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NSZ1901 - New Zealand

Saturday, January 26, 2019 | Thomas Ritt / Anthony Fairweather / James Ashton | Pacific

Day 12: Rotorua to Auckland: THE END

Corrugated iron buildings in Tirau
Coffee break at the Cabbage Tree Cafe
Gary takes a nap
The group lines up for lunch at Kaiaua Fisheries, home of the southern hemisphere's best Fish&Chips...
A Red Snappe before...
... and after being turned into a meal. Öjen and Werner could hardly get enough!
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The last departure
And what are the chances that we celebrate 3 birthdays on the last day of the tour?! Happy birthday Werner; alles gute zum Geburtstag!
Valerie also celebrates her birthday today
And Brad; youngest in spirit!

Day 11 - Napier to Rotorua

In the Art Deco capital of the world, and ready to ride!
Trikes only
Gary & Valerie at the Bluff Hill Lookout
Trish & Stacey looking out over Napier Harbour
What's Gunther up to?
Harold at the Huka Falls
The Geothermal Borefield in Taupo
The Maori Chief lays a gift for the foreign tribes men & women
Bob, the elected Edelweiss Chief picks up the gift
The Haka
Chief Bob touches noses with the maidens
The Poi Dance
Short stick throwing
And now it's our turn
Lights out
Time for the boys to have a go

Day 10 - Wellington to Napier

It was a windy day out there on the bikes today, but still a great one - we covered some fantastic back country roads with almost no traffic on them and the weather was kind to us the whole way!

Gunther listens intently at our morning breifing
Plenty of wines to choose from at the Martinborough Wine Cellar
Snack sized meals at the Pongaroa Pub!
Not a bad place to stop for lunch though
The world's longest place name
Just try pronouncing that in one go!

Day 9: Rest day in Wellington

Fiona and her followers, high above the Kapiti Coast
Gary and Bob looking very small inside the Southward Car Musuem
The forefathers of some of the bikes we're riding today!
Back to the Future!
A V8 motorcycle. What a beast!
View of the city from Mt. Victoria lookout

Day 8 - Motueka to Wellington

Along famous Queen Charlotte Drive
The whole group lines up to board the ferry
Admiring the scenery as our ferry sails out of Picton
Our bikes are on there somewhere too
Doing NZ proud
Happy Birthday Michi!

Day 7 - Punakaiki to Motueka

After a day of average weather we were greeted with a fantastic sunny day on the beach for our ride to the northern end of the South Island. And tonight, not a hotel but a home stay with the locals of Motueka!

Werner is completely relaxed on the beach
Dana soaks up the rays
The whole group together on the beach
Gunther and Michi at the Pancake Rocks
Look closely and you can see Gunther and Jeff enjoying the views
And here's Bob, Margitta and Vera
Walking between the rock formations
Some shameless marketing
The fantastic view up the Westcoast
Seals lazing on the rocks at Cape Foulwind
We stop for a break along the incredible Buller Gorge Road
Gunther inspects a fry
Stacey is getting studious - he has to find his own way to the homestay tonight!
The beast in its resting state
Bob makes sure he's on top of the directions
And they're off. On their own!
Harold has a nifty trick for directions - writing them in pencil on his wind shield!

Day 6 - northward up the West Coast to Punakaiki

It was a wet and wild day today, a typical day on the West Coast! But it wasn't without it's thrills, and thankfully the weather cleared up for our ride along the coast into Punakaiki

Tom gives us the briefing for the morning
We caught a glimpse of some Tuataras at Franz Josef Glacier
Vera tries on some local handicrafts
All the beauties lined up in a row
Werner looks comfortable in his wooden chair!
A fantastic view of the West Coast
Ojen and Werner enjoying the view

Day 5 - from Queenstown to the West Coast

Shotover River
Heading down to the jet boat jetty
Tony, looking gorgeous!
Ready for a thrilling jetboat ride!
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Shade seekers
The Cardrona Hotel
The West Coast's rainforest
Grumpy bird says hello...

Day 4 - Queenstown

Our first rest day for the tour in Queenstown. We started out with a half day ride, and followed it up with some luge action!

Looking out over Blanket Bay, Lake Wakatipu
Margitta, a budding photographer
Jeff and Arla hit the road!
Michi and Gunther
Fiona, our K1600 - the star of the show at the top of Coronet Peak!
Helmets's luge time!
Ready, steady, go!
Spectacular views over Queenstown
Now that's what I call a beer
Expertly poured
Pizza and Indian, all in one
Anybody for dessert?
Yep, we've got some takers
The giant ice cream

Days 2 & 3: Manapouri, Mildord Sound, Queenstown

Oh what a beautiful morning!
Waiting for the green light at Homer Tunnel
Ted's getting artistic!
Michi and Gunther enjoy the views across Milford Sound
Simply stunning
Bob and Brad - look closely in the background and you can see a few seals sunning themselves on the rocks!
Bob's about to get wet!
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Time for a shower
The aptly named Mirror Lakes
Is that a drink or a dessert?

Günther and James are doing it! Proudly they show off their weights which, obviously, include those heavy, heavy boots and pants....

And here he goes! This must be a b-score of at least 9.3, maybe even 9.4!!!
The well deserved boot-beer in front of our Manapouri hotel. What a location!!!
Next morning, 6:20 AM. If you wake up to THIS, what can possibly go wrong? Milford Sound is calling and 16 bikes heed the call of this awesome ride
As we approached Mt. Cook it's peak gradually appeared between the clouds. It was visible for a few minutes, enough to take some pics. There's a reason why the Maori call it Aoraki, the Cloud Piercer.

Day 1 - Christchurch to Twizel

Werner prepares for the first day's ride
Giant Tom gives us all the info for the day ahead
Arla looks ready to ride!
Brad, wearing his extra layer of plastic!
Harold looking smooth all in black
Jeff's smile stretches almost from ear to ear!
Tony gets to ride Fiona today
Michi is ready to brave the rain too
The rain is nothing to Margitta and Henning
Gary and Valerie all set and ready to go!

Welcome to New Zealand!

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Charlie Green
Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 13:12

Hi Brad Bob & Toni
Looks like a great time wish I was with you guys. Have fun Charlie
Björn Greibig
Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 21:10

Heeey Brad & Bob,
enjoy the tour with Tony and Tom! I hope to see you guys soon.
Steve & Cindi
Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 03:05

Whoa, what, Scott’s there too!
Hey all, hope you are having fun.
Wish we were there.
Boat ride looks awesome.
Steve & Cindi
Monday, January 14, 2019 at 23:45

Hello Vera, Bob & Brad,
Oh, and hello Tony!
Hope you all have a great tour!
Be safe and take a lot of photos.

We will be checking the blog daily.
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, January 14, 2019 at 09:26

Hi Tom
Hey Toni
Hello James
Kia Ora all toghter,

Have nice tour and specaular views.



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