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Peaks and Passes - The Alps

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | Uwe Hausleitner / Dieter Arnoth | Europe

5th. riding day from Livigno to Seefeld

Bike return in Mieming at Edelweiss HQ
Tourguides Uwe and Dieter
The farewell dinner
Gachenblick - what a view!

4.rth riding day from Riva del Garda to Livigno

first stop at Passo Tonale
Lunch stop at best little scenic restaurant
Passo Gavia - only for hard boys ----
On top of Passo Gavia
Nice weather, great passes - happy people
Passo Stelvio - second highest pass in the alps
Best "Hot Dog" at Bruno
Late evening in Livigno

Restday Riva del Garda

Also on the restday, we couldn´t resist to ride...
there is not only one pasta in Italy --- selection of noodels
dinner in nice little restaurant in Riva
yummy Risotto
... and apple pie

3.rd riding day from Klobenstein to Riva del Garda

The hidden "Magic Rosegarden"
Picture without clouds
Arrival in Riva del Garda
...... best beer
.... not bad choice

2.nd riding day from Kals to Klobenstein

What a day! Riding over 5 passes and passing the border to Italy.


Imaging going up a mountain with practicly no straight road on it. Only curves, switchbacks and swings. Welcome to the Dolomites. As we step over to Italy, the first road we encounter is so small, some of us were thinking it´s not even meant for traffic. After the first coffee break in Italy, we went on to see two more passes, before we entered our lunch place at Passo Pordoi. The lunch was already typical italian with some Pasta and Tiramisu. We also stopped by the Harley-Davidson Dealer in Bozen and enjoyed the last beautiful ride up to Klobenstein. Swinging through the wine yards with a view that is priceless.

1.rst riding day from Seefeld to Kals

first coffee stop in Jachenau
Selfie time
Sylvenstein - the man made lake - a first little group picture
Achensee photo stop
Krimml Falls
never-ending way up....
Jonathan and Dieter
we got the peak.... the highest pass in Austria .. Grossglockner ... what a fun
Marmot show on top of Grossglockner
Palms..... for dinner ?????

Welcome Briefing

what a nice bike -- and well prepared for the tour
begin of briefing
Uwe is presenting the tour
Jonathan and the nice TG bike.... but at the end he prefers his Ultra
what is that for a nice detail.....
the happy couple - Robin and Mickeal
Mark can't wait - a short ride before dinner

5AL1801 - Peaks and Passes Welcome Briefing


The first impressions of the upcoming tour and the fellow riders. After a short introduction by the tourguides Dieter and Uwe, we discussed the coming days. Adventures and mountains are waiting for us together with beautiful views and breath-taking roads. We are really looking forward to the first riding day.

City Tour Innsbruck with Victoria and Jonathan

The Triumphal Arch - the story behind the arch that happiness and tragedy are sometimes so close
View to the old town with St. Annes Column in front
Victoria and Jonathan in front of the giant knight statue
View from the City Tower to Helblinghouse and the well known golden roof
... what a door
the golden roof
The icing like Roccoco stucco on Helbling House
Otto Burg
unique .....30 minutes later on top of a mountain - the north chain
fearless couple
view to Innsbruck - such jewel
inside St. Jakobs Dom - what magic picture
historic 3D painting .... incredible and mind blowing
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