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TTE1706 - The Canary Islands inspire us once again

Saturday, December 16, 2017 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

Day 5 - The green north side of Teneriffe and Teno

at the Drago Milanario
we came in touch with the locals
and Mohamed even dance to there music
enjoing La Orotava and the local kitchen
The Tenomountains the highlight of the day
our Michaels playing good guy, bad guy
The Group in Teno
yeah what a day
good by Los Gigante we have to go

Day 4 - Gran Canaria in perfect sunshine

Michael impressed about Guayaldeque in morning mood
Michael whants to ride again
and go
the other Michael follows
Caffe in Cruz de Tejeda what a difference to yesterday
great weather, great view
what more do you need
Lunch in Artenara
Michael visiting the Church
Mohamed and Michael reach the Tamadaba National Park
this view makes happy
Michael with the road in the back
refreshing before we start again
Michael and a smal vulcano
and back to the ferry
thats how a happy guest looks like

Day 3 - Teide to Gran Canaria

nice sunshine in the morning
ready to go

Day 2 - La Gomera sunshine and tropical storm

La Gomera
Sunrise at the port of Los Christianos
Michael is looking forward to the day
Michael and Roque Agando
anticipation confirmed
Mohamed on the top of the road
playing a little bit with the glas balkony
with a great view down
Michael relaxing
contours of Tenerife
Hautacuperce waiting for us in Valle Gran Rey
enjoing the scenery from El Molino

Day 1 - The Teide Roads and TF-28

View of El Teide
Michael from Austria, enjoing already Coffe with Teide view
Mohamed from Saudi Arabia ejoys the view on Teide
Michael from Canada
The Roques Garcias are fascinating every body
looking forward to the cable car ride up to Teide
reaching the top
looks like they are happy
downhill on the other side of the vulcano
empty roads, with great views on the south side
down to Güimar
and home on the fabulous TF-28

Day 0 - New Group new luck

Welcome to the islands of endless summer an curves
Gran Canaria rises from the sea of clauds
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