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Majestic Alps - Exclusive Tour

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 | Andreas Hermann / Thomas Kastner | Europe

but every pic was worth to do stop for it! Thank you guys, for an unforgotten trip! Andreas &Thomas
we Tourguides had a lot of fun... especially during the 'fast' picture stops
the Wilhelm Tell - story, reloaded by Kamran and Gavin
... during the ladies are proofing the smell of an real EDELWEISS

priceless pics :-)

get in CLOSE contact with 'the nature'
daily morning procedure of the guys...

Day 6: the only title of the day: Majestic Alps

With perfect weather we rode from Bozen via the Dolomites to the valley of Großglockner.

In between we have got some icecream - melon, of course - and did some picture-sessions.

a perfect view at the Passo di Giau
after the last pass of today: Stallersattel... our last border cross

Day 5: mastering the beast

Day 5:

Today would be the hardest day: almost 300km and a lot of mountain passes
including Stelvio and Gavia

We started right on time (well, lets say close enough) for the long ride from
Livigno to Bolzano.

The first bit was up the southern side of Stelvio, before we took a left to head
for the Umbrail-Pass and further down to Glurns where we had our first coffestop.

That was the warm up for the 48 switch-backs of Stelvio.
An amazing road, leading from the foresty valley up to almost 9000ft. The
switchbacks are fantastic to look at from above, but they are not so easy to ride.

Especially not two-up, but Kamran had no problems with it. And Sharon, even though
worried (because she knew this time what was waiting for her) did a great job. She
mastered the beast the second time on this trip!

We had a great sausage lunch (yeah, I know, doesn't sound like much, but Brunos
sausage are famous and so our gourmet crew was very satisfied).

We rode down the mountain pass just to hit the next one few miles down the road.

The Gavia, famous cycling pass for the Giro d'Italia.
The ride up was nice (and one may say bumpy). But the road down is really special.
No rails! Super narrow road!

The clouds just rolled up on it, so in every turn we looked into a whiteout. Very special athmosphere.

We continued and followed over the Passo Tonale and the Mendelpass before we
finally arrived in Bolzano.

Everybody was tired but very happy.

what we enjoyed:
- curves of all kind (tight switchbacks, long sweepers, up, down, flat..)
- scenery pimped with dramatic cloud arrangements
- certainly our beds after that long ride

what we remember:
- italian drivers do not know the word safety distance
- we crossed the borders here so often that even the guide got confused
- The val di Non with the great apple fields

Coming up south side of the Stelvio
Sharon, Tim, Kamran and Tatyana
nice road up the mountain
John coming up the hill. I know he had fun, but on this picture he makes his Terminator face...
Tatyana checking out the Ducati on the Umbrail pass
The old town of Glurns where we had our coffestop
El Senor Kamran is happy. (Always is with an icecream in his hands)
... and so is Tim
Sharon and Tim... smart and steady... that brings you up the Stelvio!
The last few switchbacks on the Stelvio
... we almost made it!
The Stelvio - pretty impressive don't you think?
Some went even higher than the pass to get the best picture...
our lunch
And thats how you eat it...
On the Gavia mountain pass
It was a bumpy road up the Gavia but really scenic
John got himself a Shirt
The poor lady just wanted to fill Tims bike...
It was a loooong day and everybody was tired...

Day 4: a short spin in the hood

Day 4:

Today is a rest day. Time to rest... no motorbiking... enjoying the little town of Livigno...

Well, not with our group. All lined up in the morning to have a nice spin through the area. Okay, almost everybody: our ladies spent the time to do some shopping and to scout a nice restaurant for the evening (and boy they were sucessfull).

The boys had fun on the bikes. The last stretch on a beautiful road we have been on in the rain the day before was the first bit. Now with perfect weather and temperature. What a blast.
What followed was great scenic routes, when you had time to see it... the curves where challanging and fun...

what we enjoyed:
- the fantastic roads and mountain passes (->boys)
- the shopping (-> ladies)
- peaceful rest (2nd tourguide)

what we remember:
- the scouting abilities of our ladies (mushrooms showed the way)
- the neat little town
- the amazing food in the evening

Day 3: 6 Mountain passes wait for us...

Day 3:

No warm up today: right out of the hotel the first mountain pass was waiting for
us. The Gotthard. What a great road.

After our coffebreak we hit the first rain and we enjoyed the free bike wash all
the way up to the San Bernhadino. Just to make it a bit more challanging some real
thick fog was added to the menu. Wow.

