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Final lap around Iceland (3FI1603)

Monday, August 22, 2016 | Manuel Marabese | Europe

Day 5: Husavik - Egilsstaðir

We leave the north coast and we head east, across the highlands once again. The imposing Asbyrgi canyon in the morning, excavated proabably in just a few hours or maximum three days, then the might Dettifoss with over 200 cubic meters of water per second and then a cosy lunch stop at Fjallkaffi.

Hello from your tour guide Manuel!
Yes... still amazing blue sky! Who says that Iceland is just grey and rainy?
On the way to Dettifoss
Shiny double rainbows at Dettifoss

Day 4: Akureyri - Husavik 

Short day, passing by Gudafoss (the waterfall fo the gods, where the pagan god statues were thrown in about 1000 years ago, when Icelanders decided to embrace Christinity) adn then Lake Myvatn. Free time in the afternoon to enjoy a whale safari in Husavik.

Quite foggy....
but only for a few miles.... then, abruptly, heaven!

Day 3: Sauðárkrókur - Akureyri

Cruising the northern coast under blue sky is truly a delight. We stop in Hofsos, from where over 16.000 Icelanders left their country between 1870 and 1914 emigrating to north America trying their luck for a wealthier life, and then the little fishing hamlet of Siglufjörður for lunch. Our destination is Akureyri, the second (and ctually the only other) urban area after Reykjavik.

Sitting in the once-upon-a-time herring capital of Iceland
A great lunch spot! So warm on the sun terrace today

Day 2: Laugarvatn - Sauðárkrókur

Today the real adventure strts, we are going though Kjolur on the highlands, reaching the norhtern coast in the afternoon. Several good sights along the way, Geysir-Strokkur, the waterfall Gullfoss and the the hotpot in Hveravellir.

Great sunny day again! It's thanks to the Florida guys?
Some of those gorgeous Icelandic horses...
Yes sometimes we have to get dirty.

Day 1: Reykjavik - Laugarvatn

Our third group has arrived and we are going to start the last lap around Iceland for the season 2016! This time only one country, as everyone come from US. Gravel and Tigers is different than cruising Harleys in the States, but everyone is very excited and eager to discover this amazing land!

Milky blue...
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