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Conquer the Alps - Touratech Vietnam Tour

Thursday, October 5, 2017 | Albert Knapp / Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe

Day 8 - Lienz to Erding

Our last riding day had come - yet it feels as if we had just started our tour!

The weather gods meant well with us once more and we started the day with sunshine, everybody eager to experience the next highlight: Großglockner Hochalpenstrasse.

We rode all the way up to Edelweissspitze and enjoyed a coffee as well as fantastic views from up there.

Back down in warmer realms, we enjoyed our ride to Pillersee to have lunch at the beautiful lake. In the afternoon we crossed the border back into Germany and made it to Erding, where our exciting adventure had started one week earlier. Nobody got hurt, everybody gathered new impressions - what a great tour comes to its end!

up on the Edelweissspitze
captain Tam on his boat at Pillersee

Day 7 - Bozen to Lienz

Today everybody was keen to get riding in the famous Dolomites. The weather was not too good, though. Luckily we did not have real rain, but unfortunately we could not enjoy many of the views on the impressive mountains.

We stopped for coffee on Grödnerjoch and headed on through the beautiful landscape. At lunch, which we took at lake Misurina, the sky cleared up a little and we were able to grasp a view on the surrounding mountains. We rode on and made it to Lienz, where Marco welcomed us with a boot beer - cheers!

the Dolomites on a cloudy day
parking in the fog
at lake Misurina
we are still in Italy...
the view towards Tre Cime
local traffic in Austria
Tri enjoys his boot beer

Day 6 - Zams to Bozen

We were lucky again and started the day with perfect weather. And today we really needed the sunshine, beccuse it was Stelvio day!

We headed South and made our first stop at lake Reschen to take a picture. Glurns was next on our route and we enjoyed a coffee in the unique atmosphere of this historical town. But then it was time to tackle the highlight of the day - Stelvio pass, we rode the 48 switchbacks up to the top, where we had lunch and were thrilled by the surrounding landscape. More curves and exciting views were our companions all the way to Bozen, today's overnight destination.

Lake Reschen
Coffee stop in Glurns
the amazing Stelvio pass road
Lunch at Bruno's
Tri,Karin and Tam
the old town of Bozen
Italian dinner in Bozen

Day 5 - Radolfzell to Zams

Today it was time to leave Germany, but so much was waiting for us. We crossed into Switzerland and stopped up on Schwägalpe for coffee, it was cold but dry.

We continued our ride down to the valley of river Rhine, crossed Liechtenstein and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant (again!!!!) in Feldkirch, Austria. Our afternoon ride was splendid, through the Montafon valley and up the terrific Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse, great views, great ride and even sunshine on top.

Happily and tired we finally arrived in Zams, staying in the Gasthof Kronburg, so beautifully located up in the mountains.

Domenico at the daily briefing
Tri translating for the group
unfortunately we could not see much of the Swiss mountains, but the ride was great all the same!
Chinese lunch in Feldkirch, Austria
finally some real mountains, great views up on Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse

Day 4 - Königsfeld to Radolfzell

We had nice weather to start the day with and another beautiful riding day was waiting. Our morning ride took us through some beautiful side roads of black forrest, such us up Kandel-Mountain or to the Hexenlochmühle. After a Chinese lunch we rode on to Switzerland and stopped in Schaffhausen to experience the amazing waterfalls of Rhine river, before we arrived at our new overnight destination: Radolfzell.

the group up on mount Kandel
at Rhine waterfalls in Schaffhausen

Day 3 - Ehingen to Königsfeld

It was a new riding day and the black forrest was waiting!

On the way there we enjoyed a superb ride along upper river danube and made it to our first stop - Knopfmacherfelsen, a grand viewpoint.

We rode on to Schiltach, one of those romantic towns in thearea and full of half-timber architecture.

Our afternoon ride was a blast - hundreds of curves, good grip and the charm of autumn leaves were our steady companions all the way to Niedereschach, home of Touratech. We visted the shop and the factory, what a great day!

the view from Knopfmacherfelsen on the river Danube
coffee break
visit at Touratech
transport vietnamese style after shopping at Touratech

Day 2 - Erding to Ehingen

The weather was great and we could not wait to start the engines. Out route took us through rural Germany, where we got to see beautiful landscape, impressive churches and many typical Bavarian villages.

we made our first stop at the impressive Scheyern abbey, visited the monastery and had coffee.
coffee in Scheyern
the abbey church
and a very old Beer Brewery
a typical Bavarian lunch in Scherneck
In the afternoon we stopped at Blautopf, a beautiful spring with turquoise waters.

Day 1 - Arrival day in Erding

The 20 tour participants have made it to Erding! It is time to start a great adventure. Everybody is looking forward to starting the ride tomorrow morning.

the bikes are coming
and ready they are!
at the welcome briefing
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Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 19:39

dear touratech tourers > your blog and pictures look fantastic please enjoy your tour. especially the picture of silvretta today karin


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