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Alps Extreme 4AE 1806

Sunday, November 11, 2018 | Thomas Hölzl | Europe

Day 7 Toblach - Mieming

The last Alps Extreme Tour of the year is over!
Thanks to our guests from Thailand - it was a great tour with great people and many oustandings impressions!
I hope I see many of our guests from Thailand soon!
The last pass - the last switchbacks are done!
The last pass of our Alps Exteme Tour takes us over the Timmelsjoch!

Day 6: Levico Terme - Toblach

A great day with 7 Dolomite Passes ends with the traditional Edelweiss Bootbeer!
In the background the impressive Dolomites!
Thai Boyband!
Passo di Giau
Staulanzapass - In the background the Monte Pelmo
The scenery is impressive!
Someone has probably eaten too much!
Lunch break at Passo Duran
Lunch will probably be delayed a little!
Alps Extreme
Coffee Stop - with the impressive backdrop of the Passo Rolle
The group is complete - even the two participants in the car have reached the top of the pass!
The first pass is done - Passo di Manghen!
On the way back north we cross the Dolomites. 7 passes are waiting for us!

Day 5 Levico Terme Rest Day

Alps Extreme at its best!
Only a small group is on the rest day with the motorcycle on the road - as a reward, there is a magnificent view from the Kaiserjägersteig!
The view from the Kaiserjägersteig down into the valley - what a view!
Our Hotel in Levico Terme - what a fantastic Location!
Thai breakfast - Asia noodles - spicy!

Day 4 Monte Penegal - Levico Terme

Wake UP!!!!!!
Take a nap - before tackling the remaining 40 kilometers of our 280 kilometer route today!
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On the way to Monte Pondone - an absolute dream road - one of today's highlights!
After a great pizza - there is still time for an espresso and a cigar!
South Tyrol is behind us - we are now in Trentino! Time for a pizza!
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Through the many small villages in Trentino it goes south!

Day 3 Fiss - Monte Penegal

After a small accident in a hairpin bend - Walaimas now wears a plaster for 3 weeks!
We are very sorry and we wish you a speedy recovery!
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A landscape like in a picture book!
Passo di Gavia - 2700 above sea level - snow as far as the eye can see and we in the middle - great!
What a fantastic scenery!
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On the way from Passo di Stelvio to Bormio
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Passo di Stelvio - With snow - what a feeling!
We did it - Passo di Stelvio
Passo di Stelvio - what a view - greet the Ortler (right in the Picture) and the 48 switchbacks up to the Stilfserjoch!
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Passo di Stelvio - we are coming!
On Lake Reschen - a cold wind blows but the mood is great!
It is cold and cloudy but the sun is already peering through the clouds!
One last view into the mountains around Fiss!
Alps Extreme!
It is cold!
An ice cold morning with snow on the mountains awaits us!

Day 2: Mieming to Fiss

A hot engine is the best hand warmer!
Despite the cold, wet weather, the mood was excellent!
A short stop at Gacherblick - 800 meters above the Inn Valley
Snow is something special for our guests from Thailand!
Some have never seen snow before!
Kühtai - 2020m above sea level - 0 degrees Celsius
Alps Extreme - can also mean snow!

Day 1: Welcome to the Alps Extreme

The Welcome Briefing is over - the first dinner is waiting for us and then we can start with the Tour Alps Extreme!
Ducatis and BMW are our motorcycles for the next 7 days in the Alps!
Ready to go! The bikes are ready and waiting for our guests from Thailand!
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 05:19

Great tour ... excellent knowledge about routes and stop points! More than enough bends and curves to challenge riders at all paces. The view is spectacular. Well done Edelweiss.

Special kudos to Thomas, tour leader. He is a true leader, very relaxing and easy going yet firm. He remained calm during emergency situation and resolve the event professionally and heartedly.

Well Recommended !!! We will definitely will do it again.


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