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Harley-Davidson Anniversary Tour (SPT18020)

Friday, July 20, 2018 | Marc Adamiak / Lukas Schiebe | Europe

At the Harley Davidson 115th anniversary event in Prague

Before tour start: guided city tour in Vienna

On a sunny morning, we started our sightseeing in the city center of Vienna.
First attraction was Saint Stephan's cathedral, which is hard to cover in a single foto...
...but one can get an impression of the whole building with this small model, next to it.
Beautiful view over Vienna - from one of the cathedral's towers.
Second breakfast: austrian coffee and a teaser of the famous cake (Sachertorte)
In front of the Hofburg:
Many tourists take those carriages, instead of walking the city (WE walked! )
When we went down to the crypt of the royal family of the Habsburgs, we could escape the heat for a moment as well, as visiting some of the most famous emperors of Austria (here: Maria Theresias sarcophagus.
3 choices for coffee:
- Cafe Mozart (hidden by the umbrellas)
- Hotel Sacher (where the famous cake comes from)
... aaaand... (see the sign at the right hand side...
Left side (front was covered, due to renovation) of the opera house (Wiener Staatsoper)
As the opera, also the national theatre of Vienna is quite close th the palace (the Hofburg)
The square in front of the city hall was full of international food stands
We've taken the subway (to get a bit outside of town).
After a typical Wiener Schnitzel, we visited the summer castle Schönbrunn, with its beautiful park (palmtree house in the background)
Many plants, fountains, and artificial gardening make this "little copy" of Versailles super beautiful
Mozart's handkiss for good-bye
Coming back from the city tour everything ready to go

1st riding day: Vienna (Austria) to Budweis (Czech Republik)

Tour start with breefing in the morning
The group is ready to (rock and) roll...!
At the shore of the Danube waiting for the ferry to cross
The amazing view from our lunch stop in Maria Taferl down to the river and the vineyards
The abandon boarder between Austria and Czech Republic. Vítejte!

Second day: Budva to Praha through Bohemian forests

Our first stop of the day was just after 30 kilometers in the beautiful town of Krumlov. We had a stroll through the old town with its little roads before other tourists arrived and the streets get busy
The smell of the food was so good and strong that we could already smell it outside passing on the bikes. Because the day was long and the roads small we couldn't make much more pictures on the way. But the landscape we traveled through will stay in our heads a long time for sure.
Kofi = coffee: in Prague
Bikers in an oldtimer, doing some sightseeing
On the Harley Davidson event to the 115 years anniversary in Praha
They came from all over the world
Some Harleys were really interesting to look at
Open air concert at the venue

Third day: Rest day in Prag

It's already very busy in front of our hotel in the morning. An alarm is not necessary because the sound of Harleys is all over the city center
After a short walk to the famous Karl's bridge...
...we watched the parade passing right there
It was really L O U D...!
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A small interview with the local press
In the afternoon we walk through the beautiful old Town to the Staropramen brewery
In the brewery we learn everything about brewing beer...
...from a giant guy on a screen
A tasting was an absolute must...!!!
Later, we went back to the Harley event (here some old bikes in the museum area)

Fourth day: Prag to Dresden

In the morning we stopped in Melnik to visit the tombs of the church and a coffee in the still very sleepy town on that Sunday morning
Trying some Czech honey cake to get through the morning
Marc is waiting for us with a wonderful pic nic
Our afternoon stop in the castle Hohenstein with an amazing view
Relaxed waiting for the rest of the group

Fifth day: Rest day in Dresden and the Erzgebirge

Only two of us went for the rest day ride. Just posted some pictures to show what the others missed to see
A beautiful ride with perfect weather and lovely back country roads
Who needs a walking tour if you get a Haley

Day 6: Dresden (Germany) to Lazne Belohrad (Czech Republic)

Quick break in Stolpen at the market square...
...with its old post station.
Near Oybin, we saw these beautiful sandstones
View from the lunch restaurant terrace
Nice winding roads through the Zittau central mountains.
Weather had sun as well as rain (which started after we took this picture)
The 14th cetury ruin of Trosky, which was built naer two former lava chimneys (with watch towers ON those chimneys)

