bit into nightfall
Leo, not believing what Marc is eating...
Last full riding day in China - from Jiancheng to Mengla
a break at some typical stilt houses...
tea time
all full od tea and banana plants
lunch in the jungle of China
winding roads - mostly asphalt
not good for the van...
...but for the bikes (Stephan)
it was a nice riding day
On his last evening with the Group, we said good-bye to Patric at the Group dinner.
Patric and Bob
"good night in Mengla"

18-09-2016 Lijiang - Dali - Kunming - Jianshui

our Hotel in
Holger had fun
Pedestrian Zone in Dali
"The place to be": a very nice bar / bistro
leaving to Kunmin in the early morning - a Long way was eaiting
...better then "follow to NO"
Russ, our mud seeker
parking in Kunmin
The "dirt bikes" after a Long day full of action
Continuing to Janshui was also not the "clean and proper" route - not even in towns
german "Ordnung" (order): Peter cleaning his boots
Karl-Heinz, serving tea

15-09-2016 Chengdu - Shimian - Miyi - Lijiang

We met our Partners from Navo Tours in Chengdu (Mr. Lee, our guide Leo and Paul)
Always an attraction - leaving Chengdu Hotel
...and again: WHAT Kind of conference?!?
Chengdu architecture...
...and Smog and traffic
Short break for a tea, as we crossed big tea plantations
Lunch break with a beautiful view
continuing along the river
enjoying the view
...but also seeing some tragic things
curves and turns took us higher in a Panda bear area
Group Picture at the peak
Patric at the gas Station "Usmile"
the next day started a bit cold and rainy
avoiding the Highways and main roads, we rode onto to...
...the mystic moon lake
The traditional hats on that wall painting, we would see quite soon in real...
hey Baby: WRONG COW!
the stop at some roadworks gave us the Chance to watch locals, selling pepper tree plants
See? The hats!
at the next tea stop, we first thought, those are fireworks.
Nnnnoooo! those are joss sticks, to bring to a near temple/altar
finally! in asia, they ride not just 2 ups
Roli wants a Police bike
? safety first ?
continuing along the river gave us beautiful views
look at the two rivers - Brown and green water
also some Kind of architecture
sculptors works at the roadside
crossing tea plantations, Rice fields, corn plants - we now are in the Mango area
sweet - both!
passing gorges
and breathtaking viewpoints
we came to our lunch stop, which is located at a cave
the cheff was involving Leo, to help her preparing our food
...NO, not this!
also a Little temple was there
the kitchen
hot stuff
the chef
finally, we got a delicious meal
Spiders in theyr huge web, near the spot
Rice fields
the afternoon, the way took us along amazing landsaces

...just enjoy!
our Hotel in Lijiang

11-09-2016 Pingliang - Xi'an - Foping - Guangyuan - Chengdu

Sometimes, we can just guess, what they try to tell us
our Hotel in Pingliang
Continuing to Xi'an, we saw this Food Transport (NO kidding)
Bob - we had to cross a cole mine area
Patric - also the bikes got dirty;but our proud swiss friend took care of the most important part (see his number plate)
road constructions blocked our initial route, so we took an alternative road...
Fiiiiinally - Karl-Heinz got his fixed motorcycle back in Xi'an
Also Leo dreams of a BMW
a walk in the muslim quarter in Xi'an
interesting techniques
feet peeling fishes
Visiting the terracotta army
"only" 2000 soldiers, horses and carts are excavated - not even 25%
2000 years old
some decades later, all statues were destroyed on purpose.
Now, ALL have to be restored (one archeologist works one year on one statue - ist a huge puzzle)
"the lucky one" - the ONLY sculpture, that was found intact (archer)
an original sword
a charriot with horses (also found intact) - one horse as big as a midsize dog
Russ and Bob
Marc found his new (giant) Zippo lighter
back in Xi'an
interesting way to make ice cream
the route to FOPING gave us curves, curves, curves and...
...plus wonderful landscapes and a sunny day
cow sh.. dried and rolled up - to be used later for fire, cooking (not to be eaten )
some roadworks again - but see...
drying corn
again curves on the next day - but it began with rain
sun and roadworks in the afternoon
some streetfood in GUANGYUAN
Cedar trees along a war alley of this...
...General, who defended this pass successfully
some are growing into the street - or even ON the street (well, the trees are much older than the street, which HAD to be built here... :-/ )
in CHENGDU, we had a Service for the van
...and for some bikes (here, Peter explains the BMW mechanic some specialities of his bike)
Yaaayyyyyy - also Stephan got his bike fixed and is ready to continue the journey on 2 wheels

04-09-2016 Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Quilian - TaErSi - Linxia - Gangu - Maiji

