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1TB - Worldtour from Tallinn to Bangkok

Thursday, September, 21nd, 2017 | Marc Adamiak | The World Tour / Asia

Sharyn Canyon in Kazakhstan (close to Kyrgystan)

September, 21st: Tamga rest day

Peter and Willi went for a little ride...
...and while the rest enjoyed sun, food, and preparing a little for tomorrow...
The two saw the red rocks of the "seven bulls"
...enjoyed nature there...
...and also had...
...their own little adventures.

September, 20th: Shonzhy to Tamga (Kyrgystan)

Ready to leave our hotel in Shonzhy, to cross the border (later) to Kyrgystan
A quick picture stop
Also Alex wants to "ride"
On the way to the border, we crossed a pass in 1850 meters with a wonderful view.
Even in sunshine, it was just 13 degrees "warm" up there.
After the border, we rode quite some kilometers on gravel and deserved a break
Riding in Kyrgystan is really fun
...and nature...
..."forces" us again and again to stop - in order to enjoy it even more and shoot some nice pictures.
Peter and...
...Willi. "It's a bit like in Switzerland"
Royce. "It's a bit like in Montana"
Changin money and getting a late lunch in Karakol - with warmer 22 Celsius
On the way to Tamga...
...we simply...
...HAD to stop for this nice view of the sun over lake Ysyk-Köl...
... the beautiful colored trees and the mountains (little bit covered with snow) in the background!
Sunset in our hotel (resort) at the lake

September, 19th: Almaty via Sharyn Canyon to Shonzhy

The motorcycle is fixed - a big thanks to our friends at Freerider in Almaty!!!
Leaving Almaty, with a beautiful view on the Tien Shan mountains
When the road ends...
...there might be options...
...but when we saw this guy (who got stuck), we decided for another route!
We found some nice curves...
...and finally left the vast flat lands.
Lunch break before we head to Sharyn Canyon.
People are always interested in or tour (drawn on the van).
Jörg, on the way to the canyon.
A small entrance fee, some more meters - and we can see it...
...Sharyn Canyon!
In their documentary, Ewan and Charly were allowed to ride down there.
Nowadays, it is forbidden.
Leaving the canyon.
That was fun!
...also for the Van.
Wild horses
Sharyn river
Our hotel (resort)...
...with thermal water pool

September, 18th: Almaty rest day (2 of 2)

Service time: Tourguide bike
Peter and Jörg...
...following the van... KTM Almaty.
Trash car
Countdown at traffic light(s)
School is over
Also the van got a little service (new break pads)
After a busy day, we went to the bar...

September, 17th: Almaty rest day (1 of 2)

Cute (1)
Cute (2)

September, 16th: Balkhash to Almaty (Alma-Ata)

Starting from our hotel with 15 degrees...
...and sunshine!
These trains...
...incredibly looong!
Be alerted an stay focussed!
One of the bigger cemeteries along our route these days.
A lot of vast lands and "just horizon".
We saw our first "wild camels"
Already in Russia, we saw many old european trucks, that are still being used here.
The group...
...taking some pictures...
...of lake Balkhash in the morning sun.
Long straight roads and the horizon are waiting for us.
OK - sooome "curves" (here, crossing a little salt lake)
The van stopped at.. of the booths, selling fish...
...from lake Balkhash. Alex (our russian guide) chooses well...
...and is quite proud of the result!
It got warmer and warmer today. We stopped at a little restaurant" in the middle of nowwhere for a quick lunch.
A smaller graveyard/cemetery along the road.
That was it with the nice roads for the next 200+ kilometers.
At least, they fixed the potholes since last year, so that we could enjoy the unlimited view.
No! Not eating again - but a break had to be, to drink some water/tea/coffee and continue.
Royce improves his Kazakh, while the group prepares to leave.
Heeere they are!
A herd of wild camels (the REAL ones, this time!)
Fruit stalls along the road.
Mostly selling different sorts of melons (huge beasts!)
One has to be prepared for everything lying on, or crossing the streets: like these wild horses this time.
The straight road gets some curves again.
Landscape is changing a bit, while we slooowly come closer to Almaty.
Just a LITTLE taste of crazy asian traffic - but it works (somehow).
We are in a muslim region since and for quite some days.
First stop in Almaty, to get our bikes seviced... our friends of freerider.
Finally in our hotel in Almaty - after 640+ km and 12 hours, since we started with breakfast at 7 a.m.

