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Classic Cuba CKU1703

Saturday, November 25, 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | North and South America

Riding day 9, Varadero - Havana

Today we started our engines for the last time and cruised back to Havana, but despite the short distance it was a very full day... and ended with a great surprise, a old car drive through Havana before dinner! My last tour for this 2017 season is over, and I could not have wished myself a better end, thank you everybody, ride safe and keep in touch. Ciao, hasta pronto!


goodbye Varadero
Also Al Capone had a house here
The Bacunayagua bridge, the biggest in Cuba
Lunch break
Rene and Kathrin
At Cojimar, the place where Hemingway used to hang out
Portrait of Castro and Hemingway
At the Castillo de los tres Reyes del Morro, that used to protect the entrance to the harbour of Havana
Last group picture in Plaza de la Revolucion
A well deserved boot beer
let's go for a drive through Havana!
goodbye everybody, it was a great tour!

Riding day 8, Remedios - Varadero

This morning we explored Remedios a little bit and then cruised on the "Circuito Norte", that slowly took us to Varadero, probably the most important resort town of the country. Just before reaching our destination, a tropical storm forced us to wear our rain gear for the first time... now our Cuban experience is complete! Enjoy the pictures!

The main church of Remedios...
Javier cleaning the windshields... thank you!
the Cigars Factory of Remedios, where we could also "buy" some fresh cigars
Directly from Naples!
sugar cane fields almost everywhere
copyright Yvonne
last break before reaching Varadero.... and before the storm came!
Greg taking a nap

Riding day 7, Cayo Santa Maria - Remedios

A very short ride today, so we could spend the whole morning in our resort and we left only after lunch. Reaching the mainland again, we could visit the museum dedicated to the sugar industry before reaching the centre of Remedios, where tonight we will sleep in "casas particulares", something that could be compared to our B&Bs, and get of course a different (and more authentic) taste of Cuba.

Along the road that connects the Cayos to the mainland
this road is an embankment that was completed in 1999.
at the museum of sugar industry
Gabriele and Andreas
some of the steam trains that were used to transport sugar
some aperitif before dinner!
real bikers have tattoos!

Riding day 6, Trinidad - Cayo Santa Maria

Coast to coast today, from the South to the North! We left Trinidad and rode through the Valle de los Ingenios, once a very important region for the production of sugar. After that, we reached Santa Clara where we could visit the mausoleum of Che Guevara and learn something more about his history. In Santa Clara we also had lunch and then we continued to Cayo Santa Maria, where we will have some time to relax because tomorrow it will be a very short ride.

At the Manaca Iznaga, this tower built in the 17th century was used to control the work in the fields
Approaching Santa Clara
At the Che Guevara mausoleum
the train that was derailed by che guevara in the final battle of the revolution

Day 5, Rest day Trinidad

Rest day? Well not so much! A morning ride through the Sierra del Escambray, back to the hotel for lunch and then, after a refreshing bath, we went to the historic centre of Trinidad for a walk and we also had a great dinner there. What a beautiful day, enjoy the pictures!

First photo stop
The view from the mountains to the coast was amazing
Coffee break by the coast
A refreshing bath! Rene, Bernd and Daniel.
Jürg, Renato and Domenico
Let's go to Trinidad
The Plaza Mayor of Trinidad
Jefe and Greg
Gabriele and Andreas
salsa or cha cha cha?

Riding day 4, Cienfuegos - Trinidad

What a beautiful day, perfect weather and stunning landscapes! We left our hotel and visited the centre of Cienfuegos, the "pearl of the south", before heading to the mountains of the Sierra del Escambray, where we had lunch at the waterfall of "El Nicho". A beautiful scenic ride through the sierra, paying attention to some "uneven" pavement, took us to the beautiful viewpoint "mirador del caribe" from where we finally rode down to Trinidad. Tomorrow no packing, but we have a lot of things to do... stay tuned!

