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Touring Istria, Croatia by scooter!

Thursday, July 5, 2018 | Pablo Piferrer | Europe

Lori, Debbie, Norine, Jim, Jill, Diane
Phil, Mike, Tony, Pablo, Jeann, Vicki

And we are back in the incredible Opatija! This part of the world is as beautiful as it is sunny. Our host town is in the Croatian coast, more precisely, in the Kvarner gulf. Just across from our hotel, we can see the Islands of Cres and Krk, which we'll be visiting in the next couple of days.

This magnificent tour, will get us around to see the coolest parts of the wester part, the Istrian Peninsula, and of course, a small part of Slovakia and the Risnjak national Park in the North-East of Rijeka.

Arrival day

Everyone is listening, the tour begins with a safety briefing!!
Jeann making sure her and Tony's bike is up to scratch!

Day 1 - Pula


First day and we ride south to Pula, a roman city that dates as far back as 6000 AD. With loads of Roman ruins, the most impressive is the Arena, very wll preserved and certainly a must see.

Phil enjoys the first coffee at the hotel Flanona, it has an incredible view.
Jeann and Tony!!
Not a bad idea! a Honda Monkey tour?!
Pula Arena, so well looked after you can almost picture the gladiators.
Is it a bird? Is it a gladiator? NO!! it's SuperTony!
Put your back into it!
Grape press, ready to make wort
Rovinj makes traditional italian gelato, nothing to envy with their neighbours across the "lake"
Jeann made a new friend!
First look at Rovinj (Rovigno)
Jeann and Pablo
Best italian in Town, we certainly can't complain about the food during the tour!

Day 2 - Poreč and the Lymski Kanal

Poreč and the Lymski Kanal

The day awakes after a prior rainy night, clean asphalt awaits!! To Poreč we ride, where we get to see the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th Century, certainly a lot of history on the old fishing town, now, the docks are filled with luxury yatchs.

In the afternoon, we visit the Lym Channel, a beautiful Ria, created by the erosion of the land by the river that used to run through there.

Getting the route ready
Jill and Jeann at the chasm
Lunch is almost ready
mmmMMMMmmm delicious!
Cooling off with a nice cold beer after a hot sunny ride
Clearly up to no good!

Day 3 - Risnjak National park

Risnjak National park

This beautiful National Park, is home to many animals, between them, Lynx (Ris), wolves and bears!! As well as a huge selection of birds, between them, eagles and storks.

The ride is twisty and beautiful and the road is almost entirely all to us! Due to the highway running around it, we get to drive through here with very little traffic!

Any place is a photo opportunity with all this natural beauty around us
Pablo's favourite coffee spot of the tour.
The view is amazing
If you look close enough, you can see our sticker!

Day 4 - Island hopping, Cres and Krk

Cres and Krk

The two beautiful islands just across the bay from our hotel are the plan for the day, a relaxed ride to the ferry takes us through some quiet roads. The ferry, in the morning, is a great place to do the briefing before reaching Cres.

In the afternoon, after lunch, another ferry takes us to Krk, a good place for a coffe break and a great way of protecting ourselves from the high sun.

Just in time!
Bussy bussy bussy!
Morning briefing on the go!!
Lori and the captain!
All together for a chat and a drink on the boat

Day 5 - Postojna Cave and Norine's birthday!


Last day has arrived and finale, the rain in Slovakia has given us an opening to be able to pop in and out and get to visit these magnificent caves.

Tony and Jeann, leading the train!
Diane and Pablo
It's beer thirty!
Pablo and Lori sharing a boot beer!
What's this? we celebrate a birthday today!!
Happy birthday Norine!
The area we visited.

Thank you for your patience waiting for the blog. I had a lot of fun with you on tour and hope to be able to share another ride with you. Keep safe and rubber side down!

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Video courtesy of Jim, thanks, and enjoy!
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 20:53

It was another GREAT Edelweiss scooter tour!! Pablo did a fantastic job choreographing each day’s activities from the time we left the garage until we returned from an exquisite meal each evening.
The roads to and from our destinations were among the best I have ever been on with endless sweeping curves and stunning scenery.
The company we kept was top notch too - our “scooter gang” was a great group of folks that made the tour experience one of the best!!
Norine McVann
Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 16:41

Thanks Pablo for an absolutely wonderful time! I LOVED every mile and all the sites and adventures along the way.
What a great group of folks on this tour! I would do it again with you all in a heartbeat.... and of course with our “Leading Man”....Pablo
Thanks again for the birthday surprise! My toy salamander is proudly on display here at home!
Please...count me in on another Edelweiss tour someday soon!
Pablo Piferrer
Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 19:25

Glad we were there to share your birthday with you. We need a pedestal for your Ulm!

I hope to ride with you again, wherever it may be!
Jim and Diane
Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 07:58

Great tour. It exceeded our expectations. We loved the riding and camaraderie - great group of people. Good site seeing, fun dinners. We were well taken care of the whole trip. Pablo is a great tour guide. We will do another Edelweiss tour.
Pablo Piferrer
Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 19:23

Thank you very much, it was my absolute pleasure. I really enjoyed sharing your holiday with you.
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 19:40

Enjoyed my solo trip, almost prefect weather, great companies and good food. Big thanks to our guide Pablo and looking forward the next trip with Edelweiss soon.
Pablo Piferrer
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 19:47

Thanks Phil!! Glad you enjoyed it, I had a blast!


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