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Ville de Quebec, here we come! CNF 1602

Saturday, September 10, 2016 | Thomas Ritt / Ted Goslinga | North and South America

Day 14: Rimouski to Quebec City

On a grey, foggy morning we headed to Trois Pistoles to catch the ferry to the other side of "Le Fleuve". But due to the weather the tiny ferry didn't even leave the port, so we continued along the southern bank, to the next ferry. From Rivière du Loup we were able to reach the northern side, and along the way we even saw a group of Beluga whales!

Once on the other side the final highlight of the tour awaited: a picnic above the clouds!

It was a beautiful tour! Thanks for coming, guys! Save travels to everybody! See you around!

Everybody say CHEEEEEESE! You too, Margy!
Here we go, thank you!
What a spot!
Spectacular view of St. Lawrence river, covered by clouds
At this point we certainly didn't expect the day to turn into such a nice one...

Day 12 Antigonish to Miramichi

What a wonderful day to start: bright , clear sky and already warm! So no extra layers today, just a t-shirt under the riding jacket an go! Today's track was all the up down the coastal line of Nova Scotia. Beautiful scenery and interesting villages to ride through. With a recommendation to have (again...) the best cinnamon roll in Canada, we had our first coffeestop in a place called Pugwash (what;s in a name...) And the cinnamonrolls were indeed very good! Again on the bikes we headed for another "biggest" thing in the world: the Biggest lobster this time! In the lobster capitol of the world , Shediac, an artist made a 50 ton weighing lobster statue of concrete and steel. And of course we made a nice group picture over there. A bit further on the road we had a very good lunch with awesome lobster rolls!

A last blast over the highway and two hours later it was time for a nice sunset drink on the hotel terrace at the river. All together a great day!

Riding through Pugwash, New Brunswick. You can't help to wonder who came up with some of those town names...
Freddie, getting in touch with the locals
Hey Peter, hey Tony: this one's for you!!!
A sunny woman under a sunny flower!
Group picture in Shediac in the arms of the Biggest Lobster in the world!
it is huge!
Sunset drinks at the hotel terrace down in Miramichi
....and another one...

Day 11: North Sydney to Antigonish

Fog and light rain greeted us as we left the ferry this morning. But we went to Louisbourg anyway, to see what life was like in a French settlement during the 18th century. It must have been cold, wet and miserable since people didn't have any GoreTex gear back then. We had a contemporary meal in the old hotel, then followed the southern coast back to mainland Canada and to Antigonish, our home for the night.

Joe, enjoying a humble portion of veggie soup. His shirt says "can I have your Stuff?", but his eyes say "can I have your FOOD?"
Entrance to Louisbourg Fortress
Pristine scenery in one of the province's most untouched corners
People around here display a special kind of humour...

Day 9 - Rocky Harbour to St. John's

With a chilly 6 degrees C we headed out Rocky Harbour. A very pleasant stay at the oceanside hotel and a genuine Newfoundland dinner we had last night. But time to go south now direction St Johns, the capitol of Newfoundland. After lunch finally the sun got through and invited us to get rid of one or two layers!

Although the most of the route is highway, it has an amazing scenery! After we filled up it was a 150 km strectch toward st John's. Weird to have again "city" traffic after a long ride thorugh the Canadian scenery

A really nice dinner in the hotel with a nice view at the harbour was our last "to do" of this nineth day of the tour.


waiting for the bus....or shelter form the rain??
...The moose is loose!!
Great views at Joey's lookout point

Day 8 - Rocky Harbour to Twillingate


Beautiful morning view at Rocky Harbour
State-of-the-art gas station
The Crow's Nest Café
Tour guide Thomas with a piece of the world-famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
We're much closer to London than to Vancouver!
Gorgeous view across Twillingate Bay
Freddy got Screeched ! (without kissing the cod!)

Day 7: Port-aux-Basques to Rocky Harbour

Newfoundland welcomed us with low clouds, plenty of rain and chilly temperatures...
... but later, in Gros Morne National Park, the sun came back.

Day 6: Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail

It had rained for most of the night and in the morning it was still coming down. We went for a late breakfast and left at 11, heading north for the Cabot Trail. Spectacular road, spectacular scenery: it was great in spite of the rain. Later it dried off, we had our dinner somewhere along the way and then went to catch the night ferry to Newfoundland.

The rain caught up with us just as we headed out to one of the major highlights of the tour: world famous Cabot Trail.
But the weather can change quickly around here, so we were hopeful...
Cabot's landing
A little maintenance for the tourguidesin the early morning at the Duck Cove
Jürg at rest!
... and it did get better in the afternoon.
And then it got even better: we pulled over at the Lobster Galley for our dinner. This is Jörg, getting prepped for... no, not for a haircut, but for his lobster!
The Swiss guys can't wait to get their crustaceans served
And here we go! Enjoy!
Excellent seafood in the Lobster Galley
Waiting for the night ferry to Newfoundland

Day 5: Halifax to Cape Breton Island

From Halifax we embarked on what promised to be the longest riding day so far: 480 km along the Southern Shore of Nova Scotia and on to Cape Breton Island. It was a stunning ride through unspoilt coastal scenery, on roads that are actually quite twisty (for eastern canadian standards) and void of any traffic. Good lunch, a short but pleasant ferry ride and the boot beer right outside our hotel rooms made this a very good day.

