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First Alps and Lakes Tour of 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018 | Christopher Weaver / Peter Kuhn | Europe

Day 5 - Mr. Vötter start's us up for the last day of the tour

starting lineup
every body ready?
and let's start the last ride of this tour

Day 4 - Rest Day? Let's go to Italy for Pizza

Tourguide excited from the idea
the way to Italy shows us majestic mountains
the road down from Felbertauern
sun is out and every body is happy
what a view at our caffe stop
Pizza in Italy made us twice as happy
and has a unique taste
on the way back we rode over the Großglockner Alpineroad and it shows us all his faces
about two meters of snow at Hochtor
first fog at the Edelweissspitze
and than a great view befor we had to go home

Day 3 - going back in history from Gmunden to Kaprun

short stop for a picture at Attersee the biggest in the region
and than a delicious warm up at the famous Kaffee Zauner in Bad Ischl were the emperor himself was allready eating cake
than we had a short audience for a photo with the emperor at the hunt
in Hallstatt we had time for lunch and a calm city walk
the main square of Hallstatt
and a delicious lunch
the hauses and ways are all build into the mountain it look like
what a beautiful place

Day 2 - First mountain roads from Salzburg to Gmunden

First stop of the day at Eagles Nest here at the way to the famous elevator
on top we had a great view and fun withe the last snow of the winter
after Eagels Nest we reached the first pass on Postalm
Christopher suprised us with an beer at the beautiful Traunsee were our hotel is in first row
after a charming dinner the sun came out...
... and we went for a relaxing walk
the panorama in Gmunden
it was a funny end of the day

Day 1 - from Erding to Salzburg

A great dinner at the oldest restaurant in Europe, St. Peter’s, after a great ride from Erding to Salzburg
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