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SPT 17011 - Corsica & Sardinia Exclusive

Tuesday, June, 13nd, 2017 | Michael Kreuzmeir | Europe

Best of pictures!

The beautiful town of Florence, Italy.
Riding in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy.
The MotoGP race in Mugello, Italy.
Crowd going wild in Mugello, Italy.
Andrea Dovizioso the winner of the race in Mugello, Italy.
Jeff having on a big smile on the BMW XR in Corsica.
Monument of Leonardo Da Vinci in the town Vinci, Italy.
A megalith-sculpture in Filitosa, Corsica.
The colours of the Mediterranean in Corsica.
Up in the mountains of Corsica.
Saturday night life in Bonifacio, Corsica.
Jeff, Jeff and Glen coming down the mountain, Corsica.
The Santissima Trinità di Saccargia church on Sardinia.
Red Bull rallye car in Alghero, Sardinia.
Another rallye car in Alghero, Sardinia.

Day 1 - MotoGP in Mugello

We spent our first day attending the MotoGP race in Mugello in Italy close to our starting point Florence. Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and it's perfect for motorcycling - of course. We took the bikes to ride for half an hour to the Mugello racetrack and spent almost the whole day there watching the Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP races. They put on a great show and everybody loved it. Afterwards the motorcycles saved us a huge amount of time because traffic wasn't even moving but we could go by and having a cold beer at the end of the day.

Beautiful Florence seen from the Michelangelo view point.
Riding the beautiful roads of the Tuscany to the Mugello racetrack.
Turn after turn after turn after turn...
Here we go! 14 good looking MotoGP tickets right there!
And our first group picture.
Exclusive Ducati parking was included of course.
The massive crowd getting ready for the races.
Yellow smoke was up when Valentino Rossi entered the racetrack. We're in Italy after all.
The race is on and it was 'incre di bi le' and 'magico'!
From the Ducati grand stands we had an awesome view.
And almost every lap someone else was leading the race.
Andrea Dovizioso, an Italian rider on a Ducati, an Italian bike, won the race. In Italy.
The crowd was celebrating!

Day 2 - Florence to Livorno

Our second day was our first big riding day leaving Florence and heading for Livorno, the ferry port. On the way we stopped in Vinci, Leonardo Da Vinci's birthplace and we had a lovely coffee and visited his museum. Afterwards we had a walk through the medieval town of Lucca before reaching our destination.

The Vitruvian Man. One of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous artworks.
He also was an engeneer and mechanic, architect and astronomer.
A tank designed by him in the 15th century.
And for sure he already thought of a medieval motorcycle.
Coffee in Italy. Any questions?
The little town Vinci in the hills of the Tuscany.
A monument of Da Vinci on the museum grounds.
The group getting ready for a little off-road excursion.
Glen being all philosophical.
Picturesque paintings on the outside in Lucca.
Coffee, gelato and cake for everybody!

Day 3 - Livorno to Calvi

Today we had to get up early, grab an Espresso and then head for the ferry port close by to our hotel in Livorno. The big ferry took us in 4,5 hours straight to Bastia on Corsica. Our first ride on French territory took us around the Northern peninsula called Cap Corse. Plenty of sweepers and twisties awaited us and some incredible views along the coastline. On the afternoon we had some icecream in Ile Rousse and ended up in Calvi which was going to be our stay for two nights.

Some clouds awaiting us on Corsica.
A beautiful view point along Cap Corse looking down on the coastline.
Do you see the little line along the cliff? That's the road.
El Chefé
Glen Meclooouuui
Evil Bubbles
Joe and Kimberly
Jerry and Connie
James and Karin
Adam and Joanna
Mr. King ruling the coastal road.
Joanna enjoying the view on Cap Corse.
The Jeffrey brothers and Glen.
We have seen a turn or two.
Sometimes with a view.
Sometimes even a good view.
Outstanding even once in a while.
Most important was the gelato stop in Ile Rousse.
Everybody loves gelato.

Day 4 - Restday Calvi

On our first restday we had the chance to take an actual rest and enjoy the magnificent little town of Calvi right on the coast with all its views and streets and shops and sightseeing or go for a ride into the mountains of Corsica. Going for a ride I present you now the pictures of our spectacular ride up the Haut-Asco ski resort area.

First coffee stop with a view.
Climbing in altitude always means less traffic.
So we had an amazing ride through the countryside of Northern Corsica.
Once in a while we had some company on the little roads.
The roads were perfectly sized for our motorcycles.
Steep rock walls going up the ski resort road.
The top of the mountain with the ski resort.
Sucessfull restday riders.
A wonderful scenery on the way up and down.
Now cows were hurt during the photoshooting.
Turns and cliffs. And rivers. And rocks. And more cliffs.
Picturesque and now traffic. And twisty.
On the way down we found a little 'driveway' road.
It offered an amazing view down into the valley.
Joe and Kimberly coming down the mountain road.
The last stretch we rode along the Corsican coastline.
The stunning colour of the water at the beach in Ile Rousse.
'The food was really good' - Michael
'I know' - Cook
Palm trees make vacations 45% more enjoyable.
A little breeze along the beach gave the water some white colour.

Day 5 - Calvi to Ajaccio

Leaving Calvi after the restday wasn't really hard because tons of twisties and sweepers along the Western coastline of Corsica awaited us. In the middle of the Calanche rocks lied Porto, our first coffee stop. The area between Piana and Porto is also Unesco World Heritage and a magnificent piece of road construction. The road is like glued to the cliffs and the colour of the cliffs is just spectacular. We rode all along the coast until we reached Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica.

Day 6 - Ajaccio to Bonifacio

Leaving Ajaccio we had a long way to go because we wanted to cross the whole island to reach the Eastern side of Corsica. The best saying to describe the day would be 'The journey is its own reward' by Konfuzius as well as 'This is my favourite riding day' by Michael the tour guide. A gazillion turns making our way into the mountains of the island was very refreshing compared to the 'mostly straight' days before.... Our trip of Corsica ended in the magical city of Bonifacio, the southernmost city and probably the most picturesque.

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Jeff kagey
Sunday, June, 18nd, 2017 at 07:11

Hello all !!!! Thanks again for making this another great trip for the record books !!! I will be in touch soon with more ideas!
jeff king
Friday, June, 16nd, 2017 at 04:58

incredieeble !!! just watched the moto3 race from Mugello after a long flight home,,thanks Michael ,the GP was just the start, but the fun continued right to the end.Mona, Dirk ya missed a good one.great food ,great people ,beautiful roads, and big laughs.sorry it's over, happy to have been there. cheers evil bubbles (jeff)
Mona & Dirk
Wednesday, June, 14nd, 2017 at 23:23

Hey you lucky guys. Nice to be able to watch your funny days, challenging roads, beautiful locations and tasty food...hard to miss this tour with you! Have a good time and enjoy! Cheers, Mona & Dirk
Wednesday, June, 14nd, 2017 at 12:02

For sure, one of the best trips ever thanks to the destination itself, the incredible group of people being here and our magical guide michael! THANK YOU for this amazing blog!!

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