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World Tour South America 1BP2018

Friday, January 19, 2018 | Marc Adamiak / Oliver Kraft | The World Tour / North and South America

Welcome to the South America leg (2018) of the Edelweiss world tour.

Within the next 10 weeks, we will visit 6 countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina) and ride approximately 16.000 kilometers on asphalt, gravel and dirt.

We will cross this wonderful continent from the very north (Caragena, Colombia) to the very south (Ushuaia, Argentina).

On this trip, we will see oceans, jungle area, desert, very high mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, salt lake, indigineous, floating islands, ...and... much more...!

Enjoy with us and follow our adventure:

Quilotoa crater lake, Ecuador

January 2nd-5th: Cartagena (Colombia)

Welcome to the Caribbean: The beach at our hotel in Cartagena.
Our first task was, to get all vehicles out of the customs at the different ports (Cartagena has only 4 of them)...
First, we had to wait for the complicated procedures to be finished.
For the port, we had to wear helmets, in order to get to the containers.
All sorts of stuff are transported and wait to be picked up.
Tong's bike came from Thailand... the same container, as the van (which came from the last leg of the world tour "Tallin-Bangkok".
European and Edelweiss bikes came from Hamburg (Germany).
Finaly the container is open and all the bikes are ok
Everybody happy after all
All good! (Manfred and Will).
The spare tires, that came with the european container, were transported to a parking lot - on a port pickup truck.
Oli is helping Phil, to connect the battery on his bike, that came in another container - from the US.
The pickup truck was not allowed to bring the spare tires out of the port; so, all were mounted on our bikes and driven out of the secured area, where we loaded them into the van.
It started to get dark till we got the bikes finaly out
Mission accomplished - finally!
We made it. And definitely deserved dinner and beer.
A look into the "restaurant" from the outside.
In the heat, Oli and Marc were fixing the tires on the roof rack, that finally had to be lifted onto the van with the help of some locals, using a fork-lift truck at a gas station.
Ready to roll:
Katrin, Martin, Phil, Will, Bert, Tong, Manfred, Bernd, Jeff, Oli and Marc

January 6th: Cartagena - Monteria

At the caribbean sea, we stopped at a nice beach for a coffee.
Katrin, Martin, Bert and Phil, having a good time at dinner in Monteria.
Due to special circumstances Jeff got another bike and shows his good sence of humor

January 7th: Monteria - Medellin

A hot day again. Following the river through an almost jungle-ish region (where they also wash gold).
Car wash Colombian style
Little waterfall, that basically also was used for carwashing.
A windy road took us up into the mountains, where we crossed a pass on almost 3.000 meters elevation (after we fought our way throug slow trucks and maaaany cars and other bikes).
hitching a ride
Another waterfall - but this time not used as a carwash - it was a public swimming pool in the mountains!
Bernd taking a nap after lunch
On the descend towards Medellin, we saw this waterfall, combined with a religious spot.
They are not connected in meaning, just, that both (religion and water) are very important to the colombians.
A first view on Medellin, while entering the big city.
Night scene at the top of the cable car, above Medellin.
Our asian friends Tong and Will found some food "from back home".
Medellin - a great city at night!
Marc, Pablo, Oli

January 8th: Medellin - Manizales

The road to Manizales took us through the mountains and offered some nice views - such as this colorful village.
Road construction. Waiting for the green light
Street vendors are everywhere selling drinks, snacks or even cell phone charger
For this picture, we (Katrin, Martin, Bert, Marc and Will) actually should not have had to bend in sooo much...
Tong, waiting in the shade at another road construction.
We had to wait just 20 minutes - but in the heat...!
Quick briefing for the next leg at a coffee stop.
Last stop before hotel

January 9th: Manizales - Cali

In the garage: getting ready to start.
Leaving Manizales.
Nice curves and beautiful landscapes along the route - but...
...because of heavy rain, we could not see very much and had to stop and put the rain gear on (while having a typical colombian coffee).
...rain?! Pahh! In a good mood: Martin, Will - and Marc (who drove the van ...! )
After rain comes... SUN!
Katrin, taking off her rain gear.
We left the road for 200 meters, to enter a plantation of Guanabana (a local fruit - "the fruit of life"
A farm worker, presenting this healthy "monster".
The fruit can grow big as a football (soccer).
Manfred enjoyed the bitter-sweet taste, as well as...
...Katrin - and the others!
Field workers in action.
Toro was the name of the little village, where we stopped for a simple lunch (chicken).
Quite quickly, the whole community seemed to know about "the aliens" and surrounded us .
That's cool!
This young boy was the most communicative one in the crowd (here with Katrin).
2 different sorts of transportation.
In this area, big road trucks (almost "trains" - with 3, 4 and more trailers), transporting sugar cane.
Just a short shower.
We stopped for coffee (which they did not have - but delicious homemade lemonade).
Looks delicious (deep-fried fish), but we already had lunch!
Bert's view on the road...
...and interesting architecture (really something different to the usual buildings here!).
In Cali, a local is studying the tour map on the van, in front of our hotel.
The hotel patio with bar and restaurant.
Edelweiss dinner

