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A day of battle tourism (CPO 1601)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 | Thomas Ritt / Pablo Piferrer | Europe

A nice farewell dinner at a Breton restaurant in Versailles. See you soon, guys!!
The official group picture. From left to right: tour guide Thomas, Jim, Joe & Linda, John, Johnny & Jill, Felix, Shirley & Bill, tour guide Pablo
The cathedral of Coutances is the backdrop for our first coffee stop today
The Pointe du Hoc saw fierce fighting during June 6, 1944, the famous D-Day
Picnic time! The weather was perfect for a picnic in Omaha beach
One of the huge pontoons that made up the Allied's artificial port.
Jim is treating the tour guide to some ice cream. Nice! Thanks, Jim!
Café Gondree, right next to Pegasus Bridge, was the first French building to be liberated on D-Day
Jim and the XR in Honfleur, an ultra-picturesque little port town
Great place for a morning coffee break
The beauty of St Michel, what a welcoming sight!
Dinner before the rest day
A stunning sunset, observed from our hotel in Pointe St. Mathieu
John in heaven
At our second evening in Carnac we gathered up on the Tumulus St. Michel to watch...
... the sunset...
... the moonrise over our hotel...
... and the fireworks over Carnac.
Johnny and Jill with some of the countless megaliths that can be found throughout the area.
Alignements de Kermario
Jill at the "Table des Marchants", a 6000 year-old tomb
The "Grand Menhir Brisé", or large broken megalith, once stood more than 20 metres tall and weighed 280 tons. It fell during an earthquake and broke into four pieces
Beautiful picture of the sunset clouds
Jim, Shirley, Felix, Bill, John, Thomas, Johnny and Jillian inside the submarine bunker in St. Nazaire
At the beach of La Baule we fought the heat with some yummy ice cream. This shop has 48 different flavours!!!
The beach, supposedly France's longst and the most beautiful one in all of Europe. Well, not quite sure about that...
The salt marshes of Guerande produce 150.000 tons of salt every year
Jim the salt inspector
Boot beer at the Tumulus in Carnac. This was well deserved!
Day 2: we leave Tours...
... ride past the city hall for a picture: Johnny & Jillian and Felix
Bill & Shirley and Jim & Kaustin
We stopped at Chicane Michelin, what a track!
Jill on the tires
We got to visit while there was a track day going on
You don't get closer than this!!
or this!!
The museum is packed with jewels
And a birdseye view of the track, gives us an overall idea of this historic monument
Our home for the night: a real French Château!
The former greenhouse was converted into an annex
There are certainly worse places in the world than this one...
Day 1: we are off!!
Linda and Joe arrive first up the hill to the Chartres Cathedral
John and Felix
Sneaky picture of Pablo, didn't expect it!
Lunch at Château de Chambord
Felix, Shirley and Bill in front of the Château
Coffee by the Château Royal d'Amboise
Our first riding day ended in Tours. This is the city hall, right across the street from our hotel
After dinner we went to see a "Son et Lumière", a light and sound show that uses the front of the cathedral as a screen. Quite amazing!
As we arrive out of the metro, we sit to enjoy some people watching in a typical French cafeteria
A quick walk through the small streets of Saint Michel in order to get some lunch
Guided city tour of Paris with Jill and Johnny started in Javel, on the east side with a view of the Eiffel Tower
Notre dame de Paris from the back side
The famous view from the front two towers
The beautiful stained glass of the Sainte Chapelle
Jill inside the sainte Chapelle, picture taken with Johnny's cool sketch filter
Pont Neuf (New Bridge) is in fact, the oldest bridge in Paris.
Quick selfie at the Louvre as we enjoyed a walk through the courts
The "Pyramide du Louvre"
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
Johnny loves side cars, so we went to see the ones b "Retro Tours" in Place de la Concorde and asked very nicely if we could sit in them. Sure suits him!
Up close, certainly a must do
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