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Canada's Magnificent Seven goes all Adriatic ! - 4SC180B

Saturday, June 2, 2018 | Wim Doms | Europe

Se7en... without the sins. Well... more or less

Final Riding Day 6 - Sneaking back into Austria

Not many pictures on our last riding day because our Canadian gang wanted to... welll... ride Here they are though, sneaking back into Austria over the tiny little Paulitschsatl... what a road!
Jeff liked it so much he went back up and down again!
And then one last stop seperated us from a well deserved boot beer when coming back to Reifnitz. But look at that view! Austria does have a way of welcoming you back after six days on the road. Been a wonderful ride guys, see you again, in the Alps somewhere!

Riding Day 5 - Back north, to Slovenia!

Leaving Plitvice, time to head back north towards Slovenia. First stop in the Croatian forgotten town of Plaski, where the priest is doing up this gem of an old church all by himself.
Time to stop for a proper lunch on this lunch extreme tour though... we spotted some smoke along the way and turned out a few lambs had met their maker... delicious!
And then Slovenia came into view...
... in what was probably the least touristy coffee stop of the whole tour. In the middle of nowhere!
The local puppies seemed to know where to find food though... look at the size of that gentle giant!
And then, one veeeerry long border crossing later, finally we arrived in beautiful Slovenia. Where the water is clear and the roads are all smooth again.

Riding Day 4 - A walk in the park (literally) and a loop in no man's land

While 5 out of seven went to explore Bosnia and a town misteriously called Bihac (pronounce gangsta-style), tourguide Wim sneaked Jeff and John into Plitvice Lakes National Park to come and see the amazing fairytale waterfalls without cueing. Ssshh... little Edelweiss secret, that.
And then the magnificent seven teamed up again to go for a ride in the strangely deserted border area between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Turns out there are some amazing bike roads hidden away in those mountains.

Riding Day 3 - Goodbye sea, hello mountains! (and some rain for good measure)

Where else to go for an icecream hit with these guys than here in Malinska on Krk island? A bar called GoGo! Suits them perfectly
Did take a minute or so to admire the views though. But then it all went "come on, go! Let's ride!" again very quickly.
One last goodbye to the Adriatic, overlooking the islands in Kvarner Bay. A lot of twisty roads, some rain and one slightly tricky roundabout were left to go... Person in question will know what we're on about
Last stop in Otocac... the buildings look a little ominous, but the skies even more. Yup, we're gonna get rained on!

Riding Day 2 - Istria you say? We've seen all of it!

Well there aren't many pictures today. Why? Well this bunch of Canadians wants no stops, no pictures, no delays... they want to RIDE! So ride we did, 270 km's worth of Istrian backroads. About 15 of those were straight, the rest were curves, curves and more curves. We did get a picture of a seagull eating a fish though. National Geographic has not been in touch just yet...
Oh and we have a picture of Limsky Kanal too. Was supposed to be a group picture, but the group was back on the bikes already, all geared up... did we tell you they just want to RIDE?
Here they are though... off the bikes for 5 minutes, and we managed to sneak in a picture of our magnificent seven. Two minutes later they were back out riding bikes again.
Quick stopover to see what all that Adriatic talk is all about. Blue, is what it is. Can we go riding again now?
Motorcycles... Croatia... Romance... sums it all up.

Riding Day 1 - Three countries (and seasons!) in one day!

Bit of a chilly start this morning in Austria, but as soon as our Canadian friends hit the tiny little backroads of Slovenia, spring was very clearly in the air!
And what a countryside it is! Tourguide Wim's favourite country in Europe showed all its splendour once again. A place you visit to find peace and quiet, and Slovenia lived up to the expectations!
Oh right, well, for those who want to find the place by themselves: we stop where the whole world seems to be all green
After a free lunch (yes, you read that right, FREE for the whole group, because the restaurant owner had his birthday today... Slovenian hospitality, that is!!) the group went on to visit the magical Predjamski Castle. A place of legends built straight into the mountain...
Castle? Legends? Mountain? Yeah sure, said Stephen, but icecream first! The man has got his priorities...
And one truly wonderful afternoon ride (and a pretty nasty rainy haily thunderstorm) later, our magnificent seven ended up in the magnificent landscapes of the Istrian peninsula. A brand new stopover on Adriatic Rollercoaster, but a truly special place to arrive: the ancient old town (or Stari Grad in Croatian) of Buzet.
Sit under a tree, have a beer or two, hear the bikes ticking after a long riding day... holiday bliss, that is!

Arrival Day - Have a schnitzel! Well... or ride a taxi for 6 hours

Here they are: a group of seven Canadian friends arrived in Austria's beautiful Carinthia region today, ready to start their very private version of Adriatic Rollercoaster Extreme. "Seven?", we hear you ask... Well yes, only six on this picture, but number seven is on his way. Turns out Prague is not exactly the shortest taxiride away from Reifnitz... but he'll get here!
Number seven arrived just in time for welcome dinner, welcome Don! Now all we need is three sets of luggage that got "misplaced" by the airlines, and we can set off in the morning! Or how travelling always comes with a touch of adventure
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