The group leaves the hotel on time. Now six motorbikes, the support van and a jeep with Rhonda, Stephan and Karl-Heinz on board.
In Jiayuguan we visit the fortress which protected in former times the caravans on their way through the Hexi corridor between two mountain chains. Additionally it provided protection from invaders from the North.
A Tao temple inside the fortress
Chines tourists don't like the sun
Karl-Heinz taking a break
Leo in action
Stephan making the best out of it (his moto is on the truck to XiAn)
The western end of the Great Wall. This part of the Great Wall is build of clay brick and still impressive!
On the backside of our hotel the kitchen staff has interest in our bikes
Early in the morning our expedition via backcountry roads through the Quilian Shan to Qulian starts. The weather is with us. A brilliant day ahead of us!
Rhonda, Stephan and Karl-Heinz exit the jeep. Despite the bad luck also for them a great experience.
Tibetian flags on every mountain pass. Yes, we are already on the Tibetian high plateau. Lhasa is only about 1.500km from here.
Amazing landscape! I think the group together took more than 1.000 pictures today. Sorry for that! )
First obstacle on our way: a landslide and a truckslide accordingly. Everyone made it around, no problem for our super riders!
...and Lanie celebrating! Yeah!
Peter at his best!
Russ in the mud! Knee high and no way to get through and additionally we have also the support van and the Jeep to get through. Return? At this point this would be around 150km to go back to Jiayuguan and another 450km to go to Qulian from the other side. No way!
And the mud still pours down...not a very safe place. Marc and Leo scout on foot an alternative way around the mud slide, Holger takes a 10km detour on the motorcycle: Crossing on the other side of the valley, going down through a river crossing and on grassland up to our road + then riding back to the group from the other side of the mud slide...manageable also with the 4 Wheel support van.
But then all of a sudden a front loader appears out of the nowhere pushing the mud down the slope. Sometimes one needs luck!
Patrick tries the new (muddy) way the front loader made
Lanie celebrates the mud party!
And Holger got a 2 colored pants while helping Russ...
Russ on the "road" again
gets rough again
Patrick starts again
Patrick offers cookies
Bob and Lanie happy on the second pass: 4.270 meters!
Holger kisses the ground: After 200km gravel asphalt again!!!
...and celebrating the 200km offroad expedition!
The no-motorbike-team a bit sad about todays offroad section. Poor guys!!
Yaks everywhere
And another pass with > 4.000m. What a great day!!
A late lunchstop in a small village at 4pm in the afternoon, We are still on 3.300 meters.
Wonderful landscape!
Riding down through a river valley towards Quilian on 2.700 m.
And the landscape gets more mellow. They call this area the Little Switzerland of China.
Arrival in Qulian. The van got a new painting today!
Today we drive from Qulian to Lushar where TaErSi, a Tibetian monastery, is located. Well we want to but we face a blockade
Another pass over 4.000m. 6.5° C.
On the Tibetian high plateau around 3.500m, meanwhile a cozy 11°C.
Our dinner at a BIG Chinese table
Today we visit first the monastery TaErSi, before we continue our journey to Linxia.
no comment
Marc at the prayer wheels
And a Monk at the prayer wheels
A long row of prayer wheels!
cooking BIG potatoes
Nice landscape on our way to Linxia
A farmer using his slingshot with high precision!
The farmers put their crops on the street in order to let the cars do the work of getting the grain out
Riding down a steep canyon to reach the Yellow River
We reach the Yellow river, or what is left of it in this area.
The last mountain pass for today over 3.000m. Wet, foggy and slippery.
The "running Chinese hotpot" experience in Linxia
Now we are on the way to Gangu, another 300km ride. And it gets wet again.
The 3 wheelers stop...
Shortly before lunch we stop at a small shop to buy a drink and all loclas are fascinated and happy!
The farmer comes down the hill
...and grandma and grandpa continue to eat and enjoy the show
After our shop stop the real show starts at our lunch break. Village (for us city life comes to a full stop when we arrive
I guess this is the moment when Russ discovers that many children in China have a cut in the back of their pants for "easy access"..
...but all well!
small monkeys at the window
The restaurant owner is so happy to serve us. His glasses are great aren't they?
WE can make fotos as well!
Shortly before Gangu a Buddha sculpture in the cliff face. Tomorrow we will visit Maiji Shan.
Night market in Gangu
In the morning the whole hotel staff wants fotos with us
Today we drive from Gangu to Maiji, where we will visit the famous Maiji Shan grottoes.
The Chinese shaped the landscape for agriculture over generations.
A visit at the Maiji Shan Grottoes
High up in the wall - almost 1800 years old

29-08-2016 Tamga - Naryn - Kashgar (China) - Aksu - Korla - Turpan - Hami - Dunhuang

