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Classic Cuba (CKU180A)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Pablo Piferrer | North and South America

Welcome to Cuba!! A new tour begins for a small, diverse and friendly group from; Germany, Usa, Cuba and Spain to share a holiday together!

The brave warriors traveling through Cuba!
From left to right: TG Pablo, TG Javier, Neven, Caro, Guy, Classie and Dennis!

Day 1 Havana - Viñales

¡¡Buenos días desde Cuba!!

A new tour begins and we are all eager to ride this beautiful island in search of history, sightseeing, good food and of course, some of it's famous Rum!


First stop at the harbor town of Mariel, certainly need something cool to drink as it is steaming hot here!
A quick look from atop the "cafetal" and obviously, a coffee is a must
Neven's passion for American motors goes with his love for Harleys!
Wherever we went, people loved our bikes. People asked respectfuly to take a picture and were always happy to converse about everything and anything
Upon arrival at terrazas de San Juan, the fresh breeze brought by the river was soothing, cooling and inviting to take a swim.
TG Javier posing under the heat! (hurry up, it's hot!)
A swim that we happily took and enjoyed!
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Day 2 Viñales - Havana

An early start to enjoy the day and a quick visit to the tobacco plantaion, Cueva del Indio and ride back towards Havana for a cool night surprise!

Caro and Neven before entering the "Cueva del Indio"
On our descent
Light shines through the cracks
TG Javi was waiting for us at the exit for a cool picture
A fun and informative explanation of the tobacco plantations and culture of the area given by Yoel!
Neven and Caro, enjoying a local cigar dipped in honey
A bit of shade to cover the bikes while we have lunch.
Surprise!! Off to dinner on these beauties!

Day 3 Havana - Cienfuegos

Day 4 Cienfuegos - Trinidad

A short ride to the "Toped de Collantes" mountain range for a great meal in the natural reserve with it's well deserved swim!

The beautiful cascades of "El Nicho", I assure you the water was reeeeallly cold!
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A stop to cool down not far away from Trinidad while enjoying another beautiful view!

Day 5 Rest Day in Trinidad

Reaching the tour's equator, and being so close to the beach, it seems right to take a day off and go and visit the beautiful town of Viñales!

Guy and Classie getting ready for a city tour of Trinidad
Classie posing for Pablo's cool camera!
Santiago, our local guide, had to bare with Pablo playing with the camera!
Night concert and magic show in our hotel

Day 6 Trinidad - Cayo Santa María

Another beautiful and sunny day begins and our first stop is not far from the hotel but certainly a must. Manaca Iznaga tower and off to Santa Clara to see the Ernesto Ché Guevara mausoleum.

Manaca Iznaga tower
The mausoleum
The food was always exquisite
TG Javi giving a master class on the armoured train
Buldozer used by Ché to derail the armoured train
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Day 7 Cayo Santa María - Remedios

A late start as it's a short day takes us leisurely back over the 50 Km road of the Cayo, giving us time to take pictures and enjoy the sun's caress on our skins

Caro enjoying the views of the Cayo road, riding with the sea on both sides
After visiting the cigar factory, we had to enjoy some of the produce with a rum!
The wonderful music company with Classie and Guy
Time to check mails and see how everything is going back home!

Day 8 Remedios - Varadero

Kids will be kids, and it is more important to have a goal marked with flip flops, than it is to wear them while playing!!
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Strange sight caught our eye while driving down a little road on our way to lunch
A little set back, but nothing that can't be fixed!!

Day 9 Varadero - Havana

Last riding day, but we still have a long day with great things to see!

Look at that water!
This is the view from Big Al's place, yes, we mean Al Capone!
Lobster!! YUM!!
View of Havana from Morro Castle
Any place is good for a quick power nap!

Thank you for sharing your holiday with us! Hope to see you soon!!

Javier and Pablo

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Ted Goslinga
Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 10:04

Great pictures guys! Have fun over there !


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