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El Salvador goes to Corsica & Sardinia! SPT18019

Sunday, June 3, 2018 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe / Italy

Day 13, Livorno - Bologna

The last riding day has finally arrived. But it was not  simply a quick ride to Bologna, we had to cross the Appennine and then we paid homage to Ferrari in Maranello, probably the most legendary carmaker in the world. From Maranello to our Hotel in  Bologna there were only around 50 km left, but the traffic around the city was terrible, fortunately our brave riders managed to "filter" throug the cars and trucks!

Hasta luego amigos, what a nice tour, thank you for a great time together!

a curious seagull
At the medieval Maddalena bridge, also known as " Devil's Bridge"
Coffee break
This horse looks familiar...
of course, it's the "Cavallino Rampante"!
Where dreamcars are built
the wind tunnel
The entrance of the Ferrari Museum
Back in Bologna with the Final Four
Thank you amigos!

Day 12, Corte - Livorno

Today we left Corsica and headed back to Italian mainland. Some decided to go straight to the port of Bastia, but Andres and Edgar decided not to miss anything of Corsica, so we went for a ride around Cape Corse before reaching the port in time for the departure. We arrived in Livorno around 9pm and then it was already time to say goodbye to Fernando before going for a late pizza!

Up high in the mountains, before reaching the coast, we also had to ride through fog!
Andres, Edgar and Domenico
Port de Centuri, not a bad place for lunch!
waiting for the ferry to come...
here it comes!
On the ferry thare was enough time for "updating" all maps, thank you Mirko!
Landing in Livorno

Day 11, Bonifacio - Corte

We started moving north across Corsica again but this time of course we took a different route.
We left  Bonifacio along the scenic western coast and, once we reached Sartene we embarked on a very curvy journey along the D69. This island is really a little paradise for motorcyclists. Our destination for today is Corte, the former capital of the island, a very neat place between the mountains.

our hotel
bike parking

Day 10, Arbatax - Bonifacio

Our last day in Sardinia. Unfortunately some rain in the morning "suggested" us not to use the very curvy roads of the Gennargentu, but we still could enjoy the Costa Smeralda and a coffee break in the famous Porto Cervo, before heading to Santa Teresa di Gallura from where we took the ferry back to Bonifacio. What a view from the ferry!!!

The port of Santa Teresa di Gallura
Ichnusa means Sardinia in the local language
goodbye Italia
Bonifacio seen from the ferry
arriving in Bonifacio
other impressions
The old town of Bonifacio

Day 9, Alghero - Arbatax

Time to cross Sardinia, the second biggest island of the Mediterranean, from West to East. The SS198, passing through the Gennargentu mountains, is a real heaven for motorcycles, and this explains why the hotel was packed with bikes from all over Europe!

First photo stop at S'Archittu
Riding through the Gennargentu mountains
many many curves
So many bikers at our hotel!

Day 8, Rest day ride around Alghero

After a relaxing ride to the beautiful coast around Stintino, we headed back to Alghero where we could also watch the final laps of the Montecarlo F1 race. After that, time for a swim and then dinner in the old town. Another beautiful day!

At the "La Pelosa" beach
Julio, he was the only one who jumped in the sea today!
photo stop
watching F1
the pool of our hotel
ready for dinner

Day 7, Bonifacio - Alghero

Very early departure today because we had to use another ferry, so meeting at 5am in the lobby and we headed to Porto Vecchio, from where we "sailed" to Golfo Aranci in Sardinia! Welcome back to Italy!

early morning departure
Porto Vecchio
Leaving Corsica
Arriving in Sardinia
Champions League Final

Day 6, Ajaccio - Bonifacio

Today we crossed Corsica from west to east before heading to Bonifacio, the southernmost town of the island. Spectacular ride!

Beautiful place for the morning briefing
First coffee break
Photo stop!
Happy birthday Leo!
At the Col de Bavella
Ice cream, yes sir!
Arrived in Bonifacio
Happy birthday again!
The citadelle of Bonifacio by night

Day 5, Calvi - Ajaccio

What a beautiful ride today! In a list of the best motorcycle roads in the world, the western coast of Corsica, and especially the part from Porto to Piana, should be amongst the top-ranking! The region called Calanche is decorated with clear blue water, green Macchie and marvelous red rocks. It was a long day because we stopped for pictures so many times... but it was definitely worth it!

pictures don't do justice to this place!
one of the many photo stops
lunch break
by bike it's wonderful...
...but also the van driver gets to enjoy the landscape!
out hotel
dinner with a view!

Day 4, Rest Day Calvi

Today everybody decided to go for a ride, so after leaving the quite busy road that goes along the coast, we took some very nice backroads that took us to Belgodere, where we stopped for a coffee break, and then to the impressive Asco gorges, what a perfect ride! Once back to the hotel, we still had time to chill by the beautiful harbour of Calvi.

In the goeges de l'Asco
Some riding
is it Corsica or the Alps?
on the way back
time to chill out
the view of Calvi from the Citadelle

Day 3, Livorno - Calvi (Corsica)

Time to leave Italy and embark on the ferry, but we could take it very easy because departure time was scheduled only for 2pm! Once we reached Bastia in Corsica, around 100 km of a beautiful ride took us to Calvi, where we will spend the next two nights.

Group picture before leaving the hotel
already in the Ferry
waiting for our van to embark too
Arriving in Bastia
Corsica, here we come!
reaching Calvi almost at sunset

Day 2, Bologna - Livorno

As soon as we left the urban area of Bologna, we started climbing the twisty Apennine: we havd to cross these mountains to get to Tuscany! After a lunch break by the "Devil's Bridge", we visited the beautiful town of Lucca and then we could also see one of the most famous monuments in the world, the leaning tower of Pisa, before reaching Livorno where we will spend the night.

Ready to go
At the Devil's bridge
In Pisa
The terrace pool of our hotel in Livorno
Fish restaurant (of course, we are on the coast!)

Day 1, arrival in Bologna

Welcome to Bologna, one very important town of northern Italy (hometown of Ducati, for example!), where another tour is about to begin. This time we are going to visit Corsica and Sardinia, two of the biggest islands of the Mediterranean sea, the group from El Salvador has arrived safe and sound... stay tuned!

Everything is ready!
a walk through Bologna
Motorcycle handover
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Ted Goslinga
Friday, May 25, 2018 at 15:50

Hi Domenico, hope you have a nice trip! See you have the Poma brothers with you! Please say hello from me!
Domenico Schiano
Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 10:01

Hi Ted, how are you? I will tell them for sure, thank you! Ciao!


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