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The second Norway Touring Center 2018 (NTC1802)

Friday, July 20, 2018 | Manuel Marabese / Pierre Baumgärtner | Europe

Day 5: Exploring Geiranger and Dalsnibba 

Today is the only day of this week where no cruise ship is coming into Geiranger. This means much less bus traffic around the area and in the village itself...the perfect day for motorcycling! It's gonna be a fairly long day, yet spectacular.

Day 4: A loop among the fjords 

This route is always a great one. We head towards lesser known fjords where the road are narrower  without traffic and embrace idyllic scenery. What can we ask more? Good tarmac? Check. Sunny weather? Check. Friendly riders and a good company? Check! 

The morning looks promising
Our Lebanese group along the Austerfjord
Last ferry for today!
And we finish the day with a tasty dinner

Day 3: The Atlantic Road

It started cloudy and misty and it as well rained a bit,  however during the day it cleared up and we had a fantastic day along the coastline of the North Sea with great view and super delicious fish soup and bacalao stew in Favorittko.

Day 2: Runde the Bird Island

We start our tour with a short yet scenic route, cruising along placid coastal villages scattered across several islands connected by ferries and bridges. Later on we take a boat tour around Runde Island to spot some puffins, sea eagles, razorbills, guillemots and even some seals. 

This is not in Cuba.....a very nice old Plymouth in Norway

Day 1: Welcome to Ålesund

What a great sunny day in Norway to welcome our new guest! Another failry big and multicultural group is gathering in Ålesund while tour guides Pierre and Manuel are finishing to prepare the motorbikes for this tour!

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