Day 7: Lazne Belohrad to Stary Jicin

We started on nice roads with beautiful views on wide fields
At some road works, the engine became to hot and the "old lady" had to be jump started again
Coffee break in Nove Mesto
Nice impressions along the route
For quite some time, we rode along the border to Poland, without crossing it
At this border stone, we tried to find one of the many bunkers in this area
When it was cloudy, the temperatures were a bit chilly - but in sunshine, those roads with a bit of shade were more than welcome
Our really beautiful hotel for tonight
Special atmosphere - "like in medieval times"

Day 8: Stary Jicin to Krakow

Today's ride was quite short.
We were on our way to Krakow, where we first had a quick coffee stop...
...before we visited a witness of one of our darkest periods in history:
Concentration camp Ausschwitz/Birkenau
On this guided tour, one gets so much information, that it is almost impossible to process it
Memorial for all the victims and against the oblivion

Day 9: Krakow rest day

As always beautiful sunshine on our rest day ride
We were lucky with the weather during our rest day tour.
In the early evening, the rain came back.
We went for the diner into the Jewish neighborhood and had a wonderful exotic meal.

Day 10: Over the high Tatra

To avoid rain we we went to different beautiful wooden churches and prayed for sunshine
Next generation of Edelweiss customers
The private gas station in the middle of the high Tatra

Day 11: Rajecke Teplice (Slovakia) to Budapest (Hungary)

Start into another sunny (and hot) riding day through Slovakia to Hungary
Typical painted wooden houses in Cicmany (Slovakia)
Along the route, we crossed some villages...
...nice scenies... resorts...
...with lifts, that have seen better days...
...took interesting pictures...
...and found Cinderella's castle (Bojnice, Slovakia)
"Nice" road to...
a wondeful picnic, which Lukas had prepared for us
Winding road towards...
...our afternoon coffee stop...
...already in Hungary, we rode towards the Danube river and...
...took an interesting little ferry, before we reached Budapest

Day 13: Budapest to Vienna

Picture stop in the morning at the Esztergom cathedral
On a beautiful day, we rode along vineyards, alleys, flower fields,...
Coffe stop in Györ (Hungary)
Late lunch picknick, near the hungarian-austrian border
Back to the start

Final dinner in Vienna

On behalf of Edelweiss, Marc and Lukas say: "thank you for a great tour!"

A nice and long last evening
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Gus Wadsworth
Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 14:46

Experience the thrill of the open road and celebrate the Harley-Davidson legacy by joining the Anniversary Tour.

Keith Tarver
Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 14:45

Get ready to rev up the excitement with the Harley-Davidson Anniversary Tour – a fantastic event that honors the incredible journey of this iconic brand and its awesome motorcycles.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 14:44

The Harley-Davidson Anniversary Tour is a fun and exciting event that celebrates the special history and amazing bikes from Harley-Davidson – a perfect way for fans to enjoy and connect with this famous brand.
Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 14:40

Informative post
Antelope valley
Wednesday, July 5, 2023 at 14:42

Wow, the Harley-Davidson Anniversary Tour sounds like an incredible experience! Exploring Europe on the SPT18020 with fellow riders is a dream come true
Monday, May 22, 2023 at 12:24

The Harley-Davidson Anniversary Tour is a celebration of an iconic brand and the passion it ignites. Join fellow enthusiasts to commemorate the legacy, experience unforgettable rides, and create lifelong memories. Let the rumble of freedom guide you on this extraordinary journey with upcoming 120th Anniversary
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 06:15

Harley Davidson is almost a year to celebrate in style to celebrate its 120th anniversary. That is why for such a special moment, the Milwaukee brand, it inaugurates the Annual Homecoming Event. With this four-day event, from July 13 to 16, 2023, the American firm wants to share such a unique date with all fans and lovers of its machines.
This annual event will be full of events and activities related to the brand, as well as concerts, food and everything related to the motorcycle culture that represents Harley Davidson throughout the planet.
The inaugural event will be spread over different parts of the city and will welcome all those who decide to attend to celebrate this important moment in its history with the brand.


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