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Best of Europe - BOE180B

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 | Thomas Hölzl / James Ashton | Europe

Day 7 - Au to Erding!

The last Day!

It's over!
A wonderful week through Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria is ending in Erding. It was a week of fun, lots of great impressions and fantastic streets.
We say thank you to our great guests from Brazil we are already looking forward to next year!
It was great!
Our ladies enjoy the beautiful location of the "Plansee"
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The beautiful Lech Valley
We're going to take the last 250 kilometers!
Here come the riders to the Hochtannberg Pass
Emilio and Juliana on the Hochtannberg
Nivaldo and Mara - just beautiful
Alexandre and Paloma
Douglas and Simone
Fernando and Katia
Jose and Ana
And finally Andrea, our reliable sweeper driver!
The Plansee - our last stop in Austria before we cross back into Germany
The gardens of Castle Linderhof
Ettal Monestary
Thomas gives his final words at our last dinner. Such a shame it's all over

Day 6 - Schaffhausen to Au

It is so cold!
Snow …….
At the summit of Säntis!
Altitude 2500m and the ladies are still having fun!
On the way to the Säntis
What a tour ....
Curves and curves and .....
The Alps in sight!
We are on the way towards Austria!
James looks very relaxed
A BMW K 1600, Emilio and Juliana
Our Hard Rock couple Fernando and Katia Elba on their Harley
Nivaldo and Mara rides an BMW K1600
Douglas and Simone were happy with their BMW K1600
Jose and Christina rides also an Harley
Alexandre and Paloma on their Harley...
The last information before we go!
Lake Constance - such a beautiful way to start the day
Picture perfection on the Bodensee
Fernando very excited in the Victory shop in Bütschswil
Mara testing her next bike!
Just a few classic bikes stored in the basement!
This looks a little small Nivaldo!
The Victory shepherd! Hard at work
And we make it to Säntis - the highest viewpoint in all of the Alps!
"It's all mine!"
OK, we can share

Day 5 -Ribeauville to Schaffhausen

The Rheinfall - The biggest waterfall in Europe-just impressive!
Whitout words!
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The first kilometers in Switzerland

Waiting for the riders to arrive
It´s Picknick time! Thanks James
Who's hungry?!
Food, sun and good times
The whole group together!
Ana Christina and Jose Renato
Katia Elba and Fernando
Juliana and Emilio
Mara and Nivaldo
Andrea, Fernando and Katia Elba
Simone and Douglas
13 Happy Brazilians...
On the Kandel in the Black Forest!
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Deep in the Black Forest
The van and James are in Ribeauville ready for the

Day 4 - Rest Day in Ribeauville

Thomas briefs everybody for the rest day loop in the Vorges mountain range
"I feel like dancing!"
Team Maserati!
Such beautiful riding
Still dancing!
Nivaldo riding solo for this section
Fernando, Katia and Andrea in the Maserati finish the turn
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The rest day also offers fun and fantastic roads.
We visit the cemetery for soldiers in WW1
With the rain gear on, just in case!
Thomas leads the group around another beautiful corner
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The Vogesen offer pure driving pleasure!
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Nivaldo trying the local French delights: snails!
Everybody's hungry!
The streets of Ribeauville by night

Day 3 - Heidelburg to Ribeauville

We stayed at "ie Hirschgasse" - what a spectacular hotel!
What a breakfast!

Day 2 - Rothenburg to Heidelberg

James leads the group from the old town of Rothenburg
"The Boss" enjoys the view from Langenburg
And it's not a bad view!
The entire crew in front of the 200 year old wooden bridge. Made without screws!
And the trusty American stead waits patiently for another ride
And as an added bonus James tipped his bike over - just to keep people entertained. Such a nice guy
Lucky everybody else was also nice and helped him pick it up again
Douglas, Simone and Ana at Kloster Schöntal
Thomas made an incredible picnic - well done!
But it looks like somebody put something in Emilio's orange juice
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"It's my band!"
Heidelberg Castle blew everybody away
Just stunning!
Some of our favourite ladies making the walk home across the Neckar from dinner

More from the first day of riding

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Leaving Eichstatt

The first riding day; Erding, Munich to Rothenburg

After taking the motorcycles yesterday, everybody in our group from Brazil is really exited for what the day has for us. Thankfully the weather is perfect for motorcycling, and even better it's a holyday in Germany today which means no traffic on the roads! Perfect!

All the riders (and driver!) together before departure
Thomas makes the first daily briefing - we're going to Rothenburg!
Out of the darkness ... and into the light!
Excited for the first day of riding
David Bowie would be proud!
Ready to go
And here's our Maserati driver!
Thomas leads the way
Go go go!
The first lunch, at a traditional Bavarian Gasthaus
Sugar High!
Oh come on, where's my chocolate?
Ying and yang: German precision and American soul
Hell yeah, we got music!!!
Don't be messin' with these bad boys

We welcome all of our guests from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

6 Lucky Brazilians with their motorcycles!
Alexandre and his Harley Davidson E-Glide
Fernando has an Harley Davidson E-Glide too!
Jose Renato and an Harley Davidson E-Glide!
Nivaldo and his BMW K 1600 GTL
Emilio the Boss! rides an BMW K 1600 GTL
One more BMW K1600 GTL for Douglas
Qur first Dinner!
7 Ladies Enjoy Dinner
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Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 22:32

Fantastic! Unbelivable! Amazing! We loved! Beautiful places and Edelweiss is a very good hostess!!!


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