September, 15th: Karaganda to Balkhash

Leaving Karaganda in sunshine - makes everybody quite happy.
Stop at a memorial for the victims of the Karlag (which museum we visited yesterday in Dolinka).
...and right next to it on the other side of the road: this tank...
...and that soldier statue.
Welcome to the (mostly flat, but sometime a bit hilly) steppe of Kazakhstan.
Seemed to be a container hotel... hmmm.
If one thinks, there is not much to see in the steppe - or to stop for, to take pictures: wrooong!
It's not aaall flat.
Ok, mostly it is.
Long straight road, cutting through the wide land.
Sometimes "curvy and winding" to the horizon...
From time to time, we see such eye catchers...
...or that one (without ALWAYS knowing, what it is exactly).
A quite huge cemetery (in the background)...
...which Royce...
...and Jörg visited to get some nice pictures.
A lonely (hmmm... hill, mountain...ish "thing"
Lunch break in the heat...
...Jörg staying outside and enjoying the sun...
...while the others are waiting for a delicious dish...
...prepared by these nice...
Who needs a toilet?!?
...or an ashtray?
Modern TV inside the car - but old school outside.
Next stop. Behind this hut...
...sorry: behind THIS hut...
...some nice rock formation (after all the flat lands).
Entering Balkhash.
NOOOO!!! We need it at least for tonight! Please...
...and please do not exchange your bike with ours...
...while we enjoy dinner!

September, 14th: Astana to Karaganda

Astana in the morning (view from our hotel room on 13th floor). Sunshine - yeeaaahhhh!
A new built highway leads us south (with snow fences along).
"Our Olymp" to get some coffee (instant).
Weather good: check.
Road good: check.
On half way: an ugly industrial city
We will see much longer trains on this journey!
Initially, we wanted some dumplings (typical for this region), but the restaurant was closed.
But Peter, Willy...
as well as Royce - and the others, found something for a snack.
Left and right steered - you can find both here.
A local biker along our way.
Passing some factory... the Karlag labor camp museum in Dolinka.
The camp was 200x300km (here compared to Kazakhstan).
Isolation cell.
Regular sleeping room in a barrack.
Example of a work room.
Willi, Peter, Royce, Marc, Bernd and Jörg in front of the museum.
Group +1
A new church/mosque/... on entering Karaganda.
Boot beer in the hotel.
Seems, she had a hard day!
Peter and "a sword" of delicious lamb Shashlik.
While there was a party going on at the first floor of our restaurant...
...we had our own!

September, 13th: Burabay to Astana

Royce, Jörg and Peter: (almost) ready to leave.
There must be order!
No rain, almost no wind and warmer temperatures: a last view on our hotel, before heading to some nice pictures in the natural reserve and to Astana.
Impressions.. the Burabay...
...lake area (Willi's Yamaha).
Peter's bike.
Jörg, filming us (or not? We never know ... )
A happy Royce.
Sun comes out.
Nature is impressive.
This natural park with its lakes...
...and hills, woods and rocks...
(Bernd and Royce waiting) exceptional in this area, because everything else around is flat and wide/vast steppe!
(Peter, Jörg and Willi taking pictures).
In high season, this place is quite touristy and crowded.
Jörg talking to a local.
The weather is nice again...
...while we continue on a highway...
...and after a short coffee stop...
...we reach the outskirts of Astana...
(big pipeline, "crossing" the street)
It does not look like the modern capital - yet...!
...but now, it does!!!
Some sellers at an intersection, close to the hotel.
Astana city center

September, 12th: Burabay "bridging day"

Weather changed to worse and we decided to stay one more night in Burabay.

Going out was not so nice - with rain, cold temperatures and strong wind.

