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Classic CUBA, CKU1702

Saturday, March 4, 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | North and South America

Day 9, Varadero - Havana

Last ride of this beautiful tour, today we rode back to Havana, the capital of this Country. A quite easy ride and then, after the motorcycle handover, a good dinner together to celebrate the birthday of Jean-Pierre!

Geno, Daniel, Joao, George, Uwe, Bernd, Jean-Pierre, thank you for a great time together! Safe rides!

Arriving at the Bacunayagua bridge
Jean-Pierre celebrated all day long
At the Jibacoa beach
Arrived in Havana, a last break at the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro overlooking the old town

Day 8, Remedios - Varadero

Leaving Remedios, we rode on the "Circuito Norte" and it was really interesting to pass through all the little towns we met along the way. It was almost like a trip back in time, especially because of all the old vehicles of any kind that we met on the road. We reached Varadero in time for a swim in its beautiful sea and we also had time to see the house that Al Capone used to store alcohol and ship it (illegally) to the USA.

Little break in Sagua la Grande
an old tractor (around 50 years) from Russia
Lunch break
Bernd doing a little siesta
The Circuito Norte
Arrived in Varadero
Al Capone's house

Day 7, Cayo Santa Maria - Remedios

Today chose to start a little later and enjoy the morning at the great beach of Cayo Santa Maria! Afterwards we rode back to the mainland, visited the museum of sugar industry and reached Remedios and its beautiful historical centre, where we stayed at a "casa particular", a kind of bed & breakfast.

Another group picture...
the Museum of Sugar Industry could easily be also a museum of old steam trains!
Uwe, George and Bernd
in Remedios, "spying" a cigars factory
women making cigars
a walk through Remedios after dinner

Day 6, Trinidad - Cayo Santa Maria

Leaving Trinidad, we rode through the Valle de los Ingenios, that was a very important centre for sugar production from the late 18th century until the late 19th century. After that, a pleasant ride through an idyllic landscape took us to Santa Clara, where we could visit the Che Guevara mausoleum and museum and learn more about the life of this legendary figure. And finally, after lunch, we rode straight to Cayo Santa Maria and reached the hotel in time for a bath on its wonderful beach!

At the Iznaga tower, a perfect lookout to control if the slaves were working or not.
baseball is the first sport in Cuba
The Che Guevara mausoleum in Santa Clara
Lunch time
Daniel and Jean-Pierre
live music is everywhere

Day 5, Trinidad rest day

Today some of us decided to go for a beautiful loop through the Sierra del Escambray, around 140 km, enjoy the pictures!

good morning from Playa Ancon
Picture stop in the Sierra del Escambray
GS in Trinidad

Day 4, Cienfuegos - Trinidad

The toughest (because of the many curves and the not ideal road conditions!) ride of this tour started with a relaxed visit at the beautiful historical centre of Cienfuegos, before entering the "jungle" of the Sierra del Escambray. We reached "El Nicho", a national park where we could take a refreshing bath under the waterfall and also have lunch. Very curvy and sometimes also very very bumpy roads took us then to Topes de Collantes and finally to Trinidad. Keep following us!

The central square of Cienfuegos
The Theatre Therry, one of the most beautiful in Cuba
Also Enrico Caruso (from NAPOLI) sang here!
At El Nicho
In Topes de Collantes
Some action!

Day 3, Havana - Cienfuegos

The longest ride of this tour started with a bicycle race through Havana... so some roads were closed and we had to go all around the city! After around 150 kilometres on the highway, we finally entered the area of the Bay of the Pigs, famous because in the beginning of April 1961, a group of Exil-Cubans supported by the american CIA tried to invade Cuba. This area is now mainly a natural reserve. After a jump in the Cueva de Los Pesces and a visit at the museum dedicated to the battle of the Bay of the Pigs, we finally reached Cienfuegos in time for a swim in the pool!

group picture in Plaza de la Revolucion
At the crocodile farm
Uwe at the Cueva de los Pesces
Joao trying to cause a tsunami
At the museum of Playa Giron there are some very interesting machines
The view from our hotel in Cienfuegos
The Casa de Valle and, in the background, the SIerra del Escambray, where we will ride tomorrow!

Day 2, Viñales - Havana

Back to Havana today, to complete our little loop westward. We spent the morning in the area around Vinales, one of the nicest in all of Cuba, also protected by Unesco. Tobacco and other crops are cultivated at the bottom of the valley, mostly by traditional agricultural techniques. The conspicuous cliffs rising like islands from the bottom of the valley are called mogotes. Great ride through such scenery! After that we slowly cruised back to Havana, stopping for lunch in San Diego de los Baños. Another nice day!

Inside the beautiful valley of Viñales
The Mural de la Prehistoria, painted by the mexican artist Leovigildo González Morillo
Our HOGs
Tobacco leaves drying. It takes up to five years of treatment before they can become a famous Cuban Cigar!
The valley of Viñales and its beautiful "Mogotes"
Che Guevara is definitely an icon
coffee break
not that far away...
Last break in Artemisa
Joao has definitely visited many places by bike!
It was a hot day!

Day 1, Havana - Viñales

After a little rest in Havana, another great trip has begun! A very international group (Austria, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Cuba and Italy) has just met and is ready to explore this country. Today we rode from Havana to the beautiful area of Viñales, located in the western part of the island. After the motorcycle handover we rode along the coast until Mariel, then entered the beautiful park of Las Terrazas, where we also had lunch, and finally reached our destination where we had time to visit the interesting Cueva del Indio. Time to have dinner now! Stay tuned!

First picture stop in Mariel. The port of Mariel is the nearest port to the United States. In 1980, some 125,000 Cubans left this port and went to the United States in what is known as the Mariel boatlift. Watch the movie "Scarface"!
Daniel and Gene, our Harley riders!
Bernd and Joao
beautiful view from the Cafetal Buena Vista
Baños de San Juan
Jean-Pierre is a big Edelweiss fan, look at his braces!
inside the Cueva del Indio cave, you have to move by boat
Joao and Uwe
George and Domenico
seeing the light again
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Friday, February 24, 2017 at 18:09

Da kenn ich ja jemand
Ganz liebe Grüsse an Bernd!! Wünsche gute Fahrt und ganz viel Spass


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