On our rest day in Tamga we enjoy mountain views...
...and an eroded Canyon close by which Roli found.
Roli on Adventure
Today we are on the way from Tamga to Naryn where we will spend our last night in Kyrgyzstan before the border crossing to China. Here we stop at the never finished center of cultures and traditions
On the way to the Yurt builders
The yurt builders. The whole family works on finishing a yurt every 2-3 months. A Yurt with 9m diameter is approx. 15.000USD!
Stephan performing
Everything handmade. With absolut basic tools and every working step looks so easy unless you try! Amazing craft!
Helping hands of our customers
The top of the yurt...actually also part of the Kyrgyz flag !
The wife serves us bread, Marmelade, Kumis and tea. Well, Kumis is not veryones thing
Children in any village love us
waving hands everywhere
On the way to Naryn paved roads...
road constructions
...and weddings )
In our hotel Khan Tengri in Naryn we meet a group of Austrians and Germans, travelling with the "rolling hotel"
Early in the morning we start from Naryn in order to reach the border to China on time. We ride along the beautiful and impressiveTien Shan mountains
The first military check point,, still on the Kyrgyz side...one of many more checkpoints today
On the Torugart pass a police man hops on our bike
In no-mans land in between the borders
The next day in Kashgar at the vehicle registration. The crowd gathers In fact every 10 minutes an official told them to leave, another 5 minutes later they were back...amazing China and amazing WE ))
The fueling up experience. Veeeery special in China! It is forbidden to enter gas stations with a motorcycle in China by law. Normally a motorcyclist has to stop outside of the fuel station and refill his/her bike with a watering can, walking back and forth between the gas pump and the motorcycle. Of course we don't want to do that for our big fuel tanks...would mean everybody would have to walk 5-6 times to fuel up. While entering the gas station with our bikes we create a lot of confusion and lot of discussions with hands and feet... but after a while and blocking everything we get it usually done ))
Also the kids like our trouble
Thanks god! We arrived safely in Kashgar. And it seems we are back in civilization )
...and other bizarre translations )
The Kashgar Arabian nights feeling
Marc interested in the different cooking style
Our registration done we leave Kashgar towards Aksu. We follow the northern rim of the Taklamakan desert, the second biggest sand desert on Earth. On the left hand side the eroded mountain chain in various colors, on the right hand side flat land up to the horizon.
Roli and Bob catched a cold, not feeling well but they are on the bike; tough guys.
Rhonda and Stephan in good China mode
Views from support van on the highway
always negotiating the fee for the van. Sometimes very complicated because this type of car is somehow not in their lists
guess where to go! (answers welcome
Lunchstop in the middle of nowhere
Another tea stop and teamwork in the afternoon
Stopover in Kuche, an Uigur enclave, on the way to Korla. Actually up to the 7th century Kuche was a Buddhist center on the Silk Road.
Our bikes are soooooooooooooooo interesting, as we are
Chinese views.
Let's go to Turpan
On the way to Toksun we cross a mountain chain. And it is getting hotter and hotter
Chinese monster trucks...all home made
Amazing landscapes
Some offroad challenges for the van as well !
..and next obstacle. And if you think you made it there is certainly something else waiting for you
The children have fun with the Group. Astronauts are in the village!
45° Celsius, everyone is pretty messed. But Patrick is determined: He wanted to go to the deepest point of China, 154m below ground level. We did, but it was _______ hot there!
...though funny
In the Flame mountains, close to Turpan. Fantastic.
The gang in the flame mountains!
Our lunchstop: The halfway burned down kitchen looks the same like last year and the owners are happy to see us again!
Some games in the forest at our arrival in Hami, Yes, we add always some spices on our tours! )
Dinner in Hami at a typical Chinese table
It seems that we are always eating Here on our way to Dunhuang.
Stop at a melon stand shortly before Dunhuang: Delicious!!
And again BIG confusion at the gas station!
Views of the dunes from our our roof terrace of our nice hotel in Dunhuang
And the group is in a good mode...despite the latest developments...
Stephans bike broke down in Dunhuang on the way to the hotel. In the morning he mentioned already that he hears some strange sounds from his clutch; in Dunhuang it was gone. We loaded the bike into our support van for the last kilometers to the hotel. On our "restday" we had to organize the transportation of Stephans and Karl-Heinz' bike and engage a car for Stephan, Rhonda and Karl-Heinz. This picture shows the warehouse of the logistic company organizing the transport of bikes on a truck to XiAn. What a day for all involved!
Though the dunes are fantastic!

20-08-2016 Almaty - Sharyn Canyon - Tamga (Kyrgyzstan)

Special thanks to Roli for some awesome fotos!

Some offroad-/water fun near Almaty (Marc)
In/down was easier - somehow...
Between flat lands to our left and the mountains to our right (border to Kyrgyzstan), we continue towards Sharyn Canyon
In another hot day, this Herr Seen veeeery tempting to take a quick n cool bath...
Quick coffee stop in a Yurt camp in the middle of nowhere
Tasting horse milk (Kumis)
Approaching Sharyn Canyon
Sharyn Canyon
Play video Download
Filesize: 35 MB
Go and have some fun, boyz!
Play video Download
Filesize: 53 MB
Play video Download
Filesize: 25 MB
Roli talking to a Dutch who was "walking his way to Istanbul"

On our way to TAMGA, we crossed the border Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan and had some minor challenges

The next morning: a last check of today's route (Roli, Russ)
border crossing to Kyrgyzstan
They produce also good honey here
"Police Station" in a rural kyrgyz area
(Cow)shit happens sometimes, Holger
I am innocent!!!
"A bit steep and some gravel"
Wonerful landscape
Kids along the streets were waving and running with the bikes
Welding Peters rack after the offroad bit
An old german relict - the Prices wer NOT in Euro/D-Mark...!
Almost in TAMGA
The Issyk-Kul lake is 170km long, 70km wide and the deepest spot is 720m
Evening briefing with our kyrgyz guide Danill
Next morning (rest day), several checks and repairs were done. Here, Holger checks the higth of the van in preparation for China (2,5 m max!)
Karl got some straps in his rear Wheel...
We could take out quite a lot...
...but unfortunately not enough; drive shaft is still leaking too much oil for continuing riding.
what we can do?
Poor Karl - We will fix that in China!
Who said, a GS is BIG ?!
Resort "South beach", Tamga

16-08-2016 Almaty

There was quite an agenda for today:

- First, we picked up our serviced motorbikes,

- then visited SOS Kinderdorf ALMATY (an orphenage organization)

- and finally we went for a ride in the beautiful mountains nearby...

Freerider ALMATY garage
All serviced and ready to go
Thank you Alex, for your great support!
Our russian friend and local guide went on his last day with us, to visit the local SOS Kinderdorf.
We brought some toys for the Kids and spent a very nice time with them!
The founder of SOS Kinderdorf (worldwide)
Everyone wanted to sit on the bike.
It took a bit longer...
...but in the end everyone was happy
They prepared some delicious Snacks for us
The ladies, who take care of 50 children between 7 and 14 gave us a tour in the village
3 Kids are living in one room; up to 6 in a house
Some Kids stay for quite some time already (Stephan)
Thank you for your hospitality and an interesting visit!
The afternoon, the Group split up a bit - but all went for a nice ride in the mountains
Still Looks a bit like in the Alps
It Looks more problematic, than it was...
To get further up from the Lake, we just had to Show our passports
Up there are installations for meteorologic measuring
A nice talk with 2 ukrainian guys
Our highest point on this journey, so far
what a beautiful view
Silence and impressions...
Play video Download
Filesize: 20 MB
Roli on the way back down
It was a nice and interesting day

15-08-2016 From Astana via Karaganda and Balkhash to Almaty


Again, some very interesting days passed. We left the futuristic capital ASTANA, stopped in KARAGANDA and BALKHASH and after a long strech of 680 km with heat and bad roads, the group reached the last bigger stop in Kazakhstan (ALMATY, the former capital) yesterday..

