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HAT1703 - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Austria

Monday, July 24, 2017 | Thomas Ritt / Gottfried Kofler | Europe

Last highlight of the High Alpine Tour: We visited Castel Linderhof, but King Ludwig II was not at home ;o)

Day 6: Warth to Erding

Ready for the last riding day!
Fotostop in front of Castel Neuschwanstein
Ready to go... ride on!
Tom prepared a great Picnic for us at lake Plansee!
Wow --> excellent Job Tom!!!
John relaxing at lake Plansee.

Day 5: Pontresina to Warth

Salginatobel bridge is a World Engineering Monument!
Coffee break somewhere along the Julierpass road
Photo stop at the Swiss-Liechtenstein border
Welcome to the world's 6th-smallest country
Gottfried expected us with some local boot beer. Just in time, as it turned out, there's a thunderstorm moving in...
"Gimme shelter"
yes, it was raining hard. No shelter for these two guys...
There was some hail, too. Kept the beer cool.

Day 4: Bozen to Pontresina

Group Picture of the whole Group on Passo Bernina in Switzerland with the glacier Piz Bernina.
... but we made a "real Edelweiss coffee stop" and afterwards sun came out again!
Rolling down south side of the pass we finally got first "liquid sunshine" of the tour.
Michael, Jamie, James, David and John on top of the pass. They all did an excellent job climbing Italys highest pass with its 2757m
Paula and Leonardo - always with a smile on their face.
Paulo and Debora with the highest Sandwich of Europe in their hands :o)
Also Brian and Hakan can't wait any longer tho hop on the bike and climb Stilfser Joch / Passo Stelvio.
John and Michael ready tho climb the King of the Passes with its 48 hairpins.
Stilfser Joch / Passo Stelvio waiting for the bikers of the High Alpine Tour.
Michael climbed the city wall from 16th century and enjoyed the great view over the medieval city.
David, Michael, James and Jamie sitting on the main square of Glurns and relaxing with a coffee.
...had a special coffee --> if you pay attention you can see some hairpins of the Stilfser Joch / Passo Stelvio waiting for us ;o)))
Today we had a great coffee stop: In Glurns we parked our bikes inside the city wall and...

Day 2: Lienz to Bozen

Day 2: Lienz to Bozen

The Group of 15 in Downtown Lienz
coffee breat at Lago di Misurina, the Gateway to the Dolomites
Panorama from the peak of Lagazuoi mountain: simply breathtaking!
Dave, Hakan, Brian, and Chuck found their new all-time-favorite place...

Day 3 Rest day Bozen

Day 3: Rest day in Bozen

Rest day in Bolzano. We ride the Mendelpass, one of the most stunning racetra..., umh, roads in the Alps.
Jamie on the way up, his Dad chasing him...
Michael, enjoying the views from Monte Penegal, almost a mile above the valley!
Castle Katzenzungen ("Cat's tongues" in Prissian is home to the world's largest and probably oldest grape vine.
10,000 bottles of "Versoaln" are made each year from the Grapes of this singel vine!

Day 1: Erding to Lienz

Day 1: Erding to Lienz

Great view of lake Pillersee where we had lunch.

Michael and John from the US enjoy the fresh fish from the local lake.

Charles and Michael from the US enjoy the sunny day.

Also the helmet of the tour guide is enjoing the beautiful view ;o)

Debora, Paulo, Leonardo and Paula from Brasil on the beach ;o)

The whole group climbed the "Edelweiss-Spitze" (2571 m) and had an amazing view of the Hohe Tauern national park with the glaciers.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 21:50

Hey guys!

Was it you we crossed this morning coming down Passo Mendola? Looked like a great group of riders. Although not quite as good as ours though, let's be honest about that

Just kidding. Have a great tour, and greetings from our restday location in Levico Terme.

Wim & Pierre from Alps Extreme
Thomas Ritt
Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 15:57

Hey Wim, once again your Belgian imagination runs wild! We could see your chicken strips from miles away...
Enjoy the ride!
Tom & Gottfried


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