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Perls of the Adriatic Sea. Custom Tour

Sunday, June 18, 2017 | Thomas Hölzl / Pablo Piferrer | Europe

Kotor back to Dubrovnik

It goes once more into the mountains. Twenty-four switchbacks are waiting for us - the Stelvio of Montenegro!
Along the coast, we return to Dubrovnik where the tour ends.
Unfortunately this tour was great.
Thanks to George, Fadi, Walid, Tro, Yves and Carl - you are the greatest!

Kotor - also worth a visit at night!
8 friends - Thanks for This!
Pablo and Thomas Your Tourguids
The last day - 220 kilometers wait for us - lets have fun!
After more than twenty switchbacks we have an incredible view of the Bay of Kotor!
The way to the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic-Njegos
Our entertainer Carl! Tells another story from his life ....
Our last coffee stop!
Waiting before the border crossing from Montenegro to Croatia.
An hour - but we were not bored!
Yves makes it comfortable on his BMW.
Also Fadi finds his BMW very comfortable
Walid is still working on a comfortable waiting position on his Ducati.
With a cool boot beer, this great tour will be finished!

Mostar to Kotor

We head southwards towards Montenegro. Before we reach this small country on the Adriatic coast, however, we are once again in the mountains.
The southern part of Bosnia Herzegovina has a spectacular landscape and the way from the mountains to the Bay of Kotor is spectacular too.

Ready to go???
No - because the Touguide is not ready
The Church of Medjugorje
The entire group of the internally described SP 17112 tour.
A big thank you to our guests from Lebanon.
The Black Mountains in the border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
After a great day on the motorcycle, Wadi enjoys the sunset at the pool.
Port Montenegro Yachtclub - just amazing

Hvar to Mostar


Rain in Croatia?
We could hardly believe it, but on our way from the island of Hvar to Mostar we were actually wet. Rain made the road to Bosnia Herzegovina and thus into the mountains a real challenge.
A challenge that the guys from Lebanon have mastered perfectly!


By ferry boat from the island of Hvar back to the mainland.
Walid - without his beloved Multistrada
Our motorcycles all alone on the ferry!
Alone? Georges keeps watch .....
Fadi - What a nice guy
It´s raining
A short break just before the state border
A long break at the national border - we need 30 minutes to leave Bosnia Herzrgowina
After the long border check, Karl needs a place guide (women)
And new socks! The old need a lot of sun to dry.
Walid and his socks

Dubrovnik to Hvar


The first day on the motorcycles leads us along the coast to the north.
Our destination is the island of Hvar. The longest island of the more than 1000 islands on the Croatian coast.
A dream with sunshine and 30 degrees .......

Fadi and Carl - are ready to start
A group picture before we start.
Carl on his Ducati Multistrada. As a BMW GS driver, the two-cylinder Multstrade is a completely new experience.
The first coffee stop - what a view .....
This View - Unbelievable
Carl our Arnold Schwarzenegger from Lebanon
We leave the mainland .....
The island of Hvar awaits us .....
A short break in the shade. Hvar is almost 70 kilometers long - 70 kilometers with incredible views .....
The church in Hvar - the hotspot on the island.
Breathtakingly beautiful
Fadi and Yves, our two BWM drivers, relax after a
challenging day.
Carl and Walid in the nightlife of Hvar

Arrival and briefing - our first day!

As usual with Edelweiss, the tour will start with the Welcome Briefing!
6 friends from Kuwait, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates are looking forward to 6 days with Papblo and me (Thomas) ...
Pablo during the briefing
He just has a lot to say ..............
just a joke
Tro came a little later - so he got a short version of the briefing from Pablo
Carl and his Ducati Multistrada - it seems to be love at first sight!
Also Gerorge is visibly pleased with his red Ducati Multistrada
Day 1 of the special tour is coming to an end ....
Day 2, the first on the motorcycle, can come ......

The transport from Mieming to Dubrovnik!

On the way to Dubrovnik!
They view from the parking spot of our Van near our Hotel Neptune! Great.....
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George Azzam
Monday, June 19, 2017 at 19:27

We need a full website to give our side of the story , we had the time of our lives and we couldn't have done it without thomas pablo and the edelweiss team , great custom tour head (karin) best and most professional guides (thomas and pablo) brand new very well serviced bikes ,, amazing routes , flawless logistics .... Edelweiss claims they are the best , and i would say the best is an understatement, they are the best by far
Yves Rahme
Monday, June 19, 2017 at 15:53

Great tour, great exerience. Pablo and Thomas thanks a lot, your assistance, experience and presence gave me full confidence. You are really the best. This was the best trip I ever had.
Carl Yazbeck
Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 23:36

Thanks for the best 2 guides ever ! Thomas and Pablo ! No good ride without them ! They are really professional and friendly ! We made 2 good friends after this trip ! We ll do another one soon !


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