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CUA1802 - Ultimate Alps - Sunshine and curves all the way

Sunday, July 15, 2018 | Jonas Stecher / Axel Allgaier | Europe

The rain has stopped and we had a great view to Inn valley at "Gacher Blick"
We have done it! The 48 switchbacks at the northern ramp of Stilfser Joch Pass!
Great view to the surrounding glaciers.
On the way down to Bormio.
The next extreme alpine pass: Passo Gavia!
A wonder has happened: Ducati fan Wouter loves his "new" BMW 1200 GS!
Why this??
The Glaciers of Bernina pass after a fast uphill ridig. That was fun!
View to Piz Bernina at the way to Pontresina.
Start from the hotel in Pontresina
The view out of the window in Brunnen after getting up: Lake Lucern and the Swiss Mountains.
"Riding" over Lake Lucern or "Vierwaldstättersee".
Our Ducati girl Anna
Axel has just prepared a delicious picknick at a wonderful spot near Göschenenalp.
Through the ice cave we walked inside the ice of the Rhône Glacier
Wouter at the face of the Rhône Gacier.
At a late walk through Zermatt we could see the Matterhorn
Modern motorbike and historic church
Maximum chill at the coffee stop in Stenico.
A short walk up to historic Castel Stenico
The Hopper Family at Lake Molveno
Hard mountain hiking at Santuario San Romedio
Perfect coffee and a view down to the brand new pavement of the meandring turns of the Mendelpass road.
A shprt stop a the beaitiful Karersee. A broken rainbow has given it the shining colours - so far the legend.
At Passo Fedaia. Waulters has used too much his throttle hand.
Just awesome. The riding up to tje Dolomite - Pass Passo Valparola.
This pass was the higlight of the Dolomites - day. The tiny and winding roads and the surrounding breathtaking white rocks over green grassfielfs are just a playground for motorcycle riders!
For Ultimate Alps 1802 insiders only!
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