...see, how it was...

All bikes were cleaned in Astana.
Not just Bob likes that.
Astana by night - almost EVERYTHING is illuminated
On our way to "Karaganda" we found some shade for the lunch break
...and Roli was showing the Youngsters some tricks
In the afternoon, we visited Dolinka - quite some of those camps were built in the former Soviet Union, to "educate" unwelcome People or to "interview"enemies of the state...
It was an impressive visit
Continuing through the steppe
Edelweiss Group dinner with excellent Food and a lot of fun

Next stop: BALKHASH

...it is located at the lake with the same Name (btw the biggest lake now, that Aral lake shrinks more and more.

We saw some muslim graves - quite some of those impressive Buildings were along the road.
Karl-Heinz made friends.
A very nice Group of women insisted to pay for our lunch:
"i want to welcome you in my Country; thanks for your visit. Now i Show you kazakh hospitality"

...they paid - and left... 8-O
Concentrate on the Background!!!!!!!!!
...HERE we go
And yes, it was as hot as it Looks, but we had a cooling breeze all day long
The lake is not just welcome for Swimming and sun bathing - it also consists of partly salt- and partly sweet water (with good fish). Just ignore the heavy industry in the background
Those guys here are quite fond of everything that has to do with Military and things

Heading to ALMATY

Yesterday, on our loooong way to "Almaty". Wild horses and camels along the road
Roli got them from quite close
Lots of huts at the roadside, where they sold smoked fish
A quick detour on a Little hill, to enjoy a last good view onto the lake
Looks loke absolute silence, and Roli enjoys
Alex scanning the horizon
Also Holger loves it there
Let's continue - still a Long day ahead of us
...with Radar in the middle of nowhere
But, while we were fascinated of the Little salt lake that we crossed on a bridge
The police did their job (but WE were lucky!)
Bad roads were waiting for us - some with quite dangereous potholes
Some had serious problems
...or even worse
The oranges were as big as melons at home; the melons were as big as.... un-be-lie-ve-able!
Camel Herds accompanied us partly
No, we did NOT eat camel!
Vast lands up to the horizon: kazakh steppe
The last 100 km to Almaty
Back in civilization
...and traffic...
...but there are "ways"
Almaty is located at the mountains - Looks a bit like the Alps
Even with the bikes, we could not ALWAYS sneak throug.
Before we came to the Hotel, we left some motorbikes at "Freeriders" for servicing.

Now, we relax two days, visit the local SOS Kinderdorf (an orphenage organization) and then prepare for the border crossing to Kyrgystan in some days!

...found at the entrance of our Hotel.

11-08-2016 Yekaterinburg - Kurgan (Kazakhstan) - Burabay - Astana

Preparing for leaving Yekaterinburg to Kurgan. Karl-Heinz is ready for take off.
Our lunch stop where David last year said "we created a movement in this village"...
This year it was quiet and peaceful
The Aviation Museum in Kurgan
Lanie in action
And Bob is certainly her pilot!
Bob explains the cockpit
Karl-Heinz, the other pilot. Seriously, his passion is flying aircrafts.
Roland takes a closer look
Holger gets a feeling of how narrow a cockpit of a military jet is.
Russ loves cats and cats love him This one hopped on the backseat of Russ' bike!
In the morning we leave Kurgan towards the border of Kazakhstan. Some road construction work on our way.
Some parts missing on his car. No problem!
Lanie explains our tour. Thank you!
Last stop before the border.
Welcome to Kazakhstan!
Right after the border crossing, on the Kazakh side: Here we buy our insurance for our vehicles.
A happy Roli, actually always happy.
Our motorcycles are the attraction.
..and Lanie will defend them, no matter what. She found a broom again!
And while waiting this Russian motorcyclist arrives
Look at his bike. We think we still have room for improvement on our bikes
Early in the morning we left Petropavlovsk. A littel bit later we arrive in the road construction area, compared to last years' tour. Last year it was this mud-clay-grease thing for more than 40km after 6 days of heavy rain. This year not a problem at all, though some offroad training for us.
My camera is so slow taking a picture but Lanie is an acrobat!
Coffee stop in a small typical Kazakh restaurant at the road side
...and of course some picture taking with the locals. We feel the change in mentality, this is Asia now. More open, more friendly, honking, waving hands...
After lunch In Kellerovka we turn left into rural area in order to reach Burabay in a big bow.
Roli sets a good contrast to the sunflowers
"road" impressions...
Our todays' support team Marc and Alex discussing with Peter offroad details about the van. Actually we saw them driving backwards out of the mud )
Russ and Roli were in the same area)
Play video Download
Filesize: 54 MB
Arrival in Burabay National Park.
Play video Download
Filesize: 13 MB
Approaching Burabay
The gang (this word is Bob's invention)
Play video Download
Filesize: 20 MB
The Burabay Feeling
The next morning we started at 11am from our relaxed hotel in Burabay to Astana, our todays' destination. Here at our lunch break already.
Mushrooms in all varieties...but how to carry on our bikes?
Roli and Peter playing "4 gewinnt" -)
the small yurts in the background
and cozy inside
landing in Astana thru the backyard
First views of the city skyline of Astana
The futuristic City Astana (means capital)
Marc, Holger and Alex preparing coffee in the backyard of our hotel

