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Rome to Sicily RTS1804

Saturday, November 3, 2018 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / Malcolm Brunelli / Ted Goslinga | Europe / Italy

Goodbye Sicily!

Final riding day- Agrigento to Catania

And so the tour has almost come to an end.....well, almost..! The weather forecast didn’t look very well for the  souteastern part of Sicily. Some if the group decided to go behind the van straight towards the hotel in Catania. The remaining dare devils rode in one group what turns out into a tropical safari. But despite the pouring rain, mudstreams , the group had a lot of fun doing ‘rivercrossings’ over the road and other exciting  things!! After a nice and warm last lunch, we hit the highway in dry weather on the last oart to Catania. One warm shower later, we had some nice drinks and a great farewell dinner! Then  time to say goodbye to this great group. Thank you for two super weeks and your friendship. Hope to see you all sometime, somewhere on one of the Edelweiss tours!!

Early morning...
many roads were flooded!
Coffee break in Sommatino
Finally lunch!
After lunch the weather looked better!
Piazza Armerina
Arrived in Catania, a well deserved boot-beer!

Day 9 - riding day Cefalù to Agrigento

Also this morning, the weather looked quite bad, so only three brave riders completed the whole itinerary and most of the group went straight to Agrigento using the highway. As usually, fortune favors the brave, so despite some rain, we had a great day crossing Sicily from North to South, had a fabulous lunch in Ficuzza and enjoyed the fantastic rural landscapes of this island.

Cafalù in a rainy morning, still beautiful!
Our bikes parked in Caccamo
The castle of Caccamo
Another view of Caccamo
In Ficuzza the weather looked better
Pasta with sausage and, of course, pumpkin (it's Halloween!)
Greg, Andrew and Tim
Impossibile to miss a picture stop in Corleone
And here we are, can anybody spot Julie?
This field looks like a reverse Golf court
The famous Concordia Temple of Agrigento

Day 8- riding day Taormina -Cefalú

Maybe the worse weather so far! So not many pictures today, but we made it safe and sound and we could enjoy a walk in Cefalù before dinner!

The Cathedral of Cefalù
Cefalù seen from the port

Day 7 - rest day ride on Mount Etna

After the uncertain weather of the last two days, this morning the sun was shining and we enjoyed a great ride on Europe's biggest volcano! We reached the Etna South basecamp and had lunch at 2000 metres of altitude before riding back downhill. And, before reaching the hotel, we also paid homage to "the Godfather" in Forza d'Agrò, one of the location where the famous movie was filmed. Some time to relax and then dinner out in Taormina, of course!

Coffee break at Rifugio Brunek
Lava flow
The scenery changed many times!
Waiting for lunch!
almost ready...
The view from the Crateri Silvestri
what a beautiful ride!
The church of Forza d'Agrò
One wedding scene of "The Godfather" was filmed here
more riding...

Day 6 - riding day Parghelia - Taormina

Quite good, windy weather on the Continent, tempest in Sicily... this could be the summary of today! Reaching the bottom of the Italian peninsula, the wind got stronger and stronger and we were almost worried that the ferries to Sicily would not operate, but fortunately everything ran smoothly, we just had to stand by the bikes during the crossing! Not many pictures today, but it was another good day!

Picture stop in Scilla
waiting for the ferry
the ferry is coming, rough sea and wind today!
a well deserved sicilian cassata for dinner!

Day 5 - riding day - Maratea -Parghelia

Today everybody chose the long route to reach Tropea so, after a few kilometres spent by the coast, we hit the mountains and rode all the way up to Altomonte (High Mountain in Italian), where we had a delicious lunch. Then, on the way back to the coast, rain started, but we completed all the many curves without shortcuts! Days got shorter today, daylight saving time ended, but we reached the hotel before sunset!

Beautiful coastline in Calabria
Our grup
Picture (and coffee) stop in Diamante. This town is famous for its mural paintings

Day 4 - riding day Pompeii - Maratea

A day that feels like Rio de Janeiro...after the incredible roads of the amalfi coast we ride south towards the coast of basilicata and the city of Maratea with his incredible christ statue.

We hit the highway and soon we are in Paestum, one of the most famous greek-roman archeological sites in the world. The temples are in perfect conditions and we can enjoy a coffee with a stunning view.

Lunch is an art in Italy, and the region of Campania has incredible products that our tour guide Domenico prepares with incredible art. Local mozzarella directly from the cheese factory and the lunch is served!

We continue after lunch towards Capo Palinuro and the beautiful and curvy coast!

relaxed picnic at buffalo mozarella farm
Coffee stops can be in amazing places (Acciaroli).
Stunning view from the Christ statue of Maratea
Super nice sunset view from Crist Redentori Statue
Cristo and Philip
sunset from our hotel

Day 3 - Rest day - Pompeii

Well....., a rest day was not exactly what it was today! Okay , a little sleep in, then at 09.30 we left for an amzing ride along the Amalfi coast andand  surrounding mountains over the peninsula. Although it was a lesson in slow riding due to the narrow roads and its traffic, it was it all worth! Beuatiful views on every new corner, fantastic scenery! After a short lunch we went back to Pompeii and got dressed for another event: the guided tour over the excavation site of Pompei which was burried under a 6 meter layer of ashes after mount Vesuvio erupted in the year 79. Very interesting and nice tour. Then a great dinner outside in the garden of a famous pizzeria, and the day came again to an end! 

Amazing ride over the Amalfi coastal road
MMmmmhhh, how does that parking meter works.....
Beautiful harbour site of Amalfi
amazing site of Pompei ruins
Armen, the pompeian beatle

Day 2 - riding day Rome to Pompeii

Our first riding day was really blessed by a wonderful weather! We had to face (of course!) some traffic leaving Rome, but then we could enjoy the many curves of the Lepini mountains, until we reached the coast by Sperlonga, where we had lunch. After that, we reached the highway near Capua and then finally arrived in Pompei in time for relaxing a little bit before dinner!

First photo stop at Castel Gandolfo, summer residence of the Pope
In Rocca Massima
Lunch time
By the coast in Sperlonga
Another quick picture stop...
and some riding fun!

Day 1 - Arrival day in Rome

Day 1, Arrival in Roma

Welcome to the Eternal city, where another great tour is about to begin! Tomorrow we are starting going deep south, and today some of us took the chance to do a guided walk through the spectacular centre of Rome! Stay tuned!

on the Capitolium hill
Inside the Colosseum
The Spanish Steps
Fontana di Trevi
Pasta, of course!
Castel Sant'Angelo
The Vatican
Welcome briefing
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Claudia Wenhart
Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 20:28

Hey guys,
cool pictures, have a great tour. Here already only 3 degrees and in some areas already snow .
Drive safe.
Best regards
Malcolm Brunelli
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 09:01

Hi Claudia,
thank you, the weather is really nice. Just ate breakfast in the terrace of our hotel in Taormina! Simply beautiful.
Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 15:16

hy guys,thas looks good, have much fun and beautiful weather. missing italy

Ciao Michaela
Malcolm Brunelli
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 08:59

Hi Michaela,
the weather is great today! Looking forward to Mount Etna!


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