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The Ultimate Alps Tour is on the way (CUA1603)

Monday, August 15, 2016 | Angela / Björn | Europe

Day 8: Bozen to Mieming

going up the Penserjoch in the morning
Richard and Laura arriving at the top
Having lunch at the place where Andreas Hofer lived
Arriving on top of Timmelsjoch

Day 7: Restday in the Dolomites

Eric and John checking the other bikes out on top of Passo Giau

Day 6: Mazzana to Bozen

Taking a picture at lago Molveno
one of the best views on tour: down from Monte Penegal

Day 5: Lugano to Mezzana

Early morning in Lugano - the expert riders are up already and ready to leave for a fantastic ride through the Italian backroads
On the ferry over lake Como are Cristi and John (USA)...
...Sid from Brasil...
...and Diane & Eric from the USA
The real Italian hot chocolate is such a delicious treat, Sid is inspecting it closely before he "breathed" it in
Everybody in the group enjoyed the great view and the relaxing break after the first couple of winding turns
Passo del Vivione - we made it!!!
A little bit traffic on the way down from Passo del Vivione - unexpected

Day4: Zermatt to Lugano

walking down into the city center of Lugano
Laura enjoying fresh italian pasta
Lisa loves to "photo-bomb"

Day 3: Brunnen to Zermatt

Today we had to leave the hotel a little bit earlier to catch the ferry taking us to the southern side of the Vierwaldstätter lake. From there we took the Ärcherlipass, the smalest road so far, and stopped on top at a local cheese producer. After the Sustenpass we went into the Göschener valley, where a picknick was already waiting for us. We continued on the Furkapass and in the afternoon we arrived at Täsch, where we had to park our bikes and make the rest of the way to Zermatt with a cab followed by a little electric car, that took us to the hotel. As the weather was good we could see the Matterhorn high above the town. What a nice day!

Starting the day at the lakefront
our group
On the ferry boat are (left to right) Laura and Rick, Diane and Eric, Cristi and John. But wait... where is our beautiful Californian Lady...?
... there she is - Lisa
A real highlight of today was the "Chäsladä". Come in and find out with us...
Diane is very much looking forward to see how the famous Swiss cheese is produced.
Neatly piled up wood in front of the house is a common picture with the Swiss country houses
The cows are out but this, obviously, is where it all starts.
The milk is pumped from the stable into this room with this huge bowl in the center. About 500-800 litres of milk can be put in here, depending on the season and the amount of grass the cows get to eat.
Christian had almost finished his work by the time we came but we could still watch him "bottling" the chilly cheese
All of us enjoyed the very interesting and informative visit at the farm and the cheese production.
We also got to see the different storage houses. The cheese is stored here from 3 months up to 1 year depending on the type of cheese
In this special storage house Christian has the 2 year old cheese. This one even has a picture of Wilhelm Tell imprinted.
Maybe some of the guys from last year's Ultimate Alps Tour remember this wheel of cheese
Well, at the end of a day full of hard work, you deserve a rest on this bench. And this is exactly what it says on the bench: The "Fyrabigbänkli"
On the way up the Sustenpass. Magnificent views!
Through this hollow alley they had to come...
... to reach the picnic.
Everyone was starving already and keen on eating the cheese at the picnic which we had bought in the morning at Christian's farm.
Later, our ride took us over the Furkapass and into Zermatt
Not without paying a visit to the Rhone glacier
The arrival at the garage in Täsch was celebrated accordingly
Zermatt is a car-free village.This is the reason why we leave our bikes in the garage down here in Täsch.
Well, as promised, the last ride of today will be in one of these electric "shoe boxes". Sid thought it might be safer with his helmet on
Alarmingly fast, those little carts
a little electric cab in front of our hotel in Zermatt - what a luck that it had a luggage trailer
Streets of Zermatt
The Matterhorn high above the town

Day 2: Pontresina to Brunnen

Today we went deeper into Switzerland and went over not less than five pass roads. It took us the whole day to get to Brunnen where we spend the night in a beautiful hotel next to the  Vierwaldstätter lake.