Looking for a nice restaurant in town, we crossed these two kazakh statues.
The sign directs to some place - but the interesting part is: it shows the old name of the former capital of Kazakhstan : Almaty (where we will be in 5 days).
At THIS fence - DON'T do this - otherwise, THAT happens... (omg!)

September, 11th: Petropavlovsk to Burabay

Leaving Petropavlovsk in rain.
A first glimpse of the kazakh steppe and the long roads there.
A little "shop", selling honey.
Approaching the hills at Burabay.
Entering the national park.
Bikers "hunting" an athlete, "chasing" the van
We will definetely see more of this wonderful landscape at Burabay, when the weather is better again!

September, 10th: Kurgan to Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan)

Leaving our last hotel in Russia.
Truck race towards the border, to be first in the waiting queue.
Agricultural machinery at our coffee stop...
We were not alone - and the cute puppy was hungry...
Peter, Bernd, Royce and Willi enjoying the sun and some snacks.
Some harmless...
...road works on the way.
Beautiful swamp scenery along the route.
The people here love taking pictures of our big bikes - and they are impressed by our long journey.
We successfully left Russia (this here is between the borders)
Always an attraction...
...while waiting to cross the border into Kazakhstan.
The entry procedure.
After entering Kazakhstan, "just quickly" getting a kazakh insurance...
...should take not more than 15 minutes - but the "systems" were a bit slow and it took 1,5 hours...!
Zoom in and find our Edelweiss sticker
Escaping the thunderstorm.
Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan)
None of us really understood the sign at the traffic light (use sun glasses, maybe?!?).
Coming closer... our first kazakh hotel (with a last small obstacle).

September, 9th: Yekaterinburg to Kurgan

Today, it was cold (8 Celsius), rainy all day long and windy. Nobody was really in the mood for stopping and taking pictures - just get a hot shower in the last hotel in Russia. Tomorrow, we cross the border to Kazakhstan.
The weather god had no mercy...!
We parked the bikes and were happy to get into the dry and warm hotel.
Modern switches - wow!

September, 8th: Yekaterinburg rest day

Impressions in the city
Looks good in the sun!
View from our hotel room

September, 7th: Kungur to Yekaterinburg

As we started late, our stops were quite short, today: coffee.
What we see and will ride now...
... are the Ural mountains.
Lunch point
Wood arts: Russia
A first "little" continent border crossing
...and now "the big continent border crossing": from Europe... Asia!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
We arrived at BMW in Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg/ Jekaterinenburg).

September, 6th: Izhevsk to Kungur

A beautiful church near Chaykovsky...
...where we ride through the woods...
Thanks to Jörg for this picture! a kids sports training camp.
Nice picture stop at a reservoir.
It is soooo doooood, to feel the warming sun!
Yeayyyy: a curve!
Lunch break...
...where we not just met the norwegian ski high jump team (on the way to its training camp in Chaikowsky) - but also this cool russian biker (left)...
...with his own version of a gps mount.
Gas and oil makes this region quite wealthy
Up and down smooth hills with slight curves.
Cruising through wide and beautiful landscapes
At our stop...
...we heard roaring, coming from those two trucks...
...actually from siberian tigers...
...definetely not from these two fellas!
Our hotel - from the "good old sovjet times" in Kungur
Tiny bathroom, but all you need is there
Actuall, they renovated a bit - but forgot the balcony...!
Sleep, ride, eat - repeat
Old post box at the hotel entrance
Two people with luggage are almost to much, for one of those elevators.
Kiosk / bar in the hotel
Next morning: on the way to the ice caves.
In the caves is a temperature of -2 to +5 Celsius
...outside, it was +5 at 9 a.m. !
In the ice caves...
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!

September, 5th: Kazan to Izhevsk

On our way to Izhevsk, we had a coffee stop at a pittoresque "open-air-museum-coffee-...thing"
By the way: it was the coldest day (so far) with 8 to 11 degrees Celsius - but no rain!
In little huts, there were some examples of russian lifestyle.
A break with Vodka.
...ooops - the same guys?!?
No and for the break, they had tea/coffee!!!
A little mosque near our lunch stop.
People start being interested in our bikes.
It will become more!
The restaurant of this nice lady was simple, but warm!
...and the pastries and other dishes she offered, were delicious!
Vast lands in Russia. Harvest time.
Straight, lonely roads, with a curve here and there.
Dinner in Izhevsk a bavarian location.
Prijatnogo apetita (bon apetit).
The view from our hotel room to the Kalashnikov museum.