But everybody mastered the challange and we arrived at the mountain pass as it
cleared up enough a little bit. And it got better as we rode the nice curvy road to
the vally of the very young and small river Rhein.

The next mountain pass is the Splügen. Fantastic riding again. And the clouds
offered a very dramatic scenery.
Just shortly after the mountain pass we stopped for Lunch before the ultimate
downhill ride of the day started.
Super narrow curves carved into a wall that seems to vertical. Some of the turns
are in a tunnel, some swing out on a bridge into the void. Breathtaking...

A nice waterfall was our next stop. time for more fotos!

What followed was the Maloja-Pass, St. Moritz, Bernina-Pass, and our last of the 6
(!) mountain passes that day, the Forcola di Livigno before we hit Livigno.

Did I mention the rain? Oh wow. You could really tell if your rain gears was

The first mountain pass is done for today... Gavin is taking a little nap
Top of the Gotthard Mountain pass
Our scenic view druing the ride up the Bernadino.... you don't see anything? Well, we didn't either...
Sharon made it up the difficult ride... well done everybody! That was tough!
Top of the Bernadino
Tim arriving at Splügenpass
Sharon arriving
Kamran and Tatyana arriving at the Splügenpass
Gavin is coming
Kamran and Tatyana arriving
Tim and Kamran are getting ready to order
Very good food after the Splügenpass
Gavin is having crocodile... looks tasty
cascate de aquafraggia (Waterfall of cold water)
What a waterfall...
Thats how you take professional photos: Tatyana and Galvin
Tim and Sharon enjoying the view
John and Gavin getting a shower...

Day 2: Into the Swiss Alps

blog 2:

The second day started with two mountain passes (Hochtannbergpass and Furkajoch) before we even had a coffestop... wow.
Not enough action? well, lets do a little bob slide down the hill!!

We crossed the little country of Lichtenstein before we entered Switzerland.
Now its time to keep an eye on the speedometer... Switzerland is an expensive country, by all means....

The amazing Walensee (Lake of Walen) on our ride we enjoyed the ride before we climbed the Klausenpass into the town of Altdorf. The famous Wilhelm Tell fired on an apple on his sons head... of course we had to proof we are capable of doing that as well...

Andermatt at 1400m was welcoming us with a nice meal in the evening.

What we enjoyed:
- the ride!
- nice castles
- the landscape of the swiss alps

What we remember:
- famous people are not always real (like Wilhelm Tell)
- don't cross the white line on the right side in tunnels
- ups, he did it again (tourguides informed our young rider of the function and use of doors ("you do not always have to climb to peoples balconys, the swiss came up with a handy invention: doors!")

Group picture in Warth just before we left for the Swiss Alps

Day 1: Lets get started

After everybody has arrived safely at the hotel and the welcome briefing it was time to cover some asphalt.

The first day would bring us from Seefeld to the Walchensee (Lake of Walchen) where we had a coffestop, along the nortern rim of the alps to a monestary (Ettal) and the castle of Ludwig II (Castle Linderhof). We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Alpsee (Alp-Lake) before we had a fantastic ride through the Nameless Valley.
The Spa and swimming pool in our hotel in Warth was very welcome after a nice and easy first day.

What we enjoyed:
- the nice sweepers
- the beautiful lakes
- the first taste of the alps
- the wheather

What we will remember:
- the amazing monestary from 14th century
- now we know what a king size bed really looks like
- our tour member who decided that doors are overrated, why not climb the balcony of some ladys room [the hotel owner as it turned out] ("I am not a crazyman, trust me")
- the same lady saying the next day after seeing him in daylight: "if I knew he was that handsome..."

Getting the gear done...
The monestary in Ettal...
John is happy...
Tatyana with our special 1 day guest: Tobi, the founders son
Lets see whats inside...
oh wow... that is amazing...
just 15 min after the monestary we took a little walk to see castle Linderhof
the kings little garden.
not bad ...
Kamran is getting new ideas for his new home...
what about that in the garden?
.. or some new front doors?
..."he looked so peaceful..."
At the Alpsee Gavin is having a look for the beatiful lake
Coffestop in the Nameless Valley: Kamran, Gavin, John, Tatyana and Tobi
View out of the hotels window in Warth...
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Tatyana Strumkovskaya
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 06:24

hope all is well!!!
short video we made of our trip
Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 21:41

Looks like you guys are having fun!!! Greetings from Norway...
Thomas Kastner
Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 11:04

... hard work there in Norway


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