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Best of Europe Tour (BOE180D)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 | Tom Friden / Gerhard Schmittlein | Europe

Day 7: Au - Erding

A perfect example what austrians do if the mountain is too small for a proper hairpin, just build it on a bridge.
Some spectacular views in the mountains around Warth.
Tom was left alone without the translator but hey, no problem for an edelweiss tour guide, everybody got something to eat and was happy!
Fish‘n‘chips for lunch...looks very good, enjoy it Alan,
The table is ready for the farewell dinner, damn times flys by when you have fun...

Day 6: Schaffhausen - Au

Gerhard is giving last informations about the todays route and then it’s time to go.
Gentlemen please start your engines!
The bigger part of the day should bring us clouds and rain, the only thing we could not change...
Medical check up for the van...
Does not happen very often but sometimes a tour guide also needs some help. Luckily the problem was solved within an hour and Tom could deliver the luggage on time.

Day 5: Ribeauvillé - Schaffhausen


From France to Switzerland. Regain the thrill of the bends brought by the Black Forest Road. The picnic arranged carefully in the itinerary will always be our surprise for everyone.

Zero distance contact with the snow on the Alps collection and known as Europe's largest waterfall, the Rheinfall.

First Bordercrossing of the day as we head back from France to Germany.
Fun, curve after curve as we climb up the Kandelpass.
A lot of curves to improve the riding skills.
Some bikes parked right on the paragliding starting point, still an impressive view even with a few clouds.
Group picture at the top of the Kandelpass.
Side trip to the Witchholemill for a coffeestop.
Coffee and a piece of one of the best blackforest cakes.
And suddenly we spotted an Edelweiss Van in the middle of nowhere....let’s have a closer look what this means...
....yes, it’s time for another famous Edelweiss picnic... Thx Gerhard for this surprise!
As you see the group enjoys it totally! Thumbs up!
A quick stop at the most famous brewery in the black forest.
And here we are into the third country after our second bordercrossing. Welcome Switzerland!
Last highlight of the day before we reach the hotel, a small boat trip to the largest waterfalls of Europe.
A quick group picture in front of the Rheinfalls before we arrive at the Hotel.
What a day and what an impressive waterfall!
Thx Edelweiss!

Day 4: Restday Ribeauvillé 

Group picture in the vineyard. The grapes are far from being ready grown but luckily the area offers a lot of possibilities to taste the grapes from the years before , of course we’ll finish the ride first.
That’s how a typical village looks in the Alsace region!
The butcher tower of Ribeauvillé todays city emblem with about 30m.
Very nice to walk around the old town of Ribeauvillé.
Of course we can´t miss the typical landmark of the region, mr and ms stork with their squabs.
One of the most visited Castle of France, the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle. A truly well preserved fortress.
Selfie time for Kim and Tom.
Short picturestop in between the vineyards around Ribeauvillé.

Day 3: Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé


Leaving Heidelberg, passing through the Black Forest, and the unconstrained border between Germany and France, overnight in the French town of Ribeauvillé


Black Forest Road is known as a motorcycle paradise. From the latest model to old-fashioned motorcycles, from young riders to uncles and aunts, everyone can enjoy themselves.


Starting the riding day through the Black Forest with an exceptionell breakfast
In Front of our hotel
Almost like Dim Sum - "Maultaschen"
Lunch stop at Mummelsee

Day2: Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Hide and seek on the way to Heidelberg!
Seven Iron Horse Knights in front of the castle of Langenburg
Coffee stop at the Schöntal monastery! Very hard decision which cake to choose.
Schöntal monastery, burial place of "Götz von Berlichingen" also known as "Götz of the iron hand"
One of the most impressive pieces of Baroque architecture in northern Württemberg, the Schöntal Monastery.
Hornberg Castle home of "Götz von Berlichingen"
After a good Schnitzel a digestive sleep was needed!
Hirschhorn castle!
Panoramic view from the castle Hirschhorn.
Our tourguide Tom is getting introduced in academic fencing also known as "mensur"
It´s showtime, Tom shows us his fencing skills!
The castle ruin of Heidelberg!
The glorious eight!
Wow - what a view over the city of Heidelberg!
View of the castle from the Corn Market

Day1: Erding - Rothenburg o. d. Tauber


Set off on a beautiful countryside in Bavaria. The neat barley fields and hop fields are clean and pleasing. Take a short break and briefly experience the German highway. The powerful high-speed air flow in the far left lane brings coolness to the ride in the bright sunshine. Arrived in Rothenburg, the old city known as the medieval Pearl of Bavaria.

Six happy Chinese riders looking forward to a gorgeous tour through Central Europe
Riding the "Hallertau" - the worlds largest hop growing area.
A hop garden is a good place for strangers to become friends
Mr. Fang already dreaming of the final product
Riding without helmet, Mr. Fang?
Beautiful view over Eichstätt in meandering Altmühltal
Still live in the inner bailey
In daylight again - leaving the bailey
What an impressive background - the "Willibaldsburg" in Eichstätt
Enjoying the afternoon coffee break
Uuups - rider gone lost ...
Kim - being a real fan of Edelweiss
....and here we are the medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Btw the name "Rothenburg ob der Tauber" means, in German, "Red fortress above the Tauber".
St. James is a historic Lutheran church in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which serves as a church on the pilgrimage route to St. James Church in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Not an Edelweiss bike, but nevertheless a nice two-wheeler
Inside the criminal museum of the medieval time
A model representing life in the middle age.
Miss Iron Maiden
The Kings crown
The former weapon chamber of Rothenburg
If the tour guide is happy, the group is happy - or was it the other way round?
Impressive buildings on main square in Rothenbug
What could go wrong with such a tourguide team?
Everyone is getting ready for the nightwatchman tour! Always funny even after several times.
Last picture with the nightwatchman before the tour starts!
History lesson about Rothenburg
Outside the city wall
Beautiful scenery view from the city wall
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Claudia Wenhart
Monday, June 11, 2018 at 00:05

Hey Tom und Gerhard,
was für ein seltener Tourguide auf Tour.....
Ich hoffe Ihr habt Spaß und genießt die Tour.
LG Claudia
Tom Friden
Monday, June 11, 2018 at 08:55

Hi Claudia, ja da hast recht, der wird eher selten aus dem Büro gelassen.
Macht das aber sehr gut.


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