06-08-2016 Izhevsk - Kungur - Yekaterinburg

A coffee stop at an oldtimer museum on the way from Kazan to Izhevsk
Alane changing seats
Finally Alex found his bike!
Also Peter thinks about changing
and Karl-Heinz changed already!
technical discussions, Stephan and Alex
and all of a sudden a swamp car flies over Marc's head
Russ is more on the interior of the oldtimer museum
serving chai (Russian tea)
Russ engaging with the locals)
original vehicle for delivery of bread, as it was in former times
Holger wants to change as well. But that will be a looooong way to Bangkok...
An old Moskvich. Karl-Heinz happy to see this again.
on the road again: from Izhevsk to Kungur
Our coffee stop in the training camp for the youngsters.
Bob taking a seat, in the background the lake
Peter and Karl-Heinz thougtful...
the next thunderstorm approaching
Russian villages
Actually here we wait for our group. But there was no group because they overtook us when we tried to get fuel at the fuel station.
the last meters we rolled to the lunchstop. 0 fuel in our tank. but for such cases we have our jerry cans
Marc arriving...
Bob and Alane, Stephan and Rhonda
And here it is: the Stalagmit Hotel experience. An old Soviet Hotel and also the people working there with a grim face...like in former times
Russ doing room inspection
Stalagmit Hotel impressions...
Peter and Marc ready for the Kungur ice cave cave tour
What Stephan got there?
and outside again, breeding heat. Alane hiding in the shadow
Leaving the Hotel, Russ
road impressions
the team crosses the Europe - Asia border!!!
also our Edelweiss horse crosses the border
hitting the road again, now we are in Asia
Our Arrival in Yekaterinburg
at BMW Yekaterinburg: Who needs what..? )
Karl-Heinz got his tires and is obviously happy about that

02-08-2016 Moscow - Vladimir - Nizhniy Novgorod (formerly "Gorky") - Kazan

It has been some days now, that we left Moscow further east.

Travelling was/is partly with truck traffic, in heat, sun and rain - still all on tarmac.

Yesterday, we arrived in Kazan and spent our rest day here.

The landscape changed slightly to some more hills; the people (especially here in Kazan) are more Tatars and variety of religion got more (christinans, orthodox, muslim and more).

Leaving Moscow
There are many of those along the road
Alex and Holger found a rocket in the forest...
..and Lenin close by
Not another border...
...but a quite nice and typical restaurant from the "old times" for lunch
Visiting a restored monastery
Karl-Heinz and Peter
Lanie and Bob
Safe journey - protected by Saint Nicolai
Our hotel is in a "russian village" - wooden houses, a little lake and many chinese visitors
For dinner, we decided to go to a very simple, but veeeerryyy goooood restaurant with typical caucasian kitchen
It was de-li-cious!
Next day, on our way to Nizhniy - stop at the roadside for...

... some typical wooden architecture
...a massage (Rhonda, Bob)
...engaging with the locals (lanie)
Before lunch, we had a quick stop by a lake
Our bikes are always an attraction...
...for all ages
Rain's coming
Another beautiful monastery on a Little island
City border Nizhniy (Novgorod)
Nizhny Novgorod, where Oka and Volga meet
nice views from the Kremlin down on the Volga
She played the harp beautifully
Riding to Kazan, we are entering the autonomuos republic of Tatarstan (rich in gas and oil)
Beautiful landscapes (is this already river Wolga?!)
Kazan and the "temple of all religions".
It was started to being built in 1992 and with ist 18 Towers, it represents the 18 religions
Edelweiss dinner in Kazan
Some had/tried horse meat
This little sign in our hotel room indicates the cardinal direction for Islam Religion, which is getting more, the further we travel (for now)
Leaving Kazan
and Peter on the ground, exactly in the direction of the arrow in the room )
lunchstop in a typical Russian cantina
Alane thinks she is ready for leaving our stop. But we think we have to have a serious talk about proper riding gear ))
Unbelievable. In the middle of Russia!
Dinner in the brewery, in the back of our Hotel in Izhevsk
Bob and Alane enjoying

29-07-2016 Moscow

We are in the worlds biggest country since some days. It is REALLY WORTH, spending time in the capital and Europes biggest city, Moscow (15+ Mio citizens).

It is also considered as the "3rd Rom", when Ivan I. married the last princess of "the 2nd Rome - the eastern roman empire".

Moscow is SO big, it doesn't have a MAIN, but several train stations. The river Moscva flows through the city for 80 kilometers!

Moscow became the worlds third-most-expensive city to live in.

The old town and heart of Moscow is the Kremlin, which was mentionned the first time in 1147.

Next to it is the red square - the former market place and now used for parades, concerts and more. Also, Lenin and Stalin (and others) are burried here. There, one can also find on of the worlds biggest shopping malls "GUM". In some, you can shop 24/7, 7 days a week.


Our hotel
Marc updating the blog
Moscow underground (Metro)
70 meters back up again
Marshal Shukov fighting the bad weather
Approaching red square
KM 0 (Zero), where all roads/distances are measured from (in Russia)
Holger and Marc
The red square
Lenin Mausoleum (unfortunately closed for the next 2 days - as the whole Kremlin; so we could not visit it/them)
Always fresh flowers for Stalin
The group is in a good mood

Back: Karl-Heinz, Stephan, Rhonda, Russ, Bob, Roli, Maggie, Peter (left to right)
Front: Alex, Alane, Holger and Marc
Saint Basil Church
Shopping mall "GUM"
Alex and Holger giving some facts and tips
Everybody enjoyed the day
Leaving via Alexandrovsky garden
A last view on the Kremlin
The old chocolate factory - now an area with coffees, bars, restaurants and discotheques
River Moscva
Saying good-bye to Moscow with an Edelweiss Group dinner
We had good food and live music
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Now, the world tour continues towards Bangkok (but first to Vladimir, tomorrow)

28-07-2016 Vyshny Volochek - Moscow

On our way to Moscow, there is the house where Tchaikovsky spent his last years.

