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Australia Adventure Tour 1601 - Southern Summer?

Thursday, December 8, 2016 | Axel Allgaier / Franz Pan | Pacific

... and don't forget!!!!
D12 Say bye bye to the bikes. Thanks to all of you who has to go back to the real life, you made it a pleasant group, we hope to see you again!
D12 The Red Rock lookout on the way to Ballarat
D11 ... until London Bridge. This are only the best places, there are plenty more!
D11 ... to Bea & Walter at The Arch ...
D11 ... the Koala ...
D11 .. from the Loch Ard Gorge to ...
D11 ... in between some cockatoos ...
D11 ... to the right ...
D11 ... the Twelce Apostels, to the left ...
D11 This is the day: the Great Ocean Road, perfect weather conditions ... at Bells Beach ...
D10 Bye bye Devonport, see you Tasmania!!
D10 Ferry-procedure in Devonport
D10 everybody needs a rest, even the undestructible Min. Carlos!
D10 Alexandra Bridge over the Cataract Gorge
D10 Launceston and the Cataract Gorge
D09 our hotel is at the Windmill in Launceston
D09 charming little shops along the way
D09 Tasmanias famous draught beer
D08 Hobart's oldest part, Battery Point
D08 hey Dude, want some beer?? Crazy kangaroos
D08 close encounter between Gaby R. and the kangaroos. As they were asked, they said rather then smoking gras they would prefer ...
D08 ... watch out for the Tasmanian Devil!
D08 another sign on the road, this time ...
D08 Hobart to Port Arthur: Gaby v.W. at the tassalleted pavement
D07 .. echidnas!
D07 beware of ...
D07 Derwent Bridge
D07 and sometimes it looks like Africa!
D07 Alex trying to catch up with the group
D07 Queenstown, the center of the mining industry in Tasmania
D06 endless roads in Tasmania
D06 some friends joined us for lunch!
D06 .. Walter and Beatrix, happy, feeling at home in Switzerland.
D06 Peter and ...
D06 the Craddle Mt. and Dove Lake
D06 letters are flying in at Wilmot
D06 on the way to Craddle Mountain
D06 breakfast in Devonport at the Rectory Cafe
D05 on the ferry we met Jack Nicholson ... unbelivable
D05 different view of Melbourne
D05 awaiting to get on the ferry ...
D05 ... and the men!
D05 the ladies ...
D05 a rest before Melbourne
D04 little Rainforest walk near Cann River, to stretch the legs
D04 ... a great group!
D04 Axel briefing in Eden
D03 Ed, the Eagle
D03 So, at the end it was worth waiting!
D03 Susanne looking hardly for Dolphins
D03 ... Murramarang beach.
D03 El ministro Carlos at ...
D03 ... and the ladies excited about that
D03 kangaroo having a power nap
D02 looking good!
D02 Kiama blowhole
D02 bike handing over
D01 view from the Hotel Boulevard in Sydney

The Australian adventure has begun: delayed flights, missing visa, taxis running late and rush hour traffic in Sydney could not deter a determined group of riders to head out on a sunny morning only to be caught up in a rainstorm in the afternoon. 

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Barbara + Udo
Friday, December 16, 2016 at 10:12

Hi Julia and Aleksei,
nice to see you!!!
We hope you had a beautiful trip in Australia!!!
Many greetings from Germany

Udo + Barbara (Tour South Africa 2015)
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 08:48

Hehey! There's mister Ed all the way down under.

No selective rain-chasing-away powers needed over there, I guess. Have a great time sir!
(Oh, and maybe have a dessert. Or two. Three?)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 13:08

An all meine Edelweiss Freunde
Australien ist einfach wunderschön!
Viele Grüsse u hoffentlich bis bald irgendwo auf dieser Welt
Ursula Peter
Saturday, November 26, 2016 at 00:45

Would like to say hello to Carlos . I am in New Zealand at the moment - you remember??
Best regards


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