September, 4th: Kazan rest day

Welcome to Kazan, the capital of the republic Tatarstan.
Pedestrian zone in Baumana street.
The Kremlin (=old town) from outside... is a pieceful area of Chritianity and Islam!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
A nice little rice bowl!
both means red (and stop!)
The right guy looks a bit like J. Gagarin...
After 7 p.m. its already dark in Kazan.
Edelweiss dnner in a typical tatar restaurant.
It was delicious, everybody was full and we felt like this guy here...

September, 3rd: Nizhniy Novgorod to Kazan

View on the Wolga river - from our hotel.
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Our hotel.
Cloudy, rainy and chilly start in the day.
Lunch stop... the sun...
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
...lunch at a truck stop.
Quick coffee break
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Very often, people are selling fruits, mixed pickles, honey - and more - at the roadside.
Arrival at our hotel in Kazan.
We are in a muslim region:
Arrow at our hotel window, pointing to Mekka.

September, 2nd: Vladimir to Nizhniy Novgorod

Typical wooden houses along the road.
In some, still people do live.
"The value of such a village is that of one expensive car", says Alex (our russian tour guide)
Lunch break in Murom.
Thanks to Bernd for that picture.
Jörg is happy about some shade. Today was the first really warm day (25 Celsius+).
Thanks to Bernd for that picture.
Short foto stop at a lake on our way to Nizhniy.
Thanks to Bernd for that picture.

September, 1st: Moscow to Vladimir

A short break in the shade.
Hidden in the woods...
...2 old rockets.
Lunch break in Aleksandrov.
When entering, it looks like some burger restaurant.
But in the corners and downstairs, one can find a little "museum" of the Soviet times.
A quick foto stop at a monastery in Aleksandrov.
Thanks to Bernd for that picture.
Thanks to Willi for that picture.
Thanks to Bernd for that picture.
A longer stop at another monastery, which is reneovated with the help of donations.
Thanks to Willi for that picture.
Thanks to Willi for that picture.
Thanks to Willi for that picture.
Our hotel in Vladimir.
Thanks to Bernd for that picture.

August, 31st: Moscow rest day (2 of 2)

General Zhukov in front of the Moscow Kremlin
Kilometer zero, from where all distances (of main roads) in Russia are measured and some outdoor sport events start.
Red square.
Kremlin wall from the red square.
It was a sunny day (finally!).
Unfortunately, an international festival for military bands took place and the entire square was full of stands, bleachers, closed/restricted areas and zillions of people.
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Some views from a bridge over the river Moskwa, direction Gorky Park.
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
Popular, to put locks, when there is a wedding.
Former warehouses - now bars and pubs.
A monument for Peter 1st.
Thanks to Willi for this picture!
Beginning of Gorky park.
Art gallery.
The next soccer worldcup will take place here.
J. Stalin - in a metro station entrance
... nothing for tall people...!

August, 30th: Moscow rest day (1 of 2)

Our hotel in Moscow
Lift to the "underworld" of Moscow...
...the underground.
Every station is different and one could spend weeks, to explore all of those treasures.
Impressions 1
Ford dealer in Moscow
We got solved some minor problems with the support van.
Moscow impressions 2. The big building in the background was built under J. Stalin.
More impressions of the biggest european city.
We saw a lot of expensive and exclusive cars...
... ...
...including our support vehicle (the left one !!!).
Bernd met our russian partner Vasiliy, who helped us fixing some challenge at the border, when we entered from Estonia.
Edelweiss dinner in Moscow
Peter tried a soup with lamb tongue and it was delicious.
Nice - but we will continue our journey on our bikes!

