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South Africa Tour a multicultural trip through the country of the rainbow nation (SAT 1702)

Saturday, November 11, 2017 | Lukas Schiebe / Marko Bauer | Africa

DAY 1: The arrival in Johannesburg 

Our bikes arrive at the start hotel in Johannesburg
all our bikes straight in line ready to go!

DAY 2: From Joburg to the Misty Mountains

When we got over the long tom pass towards our hotel called "the misty mountain hotel" the weather changed in order to honor the name. Anyway we visit the canon the burs used in the war trying to defeat the English.
the "long tom" canon
The amazing view from our hotel terrace

DAY 3: Towards Kruger national park

the day starts with a group picture after the briefing
another one with "the germans", not all germans but the ones who speak german on god´s window at the blyde river canyon

The day ends on the gate of Kruger park. Already from the hotel bar you get the chance to see some animals on the other side of the fence and you have to watch your things because monkeys are siting in the trees waiting for a opportunity to grab some food or other things.

DAY 4: The rest day in Kruger national park

Well it is called a "rest day". Anyway we wake up at 5 am to go for a safari ride. We get rewarded for our ambitious start into the day by seeing all the big 5. At least some of us say they saw the last, most difficult one, the leopart.

Day 5: From Kruger to Swaziland

We had to leave Kruger again, but a beautiful day lay ahead of us. Swaziland was the destination today, a beautiful country with incredible scenery!

La Faye and the future fruit-stand-sales-manager!
Scenic Swaziland

Day 6: Swaziland to Mkuze

After a night in the wonderful Ezulwini valley, we continued our exploration of Swaziland. Our first stop took us to the famous Swazi candle factory. After many more twisty kilometers through the mountains of Swaziland we reached the border to South Africa again. Lunch in Piet Retief, and then we continued into the land of the Zulus.

Stefan, Nicole, Marlies, Marcel and Bruno at Swazi Candles
The journey through Swaziland continues
Bryan gets a traditional Zulu birthday song

Day 7: Mkuze to Shakaland

Like every day in South Africa this day had something new for us: the Indian Ocean! We visited the beach, had a great lunch and then continued deeper into Swaziland. We spend the night in an old Zulu village - exciting!!

Bryan acting like a German (building sand castles)
Jassir, Anthony and Ibrahem at the Indian Ocean
Jörg and his South African sized burger
Jörg and Jassir meeting the locals

DAY 8: Shakaland to Hilton

The morning starts with some cultural program. We get to see how you flirt successful in Zulu
The Hotel with the small roud huts in Zulu style
Marco gets trained in traditional fighting
We visit Pietermaritzburg, the place were Gandhi got thrown out of the first class train and his non violent active proteste started

DAY 9: Along Lesotho border

Nic on the way to the Howick fall
The monument on the Nelson Mandela capture place. Very worth to visit this interesting place and the museum. The rest of the day we spend on the road making kilometers to get to the south of this big country

Day 10: The Indian Ocean!

Today we left the Transkei and continued south. As we have some Germans in our group, we had to do the mandatory stop at the German Settler Monument in East London aka Buffalo City. And then we headed to the next big highlight of this motorcycle tour through South Africa: our hotel on the shore of the Indian Ocean!

Jörg, Bettina, Nicole and Bruno in Buffalo City
The Indian Ocean

DAY 11: Along the coast to Port Elizabeth

Well just that we didn´t bring our rain gear for nothing it rained all day long. Because noone wants to see us riding in the rain we don´t have pictures of this day.

DAY 12: The day of big jumps and ostriches

For lunch we have a nice pic nic
Alison still laughing even she decidet to jump from the 216 meters high bridge
That´s the bridge... 3 of us are going to jump
Our brave and happy jumpers
The sunset on the way to our hotel in Oudtshoorn

DAY 13: Going off-road

The day starts with the ride over Swartsberg pass a 35 km long graveld mountain pass road. The landscape is beautiful and the view breathtaking. For lunch we stop at a restaurant on a lake with hippos. Then we go back to the highways to get clother to our destiantion Cape Town.
A little bit of everything. Gravels, dust, dirt, mud and water. It doesn´t get boring

DAY 14: Cape Town we are coming!!!

We are really lucky during our tour.  As mentioned before we have seen all the big 5 and the last riding day we get to see whales and Pinguines as well.  

False Bay on the last kilometers to Cape Town

DAY 15: Cape of good hope

On our last day we do a day trip to the famous cape of good hope. We have luck and the weather is beatiful. To make the day perfect Tabo whaits for us on the beach with another picnic and in the afternoon with a boot beer at the hotel.

View down from Signal Hill to Cape Town

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 18:51

Ja was sieht man denn da für 2 bekannte Gesichter. Hoffentlich wird es Euch nicht langweilig ohne Mysterien! Machts gut, genießt Land und Leute und die Tiere!
Bis bald
Gerda und Stefan
Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 17:41

Hallo Ursula,
mit EWB wird uns natürlich nie fad. Bis jetzt läuft alles wunderbar und wir sind schon gespannt was noch auf uns wartet.
Lg von Gerda und Stefan
von Waldburg Gabriele
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 13:57

Hallo Gerda und Stefan
Ich glaub, ich seh nicht richtig. Ihr seid schon wieder auf Tour? Cool Während ich hier im Regen sitze
Südafrika ist eine super Tour und ihr werdet sicher viel Spass haben ! Ride safe und geniesst es. Liebe Grüsse auch an Marco und Stefan
Stefan Lebeta
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 15:40

Hallo Gabi,
wir freuen uns von dir zu hören - das mit der SA-Tour haben wir schon bei der Mystery-Tour besprochen. Die Tour läuft bis jetzt sehr gut - heute haben nur ganz knapp den Leopard verpasst - die Big Five wären perfekt gewesen.
Die Grüße an Marco werden wir ausrichten - dann sehen wir einander im nächsten Jahr irgendwo in der Nähe von Nizza.
Lg von Gerda und Stefan
von Waldburg Gabriele
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 19:00

Ja stimmt hatte ich schon wieder vergessen... man wird nicht jünger Freu mich einfach riesig wieder mit euch auf Tour zu sein !!!
Werde den Blog verfolgen und mich mit euch freuen!
Ganz liebe Grüsse


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