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3FI 1801 - Iceland: Fire and Ice

Monday, July 30, 2018 | Michael Kreuzmeir / Mike Woltering | Europe

Welcome to Iceland!

Day 1 - Reykjavik to Selfoss

On our way to Iceland!
All the bikes are ready to roll!
What a comfy room for a welcome briefing.
The bridge between the North American plate and the Eurasien plate.
The big Gunnuhver hot springs on the Reykjanes peninsula.
The wild Atlantic is surrounding Iceland.
Michael is telling the group some interesting facts about the tectonic plates.

Day 2 - Selfoss to Sauðárkrókur

The beautiful golden waterfall, the Gullfoss!
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Video: Timelapse of Gullfoss.
Crossing the island via gravel roads.
A little rain makes little puddles.
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Video: Big bikes vs little river.
The geothermal springs in Hveravellir.
Steam and boiling water everywhere.
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Video: Hveravellir
And Icelandic horses of course.

Day 3 - Sauðárkrókur to Akureyri

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Video: Along the northern coast.
Mike taking another instagram picture.
Hannes Boy - our lunch stop in Siglufjörður.
Close to Dalvik on our way to Akureyri.
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Video: Riding along the fjord to Akureyri.
Arriving to the Motorcycle Museum in Akureyri.
This wooden bike is quite a piece of art.
They even got a Henderson.

Day 4 - Akureyri to Húsavik

Leaving Akureyri on a gravel road over the mountains.
The Godafoss - famous for a historical event and quite beautiful.
Passing by Myvatn lake.
Whale watching in Husavik!
The orange rain coats are new. Unfortunately they're neccessary...

Day 5 - Húsavik to Egilsstaðir

After some rainy days we finally got sunshine! Briefing outside!
Here and there a little walk doesn't hurt.
... and leads to beautiful places.
Selfie-time at Hafragilsfoss!
What an amazing view!
The most powerful waterfall in Europe, the Dettifoss.
Lunchtime in the sunshine.
Möðrudalur in the middle of nowhere.
Rjukandi waterfall on the way to Egilsstaðir.

Day 6 - Egilsstaðir to Hornafjörður

Hum, where did that wall come from?!
All shaped by the glacier.
Even tho we didn´t see one in the wild, they exist do exist on Iceland!
Someone forgot his wooden boat in the middle of the river.
One of many huge glacial lakes with not so little icebergs floating around.

Day 7 - Hornafjörður - Kirkjubæjarklaustur

What a great view towards one of the huge glacier tongues.
There we go ....
... up the gravel road ....
... towards the glacier ...
.. for a great view!
Just a little water crossing here and then.
Guess it took the water quite a while to form this canyon.
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