Lunch at Beanie's Bistro, Sherbrook. Some of the best food on the trip!
Bea, taking her well-deserved after-lunch-power-nap
not a very busy ferry
Coastal scenery, as seen from the ferry
The rain cought up with us towards the end of the day, but that couldn't keep us from having our boot beer outside!

Day 4 - Restday at Halifax

At 9 a.m we took off for a very nice ride along the coastline east of Halifax. Two of the three ladies on tour decided to stay in the hotel to have a real(!) rest day and all the men plus Margy went out under a nice blue sky. We stopped to take a couple of super pictures at Peggy's Cove with it's famous lighthouse. A very nice spot just to overlook the sea and the nice landscape around. After that we followed the lighthouse route along pitoresque fishermens 's villages all the way down to Lunenburg where we had a relaxing lunch, overlooking the old harbour.

After that we took the shortut o er the highway in order to have just a couple of hours of relaxing before dinner. Dinner tonight was in a great restaurant where we spend our last hours of this day!

A nice welcome in our hotel in Halifax
Peggy' Cove lighthouse

Day 3 - Hopewell Cape to Halifax

Our third day started with a bit of rain, lots of wind and chilly temperatures, but as soon as Bea had bought a warm sweater at the Nova Scotia border things started to look up and soon it was nice and warm. We visited a 18th century French fortress, the Nova Scotia Welcome Center, a rock and gem collector in Parrsboro, tour guide Ted's windy picnic at Five Islands and a Dutch cheese farm. Just a beautiful 400 km day...

The group at Five Islands Lighthouse. Monica (4th from left) would like to ask you to please not look at her gone-with-the-wind-style hair-do!
Welcome to Nova Scotia, Canada's ocean playground!
The Art of Driftwood
The lighthouse with 3 of the 5 Islands in the background

Day 2 - Grand Falls to Hopewell Cape

What a good begin of the day to see that the skies are clear and everybody is eager to start the ride!. From our hotel next to the Grand Falls cascade, we start to ride in eastern direction, what we will continue for a couple of days. Due to the fact that this country is so immense, it is impossible to avoid riding parts on the main highway. So that's how we started our day! But since the scenery of Canada is everywhere amazing, it is no punishment doing that! Sunday morning: not much traffic, nice road along Saint Johns river where we made our first stop at the worlds' largest covered bridge, Hartland bridge. And of course a nice coffee at a genuine Tim Hortons' can't be omitted too! At the end of the afternoon we made stop in Alma, where we could already see the huge tide differences, since the fishing boats where descended about 8 meters! After we checked in in our hotel for that night, we drove a couple of minutes back and visited the Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy. During low tide you can walk here on the ocean floor and see how high the sea will rise at high tide. A very nice day whcih we concluded with a cool beer at the hotel

Hartland covered bridge over the St Johns river
Smile's your tour guide !!
Worlds largest axe....always nice to have a picture of...!
Lunch at Creek view restaurant
Fishing boats on ocean floor at Alma port
Huge tide differences at Hopewell Rocks
We enjoyed the boot beer - despite all the mosquitos

Day 1 - Quebec to Grand Falls

Beautiful blue sky, 25°C: what a marvellous day to start a tour. Today it was Quebec to New Brunswick, first along the St. Lawrence, then on the picturesque route 289. Stay tuned!

Leaving Quebec by ferry has a special appeal
The Quebec flag and Château Frontenac
The "Epopée de la Moto" is a private collection of vintage bikes. It's definitively worth a visit!
Part of the Italian section
Tour guides Thomas...
... and "Captain America" Ted
Picture-perfect Canadian countryside along Route 289
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Jürg R. Glauner
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 17:34

To Tom and Ted:
Thanks for everything you did. We enjoyed every single day of this trip very much.
Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 18:13

We're happy you had a good time. We did, too!
Cheers to Switzerland,
Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 16:32

To Thom and Ted - so happy to see you enjoying what Canada has to offer! I had the joy of riding the Cabot Trail and love the Maritimes. Miss you guys, hope our paths will cross again one day!
Ride safe
Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 02:14

Thanks Roxaroni!
It is indeed beautiful up here! I'm sure we will someday ride again with you and Costa!

All the best

Ted & Tom
Peter Fiedler
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 19:49

Hi Thomas!
Boy these pictures sure look familiar! Our June 2016 tour is still very fresh in my mind. It was great! Looks like you have a fun "crew" yet again.
Please ride safely and have a wonderful time. Don't forget to eat at least a dozen cinnamon buns at the bakery in Cheticamp for Tony and me!
All the best,
Thomas Ritt
Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 17:51

Hi Peter,
yes, we do have a fun crew again. I have not told anybody about those cinnamon buns yet. It's gonna be a surprise! We'll sure have some in your honor...
Cheers from the Lobster Galley on Cabot Trail
Peter Fiedler
Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 03:23

Hey Tom:
Oh boy...sure looks like you're enjoying that c-roll!! I'm jealous. Looks like you folks have had a wonderful tour. Hope the final miles are safe ones and your trip home goes smoothly.
I hope we get to ride again in the future. Until then, good health and safe miles to you and our friends at Edelweiss.
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 13:28

Hello you both,
great pictures!!! Have a good journey through Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
Kind regards
Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 02:15

Thanks Claudi!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 21:34

Hello Tom & Ted,

Have a great tour over there

Greetings from bella Italia,
Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 02:17

Thanks Angela !!
No problem so far!


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