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Prepared for adventure?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | Stephan Weckschmied | News

Best of Italy | Picture: Domenico Schiano

THE DUCATI MULTISTRADA ENDURO - a classy Italian ready to go everywhere.

When I was asked if I wanted to take it for a test ride, I was immediately fully geared up and on top of the bike waiting to go. I had already eyed it up in the garage. I have ridden the original Multistrada and I know it is an incredible motorcycle. It behaves as well at low speeds as it does at high, has a huge amount of power and let’s face it, it looks damn sexy.

How can it get any better?

The original Multistrada has the soul of a racing bike and the looks of an adventurer. It is conceived to be fast, comfortable and able to travel around carrying luggage and passenger… How can this, already amazing machine, be any better? Well, I guess it was for me to find out!

The facts:

When given the keys and presented myself to my companion, I realised how much of a beast it really is. Slightly taller at the tank and handle bars, beautiful brushed aluminium side panels and new panniers and top case, a slightly more travel orientated look. This bike makes the old one seem… small. The seat looks different, and it feels more comfortable than that of the previous one. We no longer see the beautiful single sided swing arm, but instead, a robust and just as stunning double sided one. The wheels are spoked rims for tubeless tires, classy matt black. The gas tank is higher and bigger, 10 liters (about 2.5 gallons) and the seat dips down more. The position and larger tank, make the centre of gravity rise and makes the bike feel incredibly heavy, but that is due to the fact that, I am not exactly the tallest of people and the previous rider, certainly was. Little does it bother me so, away I go!


Pyrenees Extreme | Picture: Björn Fath

Riding modes for every possible condition

As I shuffle through the riding options, it looks exactly as the previous one. Fairly easy to shuffle through all the options, once you know the basics. As with the original, you can pretty much customize everything. I start with Touring, to get used to the bike and all. Between first and third the gears have a lot of torque and lifting the front wheel is a mixture of ”intentional” and “inevitable”, but when rolling on fourth, you get to feel the response it really has.

You have no sense of speed on this bike, it always feels like you could go faster. As I ride along the alpine curves and switchbacks, feeling the bike and enjoying the scenery, I got used to her quickly and we became good road companions.

Mediterranean Alps Extreme | Picture: Michael Göbel

Is this really an Enduro Bike?

The clutch is smoother and the riding at low speeds easier, this has certainly to do with the Enduro mode which is easy to switch on while riding. I spotted the possibility to go “off road” and I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see why this bike is called “Enduro”. Even without knobbies riding off road was no trouble at all. The endure mode brings down the power to “only” 100 hp – and trust me, it is more than enough! The ABS disconnects at the back and remains at the front, and the Ducati Traction Control lets me grip and point the bike where I want, while still keeping those “stallions” from getting out of control.

As I start making my way back, I find a perfect opportunity to test the Sport mode…. Did I mention that it’s a sports bike dressed as a touring?! Throttle response is immediate and in mid-range revs the gates of hell open, giving an incredible kick that made me giggle.

Overall, she is an incredible “all-rounder” and I can’t wait to have her on tour. Weather on the twisty roads of the Alps or the beaten gravelled roads of central America, it is sure to surprise by its power and manoeuvrability as well as it’s comfort and security wherever it goes.

If you want to see yourself what an increadible bike the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is you can book the bike on one of our Ducati Tours or you can rent at our head office in Austria and take it for a test ride. It is worth it!  

Mediterranean Alps Extreme | Picture: Michel Göbel
Author: Pablo Pifferer
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Dan McPherson
Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 01:36

Good review, Pablo. Looks like the bike for those roads to me. How I would love to have saddled up for that particular ride! Pyrenees Extreme only made me want more of that kind of messin' around!
Monday, November 14, 2016 at 18:01

Schade, dass Ihr es nötig habt so plumpe Werbung zu spamen. Würde mich interessieren, was Ihr dafür bekommen habt.
Edelweiss Bike Travel
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 08:14

Hi Kai,

wir bekommen viele Fragen von Kunden, was der Unterschied zwischen der Multi 1200 und der Multi 1200 Enduro ist. Deswegen haben wir diesen Bericht von unserem Tourguide verfassen lassen. Das hat nichts mit Werbung zu tun. Wir haben daher auch nichts dafür bekommen, oder gegeben - außer Pablo das Motorrad natürlich! Wir bedauern es, dass du es den Artikel für plump hältst. Wenn du uns das genauer erklären möchtest, oder weitere konstruktive Kritik hast, kannst du dich auch gerne an worldtours@edelweissbike.com wenden. Wir nehmen jedes Feedback ernst! Vielen Dank vorab, dein Edelweiss Team


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