Having a coffee on top of Splügenpass
Laura and Richard checking out the souvenir shop
beautiul San Bernardino pass
A small lighthouse indicating the spring of the river rhine on top of Oberalppass
Lisa and Laura on top of Oberalppass

Riding Day 1: Mieming to Pontresina

Riding in the Alps is a dream of every motorcyclist, and Björn and Angela are happy to take this group of riders from the United States and from Brazil on a loop of the most beautiful mountain roads. Our rides during the following 9 days will take us from Mieming in Austria, where the Edelweiss Bike Travel headquarters is located, into Switzerland, and Italy.

Feel free to join us on our tour by following our blog

The weather on the arrival day didn't look very promising. But from now on it could get only better
Björn is busy preparing the welcome briefing
Welcome to the very nice Hotel Kaysers in Mieming
And also, of course, welcome to our Ultimate Alps Tour
Two German tour guides ...
... everything is in perfect order
Christi from the USA is admiring the church steeple sticking out of lake Reschen. The lake is located right after the border between Austria and Italy
An absolutely impressive sight is the virtually breathtaking view from the "Gacher Blick". A kind of "dead end bridge" enables you to stand far at the edge and enjoy the view off the sheer cliff.
Lisa, also from the USA, walking down the walk way to the "Gacher Blick". She looks like a motorcycle model, doesn't she
Here are also Laura and Rick, Lisa's friends.
And, finally, here it is - the view off the "Gacher Blick"
Passo di Stelvio - a pass that is on the bucket list of many motorcyclists. The second highest paved pass road in Europe - something worthwhile to achieve
At night at the hotel everyone was proud to have made it
Bruno - probably the most famous sausage stand in the world right on top of Stelvio pass
The route went back into Italy and led the group via the remote but beautifully located ski resort Livigno back again into Switzerland. Our tonight's destination is Pontresina near St. Moritz.
Some of the mountains carry permanent snow and make for a stunning landscape but for sure also for nice and fresh air
Tour guide Björn and the group is arriving at the hotel in Pontresina
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Rick Hall
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 05:54

Day 7, the "rest day" was also one of the best days and I am glad we all chose to go on the "optional" ride to the Dolomites, which were spectacular but so different than the Alps! Very, very pretty. And great riding as well. Several passes. And thanks to Eric for the extra layer of clothing that I left behind for Laura and myself. Duh! As Angela said on Day One: Carry everything you might need.
Rick Hall
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 05:47

Certainly, Day 2 was one of our favorites. Laura and Lisa thought so. I can't disagree! The passes, the mountains. All so beautiful. And to have dinner by the lake in Lugano was really nice. Such a beautiful setting.
Rick Hall
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 05:45

The first day was awesome! Stelvio Pass was challenging but a good warm up to the rest of the mountain passes and switchback turns--something we don't see too much here in the U.S. And so much natural beauty to take in. Just amazing scenery everywhere you looked.
Eric Holmberg
Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 04:25

This was the most beautiful ride I have been on in my life. It was challenging, but it was so rewarding and exciting.
If you are thinking about taking this tour, I want to encourage you to absolutely do it! It will be the ride of your life.
My hat off to Edelweiss tours for putting together a great ride, with great tour guides, and wonderful hotels to recharge for the next day's ride.
Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Rick Hall
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 05:59

I could not have said it better, Eric! This was the best ride of my life and I have ridden the Sierra many times and the Rockies and routinely ride the mountains of Southern California on a weekly basis--in season. The riding was challenging. The scenery was spectacular. The Edelweiss guides, Angela and Bjorn, knew these roads like the backs of their hands. And the people on the trip were great to meet and get to know over the space of a little over a week. You never know who you'll be thrown together with and we certainly lucked out with our group. A lot of fun. Crazy Americans! I'd recommend it with no hesitation and will be back for another tour down the road.
Eva Köfler
Friday, August 12, 2016 at 23:00

.... Looks like perfect wheater and nice mountain passes

Have fun


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