The centre of Cienfuegos
finally a group picture!
El Nicho
at the "mirador del caribe"
some action! Here Werner...
Steven and Yvonne

Riding Day 3, Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos

The longest ride of this tour today, around 350 km (220 miles) eastwards. We first stopped at San Antonio for a break and then used the highway to approach the Bay of the Pigs, famous for the attempt to invade Cuba in the 60', where we stopped at the Cueva de los Peces for lunch... and of course a refreshing swim! Then we visited the museum of Playa Giron dedicated to the battles of the Bay of the Pigs, before finally heading to Cienfuegos. Saturday evening, a lot of parties going on... but we are all quite tired after this long ride!

The view from our hotel in Las Terrazas
the hotel lobby
San Antonio
Bernd and his first bike ever!
Lunch break
The Cueva de los Peces, a deep sinkhole by the coast in the Bay of the Pigs
The coast in the bay
at the Playa Giron museum
El Jefe
arrived in Cienfuegos, well done folks!!!

Riding Day 2, Viñales - Las Terrazas

Today we spent the whole morning in the beautiful valley of Viñales, surrounded by tobacco fields and mogotes, these beautiful mountains with vertical cliffs covered by lush vegetation. We visited a tobacco farm where we learned something about the cultivation and harvesting of this product that is so important for the economy of the whole country. Then, after a coffee break with a beautiful view over the valley and a visit at the "Mural de la Preistoria", we headed to Pinar del Rio for lunch. Finally, a easy ride on the highway took us to Soroa and we entered the mountains again to reach las Terrazas where we will spend the night. Now it's time for a good rest, because tomorrow the longest ride of the tour is awaiting us!


Visiting a Tobacco farm
planting tobacco
Rene trying a fresh made cigar
tobacco fields and mogotes, just beautiful
the valley of Vinales
Andreas and Gabriele
coffee break
The Mural de la Preistoria, quite naive
Our Swiss Team, Jürg, Renato and Daniel

Riding day 1, Habana - Viñales

Another tour through this beautiful island has just started! After the morning briefing, we reached the deposit where our bikes were waiting for us and, after some "paperwork", we could finally start! We first headed to Mariel, the most important port of Cuba and then entered the area of "Las Terrazas" where we had lunch at the Banos del San Juan. Back on the road, on the "Circuito Norte" we could enjoy many bumps but the scenery approaching Viñales became more and more beautiful and we finally reached the hotel in time for a refreshing beer by the pool before dinner.

First photo stop at Mariel
coffee break in Las Terrazas at the Cafetal Buenavista
in Baños del San Juan
one of the many natural pools
Does anybody want to swim? Ok, we just had lunch... next time!
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Mona & Dirk
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 21:36

Hey Jeffy Bear and Greg, what a pleasure to follow your next tour in this beautiful landscape. We hope you enjoy it, but we are sure you will love it! Keep on riding! Just two questions: what is about the tattoo on Jeffy's right arm and we are concerned you might feel old because we see you on a Harley Have a great time with your group!
let's ride together...Mona & Dirk
Jeffy Bear
Friday, November 24, 2017 at 00:28

Hello my friends Mona and dirk. It is soooo much fun here More pics to come
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 16:57

Das sind wunderschöne Fotos, die wir uns täglich anschauen.
Auch das Wetter ist beneidenswert.
Wünschen euch weiterhin einen schönen Urlaub und freuen uns immer über neue Bilder.
Grüße Tanja und Familie
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 15:40

Hallo Gabriele und Andreas, das sind ja wieder super tolle Fotos die Euer Tourguide hier einstellt. Atemberaubend schön sieht es bei Euch aus. Und das Wetter - beneidenswert. Cool sind auch die vielen alten Auto auf Kuba. Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin gute Fahrt und viel Spaß. Liebe Grüße Caren
Gabriele und Andreas
Saturday, November 25, 2017 at 20:51

gestern haben wir unsere Bikes leider wieder abgeben müssen. War ne geniale Tour. Super nette Tourmitglieder und zwei sehr kompetente. Tourguides.
Bis bald in good cold Germany


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