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BOE1902: Best of Europe

Sunday, June 23, 2019 | Arild Korstadhagen / Claudia Wenhart | Europe

Day 1 - Arrival day in erding

... departure from Hotel Jägeralpe in Warth

Best of Europe just to start.

... the trailer just arrived and is already unloaded
Becta and Cynthia happy with one of their bikes
Tim and Denise on their RT
Lary and Gail with the big GTL and a living room chair in the back for the lady
Jane and Douglas
... the two tourguides happy after the hand-over of the bikes

Day 2 - From Erding to Rothenburg

...and off they go!

Today was our first riding day... super warm and sunny weather welcomed us in the morning.We set off to cruise through the charming Bavarian countryside. We passed through Germany's most important hops-growing area, the Hallertau, before we crossed the Danube. Our first coffee break was in Wolnzach, where some of us already had an yummy icecream. Eichstätt was our next stop. We visited the Roman catholic cathedral. Across “Fränkische Alb” we reached the “Romantic Road” linking some of the best preserved medieval towns of Germany. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is our spot for tonight. After a yummy dinner we all went out to hear the stories of the framous night watchman.

Mrs. and Mr. Bond.....
Hop growing area in Haltetau in Bavaria
Gail, Larry and Clifford enjoying the trip
Brett and Jane
Brian and James under the tree in the shadow
Becci and Cynthia love their Spaghetti icecream
Jane's first "Ice coffee"... different to iced coffee at home
Eichstätt's cathedral
Rothenburg... just so beautiful
The streets are a bit narrow though...
Here they come.
.... and his performance is always fun
...our hotel
.... scary cellar door in our Hotel in Rothenburg

Day 3 - From Rothenburg to Heidelberg

Our second riding day leads us deeper into the German fairy tale world and history. First we ride through a landscape called Hohenlohe. After a short stop to admire the beautiful garden at Schloss Lagenburg, we continued on twisty roads along the river Jagst and our next stop was Kloster Schöntal. Next to Möckmühl we enjoyed our picnic at a nice and quiet spot.

The afternoon brought us into the Neckar valley where we followed the river Neckar till Heidelberg. A event called "Lebendiger Neckar" made our access road to a car free road for today... but with a special permission we were allowed to pass all the bicyclists

Schloss Lagenburg with its georgeus garden.
All the riders gathered at Schöntal Monastry.
... arrival at the picnic spot
... the rain stopped, so we could enjoy our picnic
Claudia had prepared a wonderful lunsj for us
... castle Hirschhorn... "The Pearl of the Neckar Valley"
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.... and look at this, Douglas is super happy ... he found out how to use the reverse mode
Castle Heidelberg
... arrival in Heidelberg
... a warm welcome drink and some history about our Hotel in Heidelberg
... famous guests in our hotel

Day 4 - From Heidelberg to Ribeauvillé (France)

Today our route leads us through the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley into France. We left Heidelberg on the highway to save time for the Black Forest. In the morning we had a nice coffee in Bad Herrenalb and climbed up the famous scenic and touristic road B500 Black Forest High Road to Mummelsee. On small roads and trough little villages we headed on to the Rhine valley where we crossed the not existing border to France. Ribeauvillé a small typical French town is our final destination for the next two days.

....what a amazing yummy and super nice and lovely prepared breakfast !!!!
Brett and Clifford
... ist just a super day
... fancy picture at Mummelsee
.... just great our ride on the B500 "Schwarzwaldhochstraße"
Brett and Jane at the afternoon coffee break - but way to hot for a coffee
Father and son enjoying the trip
Edelweiss beer on a Edelweiss tour
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...just a random restaurant in Ribeavillè

Day 5 - Rest day in Ribeauvillé

What a great day . We split up our group and went into the Vosges, a bikers paradise, with perfect paved roads and curves, curves curves. The scenery is breathtaking. In the morning we stopped at Haute Koenigsbourg. Had a quick cofffee and went on to explore the nice road. The other group, took it a bit easier and visited the "Le Memoral du Ligne and the museum. 

Breakfast in medieval surroundings at Hotel de la Tour.
... Douglas and Brian really had fun today
... what a ride
... view from the Haute Königsburg
At Col des Bagnelles, with the beautiful valley we just rode up in the background.
Ready to go on after a coffee stop av Col du Bonhomme.

Day 6 - From Ribeauville (via Germany) to Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Day 6 - and today we did two bordercrossings and rode in three countries. Started up in France, crossed the Rhein into Germany after about an hour. Then heading southeast throug the southern parts of Schwarzwald. Great mix of hairpins and long sweapers, (very) narrow backroads and open countryroad. Hexenlochmühle was our next stop to taste yummy "SCHWARZWÄLDERKIRSCHTORTE", thats a really difficult word, isn't it???? After yet another great picnic (Claudia - you are a picnic star!) we entered Switzerland, took a look at the Rhein Falls, and went on to Hotel Promenade in Schaffhausen.

It was a very hot day to day, and it was perfect to be met in the hotel garage by Claudia, who had a boot bear ready for us ! And for sure Cremant Rose for the ladies .


Boat is coming...
Barrier goes up...
It's a long one!
And it squeezed through
Rhein Loch this morning. On the border between France and Germany. We are waiting to see the lock in action.
... our relaxed picnic spot
...boot beer make everyone happy
Some on-tour-maintenance being performed.
And then its time for dinner on the terrace.