Karl-Heinz, Russ and "the maestro himself"
Actually, the Museum was closed. This very nice lady made an exception. Thank you very much!

26-07-2016 St Petersburg - Vyshny Volochek

Today, we rode 420 km to a very nice hotel at a catchment lake.

On the way, we visited the ancient wooden houses in an open air museum: "Vitoslavlitsy".

Rhonda and Stephan at the entrance
Today, people are definetely taller than in the 16th century.
ANY position is welcome for a good picture.
Let's swing
Some of us had decided to take a different route that day. Therefore the group is not complete here.
It was hot, exhausting and good lunch. We needed a LITTLE rest
Alane and Bob
The kid was extremely happy
Stuck a bit in traffic
Stop at the roadside...
...to have some typical tea
A gasstation; but we found better ones
Coffee break
Arriving in Vishny Volochek. The last 2.5 km were a bit sandy...
Peter, balancing
Who wanted, could take a bath here
Calm and nice view from the terrace in front of the rooms
Dinner time
Stephan and our russian guide Alex (on the left)
Alex and Marc, serving the Schnitzel and fish

25-07-2016 St Petersburg

St Petersburg (also known as Petrograd and Leningrad) is the 2nd biggest city of Russia and was founded in 1703 by Zar Peter i.

In 18th to 20th century, it also was the capital - instead of Moscow.

Built in swamplands, many people had to work immensely hard and sacrifice not just wood and stones - but also their lifes.

Like in venice, St Petersburg is built on tree truncs. Because of so many people dying during building it, the legend says, it is not built on wood, but on skelletons.

European architects, invited by Peter, gave the city an italian style. It is also called "Venice of the east".

St Petersburg has many sights to visit like Eremitage (a huuuuge museum with all kinds of items - not just art), or the (re-built) amber room (25 km south of St. P.)...

...just to name two...

typical russian food (salad, burger meat with eegs and potatoes) in a local diner sort of Restaurant.
You can get your tea or coffee here...
They still exist. WITHOUT Pokemon go...
Jazz Jam session. Those guys were raelly good!
Old, new and some cables...
Leaving towards Vyshny Volochek

24-07-2016 Tallinn (Estonia) - St Petersburg (Russia)

Edelweiss dinner in our tour start hotel. Bob and Alane, Stephan and Rhonda...
..and Roli, Russ and Hilary, Maggie, Holger and Marc
Some work ahead to get Stephan's motorbike out of the airport customs.
Got it!
Get ready for departure..
...and additional tires...
Peter, Roland, Rhonda and Stephan at the daily briefing
Alex, Holger and Marc sooo serious
Maggie, Bob and Hilary, Bob and Alane at the daily briefing
and Karl-Heinz!
The tourstart morning...
Tourstart in Tallinn on time. The group is ready for the challenge!
Marc and Alex
Rain on the way to St.Petersburg
We crossed the border to Russia, the biggest country on earth
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Daniel Savage
Monday, October 3, 2016 at 19:45

Congratulations on a successful expedition!! Welcome Home!
Friday, September 30, 2016 at 18:35

Hallo alle,
Das ist Arslan, ich war euch reiseleiter in Kirgistan. Wie geht es Ihnen? Alles gut? Vermissen Sie Kirgistan?Jezt, ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen...
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 22:22

Hallo Ihr zwei,
na das sieht ja schlammig aus…. kommt mir aber doch bekannt vor da drüben in China.
Da könnt Ihr Euch gleich mit den ganzen Klamotten in die Dusche stellen… ha ha.
Gute Fahrt euch weiterhin
LG Claudia
Joerg Karp
Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 08:35

Hallo Holger,

alles Gute zu deinem 50. Geburtstag. Ich hoffe du feierst den heute richtig gut. Wir trinken einen auf dich heute.

Alles Gute für den Rest der dieser tollen Reise.

Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 21:00

Hallo Mark,
Was für eine tolle Reise und gute Erfahrungen,
Viele schöne bilder habe ich im Blog gesehen.

Machts gut und keep going.....

Viele Grüsse aus Medellín,

Marc Adamiak
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 05:38

Danke Pablo, und viele Grüße aus Laos
Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 12:15

Hallo Heiner
habe mich sehr über Deine Grüße gefreut,aber mehr noch Dich endlich wieder auf Deiner Maschine zu sehen.Es ist eine beeindruckende Reise und ich wünsche Dir viel Glück für die nächsten Wochen.Komme gesund zurück,damit Du uns viel erzählen kannst.
Herzliche Grüße
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 12:46

Hallo Sybille, vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar neulich. Freut mich, daß die Geburtstagsgrüße angekommen sind. Wir sind jetzt in Luang Prabang angekiommen,und haben noch 5 Fahrtage bis Bangkok. Dann suche ich noch einen Flug zurück und bind dann hoffentlich wohlbehalten wieder in München. Viele Grüße an alle. Heiner
Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 16:30

Spider-Alarm O.o
Danke für die tollen Impressionen. Das Essen in der Höhle sieht sehr reizvoll aus und das man zu viert eine GS fahren kann ist mir auch neu
Enjoy and Ride Safe
Marc Adamiak
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 05:41

Danke, Klaus.
Ja - das war ein sehr schönes Plätzchen zum Mittag!
Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 17:36