January 10th: Cali - Pasto

Party- (Salsa-) Bus on the way out
At a quick stop, we tried fruit juice (tree tomatoe). Tastes like "citrus-banana".
Better riding the bike, than transporting it.
Clean laundry is dried at the dusty roadside
A bit of Germany - in south america
Lunch stop with delicious buffalo meat
Tong, preparing his vegetarian food in the restaurant kitchen
A little local market in a village, we passed
Refreshing break in the shade...
...where the drinks were extra secured
Road construction
Wonderful landscape(s) along the route
Old (church) and new (interesting electricity cables) side by side
He was collecting paper
Briefing for the next day

January 11th: Pasto - Otavalo (Ecuador)

Nature here is amazingly green
Old woman, making some money with selling nuts at a gas station
Waiting at the border (first, to leave Colombia - then, to enter Ecuador) - 4 hours in total
The "westerners and their monster bikes" are always an attraction
Business, while waiting
Tong with Bert's "world traveller penguin"
Waiting time cannot kill our mood
Not just Bert, Phil and Bernd were happy, to arrive in the second country on our journey
Our hotel in Otavalo

January 12th: Otavalo - Quito

What a nice surprise: The group had a birthday cake and a song for Marc.
Thank you, guys!
The way to/from the hotel was quite steep
First stop in the morning: "Plaza de ponchos" in Otavalo...
A well known and non-touristic local market
Hahahahaha: Oliver's safety air vest inflated, when he got off his bike quickly, to help Bert
Near Quito is the park of "Mitad del Mundo" - the equator
One leg in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern!
Bernd and Oli
The tourguides: Oli and Marc
Marc, trying (successfully) to balance a raw egg on a nail

January 13th: Quito, rest day

They were selling a delicious fruit...
Where one can eat the white fruit meat (that covers a huge black stone); sweet taste
Quito impressions
Again, a beautiful hotel patio

January 14th: Quito - Quilotoa

The day started sunny and warm (20+ celsius).
We stopped in a small village, to get some local fruits and pastry.
Beautiful valleys...
...and green nature surrounded us on our route
The view from Will's bike on a road, that was supposed to be gravel - but they paved it (almost perfectly) the last years
After arrival at Quilotoa, some enoyed some wine...
...and the view - onto our motorcycles.
Others wandered around a bit, seeing food stalls...
...or posing as model (Will) with locals...
Mama and baby Lama
...or to see the crater lake (at an elevation of almost 4.000m)
Bert and Martin
Breathtaking view on the crater lake
Hey, Will - who is freezing and hiding under that blanket?
...oh, it's Phil!
Bernd was lucky - a hotel worker, firing up the oven in his room.

January 15th: Quilotoa - Banos

The day started chilly, wet and cloudy
Nice welcome to Banos (de Agua Santa), down at 1.820m (and close to the ecuadorian jungle).
A local cafe with nice stools
In Banos, one can find a lot of products, made of sugar - like candies etc.
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Abigt, Ingeborg
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 08:39

Eine Supertour, tolle Berichte und einzigartige Fotos. Wie schön ist unsere Erde. Wünschen euch allen weiterhin eine gute Fahrt. Sind im Gedanken bei euch und freuen uns mit euch und sind schon sehr gespannt auf weitere Fotos und Berichte. LbG Inge und Wulf3
Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 12:09

Toller Bericht u einzigartige Fotos. Jacko Grünstadt ist voll begeistert u möchte einen Edelweiß-Katalog. Er war schon mit Edelweiß i Australien.HG Oliver Kraft
Bernd Repenning
Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 23:01

Hi Marc!
Wish you a fun time! Ride safe!
Marc Adamiak
Monday, January 15, 2018 at 21:12

Thanks Bernd!
I am sure, you would have a lot of fun here, too...!
Claudia Wenhart
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 22:56

Hey Marc and Oli,
and Hello to Pablo,
sounds like a cool trip, drive safe and have fun.
Cool that you met Pablo.
Greetings from Munich
Marc Adamiak
Monday, January 15, 2018 at 21:14

Thanks Claudia,
The trip is cool and the group is great!
We are happy, to have a friend like Pablo, and we are looking forward to meet him, whenever possible.
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 12:57

Hey Oli, cool to see you get to do your little "sabbatical" on the world tour. Good luck and have fun for you, Marc and all the riders!
Oliver Kraft
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 23:30

815Hey Laurens,
I am having great fun here in Ecuador with Marc and the group.

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