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Guided City Tour in Munich

Sunday, July 16, 2017 | Thomas Ritt | Europe

John, Dave and Mike at Marienplatz
It's Cristopher Street day!
Mike and his first pint of Augustiner Dunkel. It won't be his last one....
Tiny group, great beer!
The Olympic tower and the BMW World
BMW HQ (the "Four Cylinder" and the museum ("the Bowl"
V12 engine, 46,9 liters of displacement, 790 bhp @ 1700 rpm. Makes any Boss Hoss look like a toy for dwarfs.
The guys with a R90S Racing Edition.
The cameras were running hot...
In 1959 Elvis received his BMW 507...
... and had it painted in red so the girls couldn't write their phone numbers on it with their lipsticks.
Then the car disappeard and was found decades later in a barn. In very poor conditon as you can see.
BMW restored it to better-than-new conditon. Now it's on permanent disply in the BMW Museum. What a beauty!!!
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