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(Extreme) Canadians conquer the Alps

Sunday, June 9, 2019 | Marc Adamiak | Europe

Wendell, Tony, Nigel, John, Don, Peter, Stephen, Carlos and Marc

The coming week, we will travel about 1350km - mainly in the Alps (and Dolomites).

As the weather changed to warm and sunny, everybody is looking forward, to enjoy landscapes, cultures, food and curves, curves, curves in 5 countries.

Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are waiting for us...

Day 7: Steeg, Austria to Erding, Germany

Slowly leaving the Alps, we had real fun in the "Valley without a name" : Namlostal
Continuing the last kilometers in Austria, lake Plansee was an ideal spot for a coffee break.
Nigel sends his best to Sarah
Wendell enjoys his Strudel
After Plansee, wie reached Germany again and after some exciting minutes in the Autobahn (with no speedlimit), it was time for bavarian lunch
When we reached our hotel in Erding, everyone deserved a boot beer.
At dinner, we shared our experiences and stories of the last week.
As one of the frequent Edelweiss clients, Peter got a special gift.

Thanks to all of you! It was a pleasure and great fun, riding with you.

Hope, to see you soon on another Edelweiss tour - wherever on this planet...

Day 6: Pontresina, Switzerland to Steeg, Austria (via Liechtenstein)

Today, we started via St. Moritz and the Julier pass in Switzerland.
Also some nice smaller roads were fun to ride.
Lunch at the Heidi-Hof
From there, we left Switzerland and crossed into (and through) Liechtenstein.
Beautiful curves, switchbacks and sweepers led us into Austria
At our hotel, the owner showed proudly bis oldtimer tractor.

Day 5: Bolzano, Italy to Pontresina, Switzerland

After crossing the Vinschgau Valley, we had our first coffee stop in an old medieval town: Glurns
So close to the Stelvio - but unfortunately, it was closed, due to the danger of avalanches.
So, we took the Ofenpass, where we crossed into Switzerland and back into Italy...
In the taxfree town of Livigno, the pizza for lunch was delicious...
Peter took the chance for a power-nap after lunch
Via another smaller pass and Bormio, the road led us into Switzerland again and up the Bernina pass.
Carlos was one of the first Canadians (in our group), who conquered it
The hotel awaited us with a great menu...
...and a beautiful panorama view with the snowy swiss Alps.

Day 4: Rest day in Bolzano

Breakfast, out on the terrace
Some decided for a loop today.
Our first highlight was the "Passo di Mendola" which was awesome to ride!
When we stopped for coffee, we got that view (bit hazy, but still great).
The excitement of riding didn't let us stop, until we got hungry for lunch.
For the evening, we took an old train (dates back to 1910)...
...and a gondola, down to Bolzano...
...with a look onto one of the roads, we rode the last 2 days...
...and enjoyed food and beer in a local brewery.
Tony traded successfully some badges to this italian police hat.

Day 3: Lienz, Austria to Bolzano, Italy

Special techniques, to fold a map before the daily briefing...
Bye-bye Austria, and CIAO Italia.
Welcome to the Dolomites!
What a spectacular view at our coffee stop!
Falzarego pass was just one of 6 passes, we crossed today!
Those, who take the cablecar from there...
...get rewarded with a mindblowing panorama...
Eastern Dolomites
Not just this road down there is winding through green valleys, rough n sharp rock formations, high mountains and snow...!
Another pass?
Oh man!
From our hotel terrace, we saw the last sunrays, coloring the mountain peaks.

Day 2: Erding, Germany to Lienz, Austria

Before we start out of Erding, south-east, to approach, enter and conquer the Alps: Nigel taking a picture of Carlos.
As one can see, wie Bad besteht weather.
In Wasserburg, some had a coffee - but water was even more important (highest temperature today was 29 Celsius)
In our way south, wie quickly stopped at Chiemsee, but without visiting one of King Ludwig's castles.
Another very nice lake: Pillersee, where we had our lunch.
Antonio enjoyed both: lake and food.
The highlight: curvy roads up into the snow-covered Alps in sunshine (on the Großglockner high alpine road)
What a view from the top, at the Edelweiss-Spitze!

Day 1: Welcome to Erding, Germany

Our first dinner together, in beautiful weather conditions
Pasta, codon bleu, or...
Talapia fish
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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 09:58

Hey! Look at that! Nigel and the extreme Canadians back in the Alps!

Great to see that special route we talked about in Croatia ended up becoming reality. Have a great trip guys! You're in great hands with Mark. Question now is... is he f.... enough?

Straight lines are there for fast bikes. Curves are there for fast riders.
have fun!
Marc Adamiak
Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 07:35

Thanks, Wim. It is an awesome group to ride with!


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