August, 29th: Vyshny Volochek to Moscow

Royce, Peter, Jörg and Willi were visiting a Tchaikowsky memorial house in Klin.
The house was (and still is) located in a beautiful park.
The "maestro" had visiting hours, as he was already famous back at that time.
Piotr Tchaikovsky himself
A piano, where he composed parts and played for guests...
...who were sitting here and listening.
One of his bedrooms (some others were for guests).
Dining room
Stables behind the house.
The maestro/es

August, 28th: St. Petersburg to Vyshny Volochek

On our way, we stopped at Nowgorod, to see some wooden houses of the open air museum Vitoslavlitsy. (Thanks to Willi for this photo!)
A nice park...
...with our lunch point.
Peter is having fun, while waiting for lunch.
A short stop for a typical tea at the roadside.
Today, we had a little (planned) surprise - first unpaved section for some testing and fun.
Thanks to Royce for this picture!
Thanks to Royce for this picture!
Those bikes got a bit dirty...
(Thanks to Bernd for this picture!)
...but not just them! (Thanks to Bernd for this photo!)
A nice welcome in Vichny Volochek
Our hotel.
Nice and quiet location at a lake.

August, 27th: Impressions of St. Petersburg (rest day)

Thanks to Bernd for that beautiful picture!
Thanks to Royce for that beautiful picture!
St Petersburg has big squares
Street life
Buy a sim card? Got it!
"Hidden treasures" (see the wall painting in the back).
St Petersburg has wide and looong roads
Cyrillic lesson 1
Germans welcome
St Petersburg has also beautiful old buildings
Cyrillic lesson 2
Better try a coffee here
...did I mention the biiig and long roads in St Petersburg?!
Typical souvenirs
Metro station
No, we are not in "The Lord of the Rings" - we are in St. Petersburg (and this is a shop for hand bags)!
I can't help myself: does this really look like "royal food"???

August, 26th: Tour start from Tallinn to St. Petersburg (Russia)

Now, we finally ride...!
...not too much riding: waiting at the border, to leave Estonia.
Thanks to Bernd for this picture!
...waiting... (Willi)
...and waiting... (Peter and Bernd)...

This was not enough: at the russian side, it took us some more hours, until we finally entered this beautiful country.
After a loooong day, we deserved som typical russian-bavarian food and beer! the restaurant, located in our hotel - short ways to walk.

August, 25th: Rest day in Tallinn

Tallin at night.
Wandering through tiny alleys... the market place of the historic center of Tallinn.
Almost hidden in a corner: the old pharmacy (from 15th cetury)
Medieval handcraft
Stalls at the old city wall.
Next to McD: an old city gate.
This region is known for its amber.
Ready to leave tomorrow morning - to St. Petersburg, Russia.

August, 24th: Welcome to Tallinn (Estonia)

My (our) City Hotel in Tallinn
Welcome and all the best!
Welcome briefing in the conference room of our hotel.
Marc and...
Alex (our russian tour guide) are presenting...
Peter, Bernd, Royce, Willi and Jörg are listening.
For our welcome dinner, we went to a midieval guild house (Olde Hansa).
As there was no electricity back in those times, candles were our only light.
Bernd was selected as the head/master of our table and tasted the bread first.
Our menu
Typical dresses (for the employees), language, drinks and meals with some music in the background, gave us a perfect "ancient" feeling.
We did not expect to be (literally) filled up with so much alcohol (Vodka, Schnaps, Liquor, etc.), which was served during the evening - in addition to our met/honey beer (or beer with herbs).
But everybody enjoyed the event.

Welcome to Tallinn; welcome to the 2017 Asia worldtour leg from here to Bangkok.
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irene und peter
Monday, September, 18nd, 2017 at 19:40

Lieber Willi
Almaty sieht sich sehr hübsch an. Uns haben auch die beiden Fotos mit dem grünen Retro-Auto, der Katze im Fenster und das Cola amüsiert. Schwere Kost war sicher die Erinnerungsstätte. Wir wünschen dir und deinen Reisekollegen weiterhin gute, unfallfrei Fahrt und tolle Erlebnisse. Irene und Peter
Thursday, September, 21nd, 2017 at 12:51

Hoi Irene und Peter
Es sind tolle Erlebnisse auf dieser Tour. Freut mich dass ihr den Blog so detailliert anschaut.
Schöne Grüsse Willi
Monday, September, 18nd, 2017 at 09:22

Heya Marc,

tolle Bilder!!! Wünsche euch weiterhin tolle Erlebnisse auf eurer Etappe!