Thank you very mutch for all the new pictures. I am delighted and I wish you all the best for the rest of your jorney.
Adolf Wyss
Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 10:38

Schade dass der China-Blog so abrupt aufgehört hat. Da mein Sohn auch mitfährt habe ich alles bisher mit grossem Interesse gelesen. Sonst habe ich nur seine Bilder und das sind wenig genug.
Bitte weiterbloggen !!!!
Vielen Dank und gute Fahrt
Adolf Wyss
Lanie Hughes
Monday, September 5, 2016 at 11:56

Looking good! As a tour participant I am eager to see the views captured by the guides. Though we may be traveling the same routes our personal journeys and insights are all unique. I enjoy seeing another view and sometimes borrow them to share the interest through another's eyes. Keep up the good work!!!
Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 12:31

Thank you Lanie!
See you and Bob tommorrow on the road again!
...in the Panda bear region..
Best regards
Dave Williams
Monday, September 5, 2016 at 05:57

Awesome Pictures Thanks tour guides
Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 12:26

Hello David,

THIS would have been also something for you! Big action up there

Get well soon! My best wishes to you

Lanie Hughes
Monday, September 5, 2016 at 12:13

Thanks for following along neighbor Dave!
Monday, September 5, 2016 at 00:17

Dear Holger,

I´m glad that you all are having a nice safe interesting trip. The pictures you" ve taken are marvellous. The culture in these areas are very interesting and the landscape are really nice, beautiful and amazing. I wish you all a nice beautiful safe trip all the way down to Bangkok. Take care..

Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 12:33

Thank you Ying and see you in Bangkok!
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 13:25

Hello everybody,
amazing pictures, remembers me always on our great trip two years ago.
Have fun, drive safe and enjoy grazy China!!!!
Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 12:37

Hello Claudia,
great that you enjoy! So, you have to come again to China!
See you all im Mieming.
Best regards
Daniel Savage
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 05:03

Hello to all the bike travelers. Looks like the expedition progresses. Welcome to China. Be safe! I enjoy watching you through the pictures on the blog.
Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 12:40

Hello Dan,
thank you for your wishes. We are now in Xi'An, Bell Tower, Muslim quarter...and my battery is still alive! Bob helps me with that
When you will be on the road again?!
Best regards
Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 09:18

Hi, my friends! following your blog I have a lot of fun. Creek crossing show by Mark and Holger's boots)) Did you clean it, Holger, or just let them dry waiting until a shit peeled of itself ) how are Stephan and Ronda doing? Finally together on the bike again? how is Bob's bike? was any problem after the service in Almaty? How they made it in total? I hope was no missed wheels or an oils drained out on a road surprisingly?
p.s. a canion was nice by the way.
Holger Homann
Monday, August 29, 2016 at 11:55

Hallo Alex, our famous Russian tourguide!
We are happy to read from you!
Actually those are Marc's boots.
Bob's bike is running perfect (knock on wood) but we had some other "developments" recently, so, stay tuned.
Best regards form Marc, myself and the whole gang!
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 08:47

How is the wan running? Have you done some service in China, springs, shocks etc?
Charlotte Stenner
Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 11:35

Hallo Papa,

das ist ja wirklich schade mit der Panne an deinem Motorrad! Wir drücken dir auch ganz fest die Daumen, dass das schnell repariert werden kann. Bis dahin hast du hoffentlich trotzdem ganz viel Spaß und kannst den Abschnitt der Reise auch auf vier Rädern genießen.

Viele Grüße aus Hamburg,
Charlotte und Thimo
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 12:50

Hallo Charlotte, viele Grüße aus Luang Prabang. Inzwischen fahre ich schon seit Xi'an wieder auf meinem Motorrad, viel besser als im Jeep! Noch 5 Fahrtage, und wir sind in Bangkok angekommen (hoffentlich). Es ist ja nicht nur bei mir etwas kaputt gegangen. Viele Grüße nach HH, Papa
Uwe Stenner
Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 14:09

Hallo Heiner

Wir haben Dein Pech auf den Bildern gesehen und das Motorrad im Begleitfahrzeug. Wir drücken Dir ganz fest die Daumen, dass Dein Motorrad ganz schnell wieder repariert ist und Du die Tour wie geplant fortsetzen kannst. Es ist ja nicht mehr weit bis China.

Viele Grüße und viel Spaß

Dagmar und Uwe
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 12:55

Hallo Uwe, vielen Dank für die Aufmunterung. Leider hat es doch bis Xi'an gedauert, bis die Ersatzteile da waren. Aber inzwischen sind wir in Luang Prabang angekommen, und ich habe entsprechend Deiner Empfehlung den Rasttag hier genutzt, um einiges anzusehen. Morgen geht es weiter Richtung Vien Vinh, mit einem Stop bei den Wasserfällen und evtl. Baden mit den Elefanten. Es sidn noch 5 Fahrtzage bis Bangkok, und dann muß ich mir noch einen Rückflug besorgen (Thai direkt oder Emirates via Dubai). Dann wieder München, freue mich schon. Viele Grüße auch an Dagmar, Heiner
Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 20:49

Hallo Heiner

Besten Dank für Deine Grüße auch von Dagmar. Wir sind gerade auf Mauritius und genießen die Badetage. Es ist aber wahrscheinlich nicht so feucht heiß wie bei Dir. Wir hoffen, Luang Prabang hat Dir so gut gefallen wie uns. Wenn Du von BKK zurückkommst, sind wir fast zeitgleich da. Wir fliegen am 2.10. Abends mit Emirates von Mauritius nach Dubai und am 03.10. Morgens von Dubai nach Frankfurt.
Wir sind gespannt auf Deinen Bericht.

