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Alps & Lakes (CAL1604)

Sunday, October 16, 2016 | Paul Kustermann / Alan Magnoni | News / Europe

Everybody together at Hallstättersee

City Tour Munich

The guests will be arriving from 4 corners of the earth: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA

To kick it off, a one-day tour of Bavaria's exquisite capital, Munich City Center. Here the famous Glockenspiel!
To cap it off, a stein of beer in the infamous Hoffbräuhaus.
The day ends with a briefing of the coming tour highlights, a dinner together, then tweeking those bikes for the day to come.
Alps and Lakes... a pear of the Edelweiss string of charms. Three countries, a bit of high European culture, a taste of ancient roots going back to prehistoric times, stunning landscapes, beautiful lakes, brilliant roads, excellent hotels, sumptuous food, good company. Who could ask for more?!

Riding Day 1: Erding to Salzburg

Getting on the bikes and ready to rumble...
A typical bavarian May-Pole in the town of Dorfen
In the boat on the way to the island of Herren Chiemsee and the palace of crazy King Ludwig II
Just one of the stunning little details of this amazing place.
Rod sporting his unforgettable "look"
The palace. A replica (and in some cases an embelishment) of Louis the XIV's palace at Versailles
Close up of the team who made their way to the palace
The perfect finish to an eventfull day - a stunning night in Salzburg at the oldest Restaurant in Europe (founded 700 ad.) accompanied by a five piece orchestra and two opera singers doing an entertaining mix of (who else...) Mozart.
what a beautiful couple! What a wonderful moment!

Riding Day 2: Salzburg to Gmunden

Inclement weather! Eagles Nest closed, the Rossfeld-Ring-Road filled with show... :0(
So we detoured and pausee for a break and some warming "Strudel" with vanilla sauce.
Instead of climbing to the Kehlstein Haus above Bergtesgarten, a vist to the Salt Mines of Hallein
And then a treck through snowy landscapes and wet roads at just one degree above freezing!!! Welcome to the Postalmstrasse.
Arriving at Gmunden. Weather still iffy, but only one small step away from comfort!
The boardwalk of Gmunden
The swans seem to weather the cold just fine. None of us went in to join them.

Riding Day 3: Gmunden to Kaprun

The morning greets us with sunshine! What a difference. None-the-less 3° celcius.
Here the main square of Gmunden with its 500 year old town hall.
...and a gorgeous view of Traunsee und "das Totengebirge" in the background.
Walking around a bit in the little town of Traunkirchen.
Is that a postcard perfect picture or not...??
One has to move on, but the vision of this beautiful town will live on in our imaginations.
A glorious view of Hochkönig

Day 4: Kaprun - Antholz - Toblach - Kaprun

The famous Felbertauern Tunnel... an engineering marvel.
Arriving at Antholz
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On the way from Antholz to Toblach
Kiwi-John on the road... weather pretty iffy, but spirits flying high
How nice if a bus could rescue us from this rain
Fortification for body and soul
Short hinderance... a cow crossing!
Pending Cow-Attack!
A view of the route. Kiwi-John had a device that recorded it all.
Finally home for the night
Meanwhile Paul and John were on their way to Großglockner. It was closed for bike and we had 60 mph winds up there
Großglockner and a small window of visibility. Three minutes later the clouds sank and all was a mist.
The perfect way to finish off a cold an blistery day!

Riding Day 5 (Last Jaunt Home)

Leaving Kaprun by morning dew and the clouds hanging in the hills over Zell am See
Cows again...!!!
Then the sun breaks thru
"Country roads take me home... to the place where I belong"
The Kitzbühler mountain range
A friendly mutt at our coffee break...
And shortly before reaching home, a bavarian beer garden in Aying.
Relishing the final moments of the tour.
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