Liebe Grüße und allzeit gute Fahrt!
Marc Adamiak
Thursday, September, 21nd, 2017 at 13:09

Vielen Dank, Angela.
Macht richtig Spass und wir geniessen es!
Amarie und Kurt
Sunday, September, 17nd, 2017 at 09:02

Hoi Willi, gestern waren wir an der Geburtstagsfeier von Marlen und durften Karls Haus ansehen. Da hat er uns von deiner Reise erzählt. Wir sind jetzt erst gerade aufgestanden aber wir werden den Reiseblog noch genau ansehen! Echt spannend wo du am rumreisen bist. Liebi Grüessli a und k
Sunday, September, 17nd, 2017 at 17:36

Hoi Annemarie und Kurt
Schöner Gruss nach Appenzell, die Tour ist wirklich spannend,
immer neues zu erleben und zu erfahren, ich wünsche Euch eine schöne Zeit
Gruss Willi
Saturday, September, 16nd, 2017 at 00:10

Sali Willi,
Aus der warmen Stube sind das grandiose Etappen. Hab weiterhin viel Spass und wärmende Sonne
Sunday, September, 17nd, 2017 at 17:32

Hoi Werner
Bis jetzt super Reise, endlich haben wir warme Temperaturen, die nächsten Tage sollen so bleiben. Alles weitere erfährst du weiterhin im Blog
Gruss Willi
Peter Heeb
Friday, September, 15nd, 2017 at 08:20

Hoi Willi
Beim Training war Deine Reise ein grosses Thema, wo Du Dich wohl befindest.
Jetzt habe ich Fotos von Deiner Reise gesehen. Es ist traumhaft was Du alles zu sehen bekommst.Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin gute Fahrt und schönes Wetter.

Gruss Peter
Sunday, September, 17nd, 2017 at 17:28

Hoi Peter
Danke dass diese Reise bei Euch ein Thema ist. Ich kann nur folgendes empfehlen schaut weiterhin rein, die Reise ich noch lange nicht fertig,
Gruss an alle Willi
Esther und Markus Kobler
Monday, September, 11nd, 2017 at 19:24

Hoi Willi
Danke für die schönen Bilder, sieht super aus. Schön, dass wir so Deine Reise mitverfolgen können.

Weiterhin gute Fahrt und geniess Deine Reise.
Wednesday, September, 13nd, 2017 at 18:02

Hoi Ester und Markus
Schön von Euch zu lesen, dass euch der Blog gefällt,
ich kann Euch nur empfehlen weiterhin rein zu schauen.
Gruss Willi
Saturday, September, 9nd, 2017 at 20:26

Oh, very winding road!!! Smile,
Thomas Blank
Friday, September, 8nd, 2017 at 11:47

Hopp Willi

Ich lese euren Blog sehr gerne. Freue mich immer, wenn neue Reisetage online sind.

Die Bilder sind wunderschön, die Beschreibungen informativ und humorvoll. Mein Fernweh wird dadurch nicht besser, aber eben...

Ich wünsche Euch eine schöne und unfallfreie Fahrt.

Gruss Thomas
Wednesday, September, 13nd, 2017 at 17:58

Hoi Thomas
Freut mich dass dir die Fotos im Blog gefallen,
schaue weiterhin in den Blog es gibt immer wieder neues
Gruss Willi
Tuesday, September, 5nd, 2017 at 11:20

Hey Bernd
Did you taste the diabolo pizza again?
Safe travels and fun
Friday, September, 8nd, 2017 at 09:59

Prosciuto and Funghi this time...
Walter Dietsche
Sunday, September, 3nd, 2017 at 16:22

Super gruss schöne zeit und alles gute auf euerer Tour wünschen euch andrea walter
Monday, September, 18nd, 2017 at 13:02

Hoi Walter und Andrea
Danke für eure Antwort, die Tour ist wirklich super, lest weiter den Blog
Gruss Willi
Saturday, September, 2nd, 2017 at 16:28

