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The Viking Experience CVE1701

Sunday, July 9, 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / Laurens Corijn | Europe

Day 9, Geiranger - Ålesund

The last day of the tour started with a ferry cruise on the Geiranger fjord. The world’s most famous fjord offers dramatic beauty: vertical rock walls, countless waterfalls and crystal-clear water! After that, a well deserved strawberry cake and then we could hit the most spectacular mountain road of Norway, the famous Trollstigen. Opened in 1936 by King Haakon VII after 11 years of construction, this road is nowadays one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. A quick break at the Trollveggen, the highest vertical wall of Europe, and then we finally headed to Ålesund. But before reaching the hotel, a last picture stop at the Aksla viewpoint is really a must! Another beautiful day, thank you Marilyn, David, Sunny, Dan, Elizabeth, Todd, Christina, Max, Brian, Marcel, Gregory and Jeff, it was a great pleasure meeting you and riding with you!

the ferry is coming
Christina and a troll
on the ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt
at the Seven Sisters waterfall
one view of the Geiranger Fjord
Jordbaerstova is open... this means that we can try the famous strawberry cake!
at the Gudbrandsjuvet waterfall
the Trollstigen road
Last picture stop at the Aksla viewpoint in Ålesund
Congratulations to Liz and Todd for having completed their 5th Edelweiss tour!

Day 8 - Fjaerland - Geiranger

We've had to leave behind the wonderful oasis of peace that is Fjaerland, to set out for Geiranger, the town at the end of the famous fjord. This was a packed day: a picknick by Domenico this time, a detour to Lovatnet, one of Norway's most beautiful lakes, the Strynefjellet old mountain road, Dalsnibba viewpoint, etc...

The view at Domenico's Picknick.
The Fjaerland Glacier Museum.
Lovatnet lake.
Tight roads around Lovatnet
at the picnic spot
The road up to Strynefjell
An unpaved road over a snowy mountain pass, truly epic!
Ice and snow lake at Strynefjell.
On the way down to warmer areas
Geiranger road, down from Dalsnibba.
The classic norway shot!

Day 7 - Bergen to Fjærland

A spectacular ride today, through fjords and tunnels, many many tunnels! This part of Norway is like a swiss cheese, but the sceneries are really worth a few miles underground! Leaving Bergen, we headed to the Tvindefossen waterfall and then to Stalheim where we had lunch with a view. After riding the rollercoaster "Stalheimskleva" we finally hit the beautiful mountain road Aurlandsvegen, maybe the real highlight of the day. A short ferry ride and we finally reached Fjaerland, a little piece of paradise!

first picture stop
is that the waterfall?
no, this is the waterfall!
Marilyn and David at Tvindefossen
The view from Stalheim
Lunch break
Todd on the Stalheimskleva
Dan and Sunny
A little break in Flam
The view from the Stegastein viewpoint
on the Aurlandsvegen
Jeff resting
Jump, Christina!
At Fjaerland

Day 6 - Restday Bergen

Another restday, this time in beautiful Bergen. While most of the group has explored the city on foot, tourguide Laurens along with Brian, Jeff and Greg got on the bikes again for a short ride to see the Fjell fortress, a fortress from WWII on the island of Sotra, west of Bergen.

a busy morning in Bergen with 2 big cruise ships in port!
our hotel is located just on the water!
The Donner Felix cannon that used to be at the fort.
Laurens, Brian, Jeff and Greg sitting on pieces of armour from the old cannon.
The view from up top at the fort.
Brian looking at the only cannon left at Fjell.
the fish market
not only fish!
inside the historical district of Bryggen, an Unesco World Heritage Site
the Fløibanen was too busy, we will try later on! This is a funicular railway that connects the city centre with the mountain of Fløyen, with its magnificent views of the city.
Some other impressions of Bergen

Day 5 - Sola - Bergen

The rain has not let off, so we had quite a wet drive along the Norwegian coast. Part of the group opted to take the short route to the hotel, others opted for the long, 400+km ride despite the weather. Now we've arrived in beautiful Bergen, and better weather should be on the way!

On one of the many ferries that cross the Norwegian fjords.
Some views from Brian and his helmetcam, who went for the long ride.
Orchards near Hardanger
Dan and Sunny
Max and Christina on their V-Strom
The view from our hotel in Bergen, on the famous harbor!

