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BOE 180C The best of Europe

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 | Michaela Achatzi / Julian Fischer | Europe

Best of Europe

This motorcycle tour gives an excellent insight into what riding in Europe is all about.

Munich, Rothenburg, Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein Castle, Black Forest, Alsace, Odenwald, Altmühl Valley
start at USD 4.850,- per person
02.10. - 10.10.2021
13.05. - 21.05.2022
10.06. - 18.06.2022
22.07. - 30.07.2022
19.08. - 27.08.2022
01.10. - 09.10.2022
12.05. - 20.05.2023
09.06. - 17.06.2023
21.07. - 29.07.2023
18.08. - 26.08.2023
30.09. - 08.10.2023
9 days vacation, 7 riding days

Day 6 Warth - Erding

We’ll say goodbye ruscel group
It was a pleasure with you
what a beautiful start in the last riding day!
Castle Hohenschwangau was a bit crowdy on a Sunday, but therefor not less impressive

Day 5 Schaffhausen - Warth

Michaela was checking for the weather
The wrong vehicle
Lake Constanze ( Bodensee)
we not only deliver "the best ride there is"
the weather was not good enough for the gondola, but the guys couldn't wait to ride down the mountain pass.

Day 4 Ribeauville - Schaffhausen

The van is quite fully packed to have enough space for the luggage
Arriving in schaffhausen, it starts to rain but a bootbeer is a good reason to get wet

Restday - Ribeauville

One of the things we really like about the elsass, people make it possible for storks to care about the next generation
The Bruce and Miles wased happy
not a stork, but a crane....at least he tries
One of the tourguide benefits, to get new friends

Day 3 Heidelberg - Ribeauville ( France)

you can‘t see it from there, but right behind the group you have a great view over france and the elsass
The hotel is quite hard to find, but looking for it is pretty nice in that town!
Wayde is the first in his room and he‘s waving to us from there
the hotel is right on the main plaza of the town

Day 2 Rotenburg o.d. Tauber - Heidelberg 

ready to rumble

Day 1 Erding-Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

Everybody can‘t wait to get on the bikes
...so we start on point!
Rothenburg is a reall nice, romantic town...
...good enough for posing

Welcome Briefing Day 

Julian is working on his creativity...
...the result is quit nice!
After the welcome briefing...
...the welcome drinks are following!
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