Hoi Willi
Das Haltiner Team wünscht Dir schöne Ferien und Unfallfreie fahrt. Die Fotos sehen toll aus,wir verfolgen Eure Tour weiter.
Titus Tobias Karl
Sunday, September, 3nd, 2017 at 21:46

Grüsse an das Team Haltiner
Schön dass ich die Tour im Blog verfolgt, macht weiter so
Gruss Willi
Daniel Savage
Saturday, September, 2nd, 2017 at 15:47

Eat, Sleep, Ride, and Repeat!
Bernd, I travel with you in my spirit!
Be safe and good luck!
Friday, September, 8nd, 2017 at 10:02

Thank you Dan!

Am sure you will follow the blog...

Irene und Hans
Saturday, September, 2nd, 2017 at 09:12

Hoi Willi
Danke für die schöne Bilder . Wir wünschen dir weiterhin viele interessante und unvergessliche Momente.

Liebe Grüsse Irene und Hans
Sunday, September, 3nd, 2017 at 21:43

Hoi Irene und Hans
Danke für die Meldung unsere Reise hat nun richtig begonnen.
Bitte schaut weiterhin in den Blog es gibt noch viel neues zu sehen
Gruss Willi
Dave and Susan
Saturday, September, 2nd, 2017 at 01:02

Hello Marc,
Wishing you and your group a great tour! Will be enjoying it through the blog!
Marc Adamiak
Tuesday, September, 5nd, 2017 at 16:45

Hey-ya, my fellas from Texas
We enjoy the tour - you can enjoy the blog and dream a bit of our next tour together...
Y'aaaall welcome!
Domenico Schiano
Thursday, August, 31nd, 2017 at 18:50

Hallo Marc, druecke dir die Daumen!!! Wuensche dir und natuerlich allen Teilnehmern eine tolle Tour!
Marc Adamiak
Thursday, August, 31nd, 2017 at 19:10

Vielen Dank, Domenico!
Irene und Peter
Tuesday, August, 29nd, 2017 at 21:10

Lieber Willi

Weiterhin gutes Wetter und Glück auf der Fahrt wünschen dir und deinen Reisebegleitern
Irene und Peter
Wednesday, August, 30nd, 2017 at 22:20

Hoi Irene und Peter schön dass Ihr unseren Blog lest es gibt sicher weiterhin interessantes zu sehen, Gruss Willi
Tuesday, August, 29nd, 2017 at 18:41

Hallo Jörg,
mit großer Spannung werde ich deine Tour verfolgen!
Gruß Heide
Erich Marquart
Tuesday, August, 29nd, 2017 at 18:12

Hallo Willi, wunderschöne Fotos auf dem Blog. Wünsche Diir viel Spass auf deiner Tour, Gruss Erich
Wednesday, August, 30nd, 2017 at 22:17

Hoi Erich freut mich von Dir zu hören, super Tour, schau weiterhin in den Blog!
Thursday, August, 31nd, 2017 at 13:35

Hallo Willi, werde ich bestimmt, sehr eindrückliche Fotos, Gruss
Viktoria Neuner
Tuesday, September, 5nd, 2017 at 17:52

Hi Willi, freu mich dich immer bestens gelaunt auf den Fotos zu sehen Ganz liebe Grüße und weiterhin viel Spaß! Erich: Tirol und der Bananensplit warten auf dich )) Vicky
Tuesday, September, 5nd, 2017 at 21:17

Hallo Viktoria, nächstes Jahr bestimmt
Viktoria Neuner
Wednesday, September, 6nd, 2017 at 08:33

Na dann freu ich mich ja jetzt schon Und den Willi nehmen wir auch mit weil wir ja alles über die Welttour wissen wollen Lg an euch zwei!
Claudia Wenhart
Saturday, August, 26nd, 2017 at 01:18

Hey Marc, Alex and the rest of your group,
have a good start to your trip to Bangkok!!! It will be a great adventure - enjoy it and have fun.
I will follow you on the blog.
Marc Adamiak
Sunday, August, 27nd, 2017 at 10:28

Hi Claudia,
thank you very much!
It will be a great tour again...

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