Day 4, Rest day in Sola

We've got a little day off to relax in Sola, near Stavanger. The weather has turned against us a bit, but no matter, we'll make the best of it! The toughest people in our group have decided to hike up to Pulpit Rock, while some of the others have opted for a Fjord cruise in a warm boat; a relaxing way to see the Lysefjord from another side.

A little stop at the Sverd i Fjell monument, to commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872, gathering all of Norway under one Crown.
the harbour of Stavanger
arrived in Stavanger, we started looking for a cafè under some rain, but we were told thet the ones by the port open just in case of good weather...
... so we found a Starbucks cafè, maybe the only one open!
The views over a misty, moody Lysefjord
Pulpit rock was not visible from down below due to the cloud cover unfortunately.
Vagabond's cave
At the beginning of the Pulpit Rock trail, a four kilometres long hike!
The hike was not recommended today... we will later discover why!
the trail is anyway really gorgeous!
rain again
Max and Christina
This is Pulpit Rock in the mist, pity that we could not see the fjord underneath but it looked possibly even more scary!
We made it!
Domenico, completely wet!!!
rain was pouring down also on the way back...
still a long way to go

Day 3, Vrådal to Sola (Stavanger)

Today we headed out to the coast, to the region of the fjords, and the first one we got to see (after a delicious picnic!) was one of the most spectacular in all of Norway, the famous Lysefjord. We reached it from where it ends, saw it from up high and then rode its vertical wall down to the town of Lysebotn. The wall is so steep that some of the turns, including a hairpin, are inside a tunnel! Approaching the coast near Sola, the weather changed a bit, it became cloudier and windier... so tomorrow we are open for many options on our first rest day! Stay tuned

First picture stop
Coffee break in Valle
One can clearly see that this valley was carved by a glacier, just like the fjords... but the sea did not reach here.
Brian, Sunny, Dan,Mary and David enjoying a coffee stop.
Greg Marcel and Jeff, delighted about the weather.
Christina, Max and Elizabeth.
Laurens prepared a great picnic in an amazing spot!
Christina is very happy with this picknick!
The town of Lysebotn and the fjord seen from up high...
... and the road that took us down!
group picture
some delay on the way to the hotel due to road works...
Picture with Christian, the guy who gently told us to wait 20 minutes! He is a motorcyclist too

Day 2 - Oslo to Vrådal

And the tour is on the go! We had a leisurely day, getting used to our bikes and the Norwegian roads that take us from Oslo to the tiny Vrådal. On the way there we had some great highlights, the 13th century wooden "stave church" of Heddal, and the Vrangfoss locks of the Telemark canal. And to top it off, some great little rolling roads almost up until the door of our hotel!

The church at Heddal is one of the few left after the 17th century Reformation in Scandiavia
David and Mary, happy with the beautiful weather the gods have blessed us with!
Group picture!
We got to Vrangfoss Sluse at the exact time a boat was coming through, and we got to see the locks being opened and closed by hand.
The canal was built without machinery in the 19th century, very impressive engineering.
Some Norwegian sights
Motorcycles, lakes and hills, just a perfect combination!

Day 1, Arrival Day in Oslo!

Welcome to Oslo, the Capital of Norway, where a tour through some of the World's most impressive sceneries is about to begin! Keep tuned and follow our ride through the Norwegian Fjords!

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Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 08:36

These pictures - just amazing. Well done guys! I'm super stocked - it is like christmas
Laurens Corijn
Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 21:43

Thanks Stevie It really is breathtaking out here. Are you coming on a tour soon too?
Claudia Wenhart
Monday, July 3, 2017 at 09:31

Hey you both,
great pictures, and the hike to Preikestolen, amazing.... also without any view. I will be there in August.
Have a good tour
Domenico Schiano
Monday, July 3, 2017 at 22:28

Thank you Claudia! I hope the weather will be better in August when you go to Preikestolen! ANyway, great tour so far! Greetings from Bergen
Pierre Baumgärtner
Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 10:13

Hi Todd, great to see you on this fantastic tour in Norway... hope you and your wife will enjoy northern Europe as much as southern Europe last year...... Have fun.....
Domenico Schiano
Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 22:08

Thank you for your comment, Pierre! Liz and Tod send you many greetings! Ciao!


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