Grüße vom Strand

Dagmar und Uwe
Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 12:49

Dear Holger
I just checked the blog, wow the pictures become more and more interesting. The weather is fine, the "road" get challenging. I see that your bike took a bath...
I wish you and all the guys always safe travels and a lot of fun! I wish I could ride with you...
Regards Hans
Sybille Siegmund
Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 08:16

Lieber Heiner
tolle Bilder,tolle Tour und wie es aussieht habt Ihr alle viel Spaß dabei.Weiterhin alles Gute und vor allem eine gute Fahrt.Sybille
Uwe Stenner
Monday, August 15, 2016 at 20:44

Lieber Heiner

Wir folgen Deiner Tour regelmäßig und sind jeden Abend ganz gespannt, ob es einen neuen Beitrag gibt. Wir drücken Euch allen die Daumen, das das Wetter gut bleibt und Ihr keine Schlammschlachten erlebt und auch die Technik immer mitmacht. Ab jetzt kommt der für uns spannende Teil und wir freuen uns auf viele Bilder. Hier hast Du bis jetzt nichts Aufregendes verpasst.

Viele Grüße Dagmar und Uwe
Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 22:46

Lieber Holger,

du fehlst mir sehr. Ich wünsche Dir und dem ganzen Team eine gute sichere Fahrt bis nach Bangkok. Passt gut auf Euch auf.

zsolt u tine
Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 19:59

Hallo Karl-Heinz,
tolle Bilder. Weiterhim gute Fahrt und lass den Motor jaulen. Habe Dich von oben gesehen mit Deiner Gruppe, flog gerade von Japan nach Hause...) )

Herzliche Grüße
Zsolt u Tine
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 13:00

Hallo ihr Kremers, vielen Dank für euren Kommentar. Leider hatte sich zwischenzeitlich doch ein technisches Problem eingestellt (nicht nur bei mir!), aber seit Xi'an rolle ich wieder auf der GS. Inzwischen haben wir Luang Prabang in Laos erreicht, und noch 5 Fahrtage bis Bangkok. Danach geht es dann zurück nach hause! Viele Grüße an Alle, Karl-Heinz
Ays Rauen
Monday, August 8, 2016 at 15:40

Lieber Karl-Heinz,
den Fotos nach zu urteilen, geht es Euch allen gut und ihr habt offensichtlich eine Menge Spaß. Technische Probleme scheint es auch keine zu geben, d.h. ihr seid gut unterwegs und das ist das Wichtigste!
Weiterhin Hals und Beinbruch, Spaß ohne Ende und eine sichere Fahrt.
Liebe Grüße aus München von Ursula & Ays.
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 13:07

Hallo Ays, komme erst jetzt mangels Kommunikationswerkzeug dazu auf eure aufmunternden Worte zu antworten. Leider hatte ich doch ein technisches Problem (Dichtung am Hinterachsgetriebe defekt), und musste von Kigisistan (Tamga) bis China (Xi'an) vierrädrig fahren. Großer Mist! Aber seutdem bewege ich mich wieder über teilweise wunderschöne Bergstraßen, und teilweise übelste Schlammpisten. Inzwischen sind wir in Luang Pabang in Laos angekommen, und haben nur noch 5 Fahrtage bis Bangkok. Von dort geht die GS per Container und ich per Flieger wieder nach Bayern zurück. Viele Grüße an Dich und Ursula, und bis bald, Karl-Heinz
Dave Williams
Sunday, August 7, 2016 at 09:14

Great pictures and update Thank you tour guides
Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 18:39

Soon you will be in Asia with many great days ahead. The tour so far looks great and we know from last year (Holger and Alex) that you are in great hands. My fingers are crossed that you have no mechanical problems and always safe riding.
Holger Homann
Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 11:41

Hello David, Dan and Bernd,
great to see and read you on this blog!! We are now in Yekaterinburg and we have this year as well some bikes at the BMW Workshop, as we had had last year All ok so far and let's see what is ahead!
Best wishes from Alex, Marc and myself and David, get well soon!
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 16:00

Sieht toll aus. Abenteuer und Spaß, was will man mehr. Marc lächelt - so will ich das sehen Genießt es - ich freue mich auf die Aktualisierungen
Marc Adamiak
Monday, August 15, 2016 at 12:18

Danke Klaus. Du hast es wie immer auf den Punkt gebracht und dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen...
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 11:57

Hello Holger,
already on the way .... cool.
Say Hello to Alex please.
Have a good time and a safe ride
Holger Homann
Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 11:44

Hello Claudia, thank you for the wishes and greetings from Alex back to you!
Safe travels and rides!
Lanie Hughes
Monday, August 1, 2016 at 17:18

Love the pictures - great job tour guides!
Holger Homann
Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 11:42

Thanks Lanie!
Bernd Repenning
Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 10:08

It is fun following this blog as this brings back so many great memories.
You do have fantastic tour guides, so enjoy the ride to the fullest!
Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 12:44

Thank you very much Bernd!
Alles Gute wünsche ich Dir in den hohen Norden!
Daniel Savage
Friday, July 29, 2016 at 05:36

Hello to Alex! Holgar ride safe! To all the riders- enjoy and relish the ride! It is all over far to soon. A year from now your adventure will seem unreal and like it happened many life times ago!! good luck and keep the shiny side up and the muddy side down.
Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 20:53

Wonderful pictures and nice people – I wish I would be there!
Holger Homann
Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 11:33

Achim, thank you and greetings to Munich!
Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 15:14

This looks like a great adventure. Enjoy the rides, guys

Safe travels for you

Holger Homann
Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 11:32

Thank you Angela!


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