Day 7 - From Schaffhausen to Warth (Austria)

Today's route took us deeper into the mountains of Switzerland. On narrow, twisty roads we rode to Schwägalp for lunch. We surrounded some of the thunderstorms, but at the end we got caught by one. But luckily there was a good spot to let it pass. And finally we reached the Alps in sunshine and on dry roads. Just super, the narrow pass road up to Furkajoch and than over Hochtannbergpass to Warth our stop for tonight.

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Leaving Hotel Promenade in Schaffhausen this morning. A light drizzle as they leave - it might get a bit wet to day. We'll see!
Riding along the Bodensee. Everybody is still pretty dry...
... our coffee stop at lake Constanze
Yupp - we did get wet!

Seeking shelter from thunder and heavy showers.
A wet day in the Swiss alps for the brave riders of BOE1902.
... we could not go up to Säntis because the weather wasn't good enough, but we got a nice picture
... juhuuu we made it up to Furkajoch
... amazing view to Austria and Liechtenstein

Day 8 - From Warth to Erding (Germany)

Already our last riding day .... it always goes so fast....

The weather this morning was perfect when we left Warth. Our route brought us down to Reutte and further on to Castle Neuschwanstein - the so called Walt Disney Castle, where we stopped for a short photo. We stopped at the beautifull Plansee for a coffee before we headed on to castle Linderhof, ehere we had lunch. Afterwards we rode through the Bavarian countryside with its rolling hills full of cows and church steeples.


Thank you for joining us on this trip through Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

Claudia & Arild

...what a poetically morning
... we missed already the ringing of the cow bells, but coincidentally they were just brought today by the truck to the meadow because of the long winter
Becki ready to go
Corry and Jim
Larry and Gail
Brett and Jane
... lovely Plansee
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Cliff Coppens
Monday, July 1, 2019 at 20:46

Claudia and Arild,
It is difficult to express how much I enjoyed my BOE Tour! The people we rode with and you two guides were just thoroughly enjoyable! The scenery, hotels, and food, especially the picnics were all exceptional! The breakfast in Heidelberg was over the top! My local HOG Chapter is really going to have to "step it up" for our Wed rides from now on! The pointers you gave on navigating the switchbacks made the twisting mountain roads more fun than I've had in a long time! I can truthfully say, I dragged the Harley's floorboards in all 5 countries! A definite Bucket List ride! My wife and I may be seeing you in Tuscany for the E Bike Tour next year! Thanks for everything!

Arild Korstadhagen
Monday, July 1, 2019 at 21:16

Your kind comment is much appreciated Cliff !

It was a true pleasure to have you on our tail, and thank you for breaking in the Heritage Softail for us - it now knows how to be ridden

An e-bike tour in Tuscany is a great idea - you'll love it !

Best regards Claudia and Arild
Doug and Jane
Monday, June 24, 2019 at 11:19

This ride can be explained in one word- epic. I was given this ride by my wife for my 60th birthday. She wanted to give me something very special. With help from the Edelweiss bike travel that SPECIAL was delivered. The guides, Claudia and Arild, were amazing, delivering professional and friendly advice and guiding leadership all the way. We saw the most beautiful vistas and fun twisting roads we had ever imagined. Accommodations and food were great and those picnics amazing. Also I would like to say we had a wonderful bunch of fellow riders on the trip which we now call friends.

Arild Korstadhagen
Monday, June 24, 2019 at 13:05

Thanks to both of you for your kind comments - it was our pleasure !

Also thank you for job well done as sweeper.

And yes - you are absolutely right - it was a great group of riders and we hope to see all of you again some day !

Best regards Claudia and Arild
Corry and Jim
Friday, June 21, 2019 at 22:05

Wow, what an incredible experience. . Highly recommend Best Of Europe tour.
Our guides Claudia and Arild did an amazing job from start to finish, answered all questions, gave tons of information on all the stops . Plus we were treated to two fantastic picnics, prepared by Claudia.
Plus meeting the nicest people in our group of riders.
Arild Korstadhagen
Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 11:06

Thanks for your comment.

It was a joy riding with you - hope to see you again sometime!

Best regards Claudia and Arild
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 04:25

Incredible photos. Looks like my parents (Jim and Corry) are having an amazing time! We are all enjoying following your blog.
Arild Korstadhagen
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 18:38

Thanks for your comment Jenny!

Yes, they are enjoying themselves and it is a pleasure having them "tailing" us every day

Best regards Claudia and Arild
Melody Huang
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 04:03

Thanks Claudia.I will catch up Each day's riding Blog it's really preview of my tour..Be Fun ,good luck !
Tim & Denise Foley
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 15:41

Well we closed the bar in Heidelberg! Dennis was an amazing waiter and even tracked us down after leaving to return sunglasses left on the table! What service! Now we’ll see how long we can keep the French up at night in Ribeauville!
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 18:49

... sounds good tomorrow is restday... so time enough for visiting some bars
Melody Huang
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 07:02

Hello,I feel happy while I am looking at these amazing pictures,I will attend next month's BOE with Edelweiss,I am looking forward to the first riding tour in Europe .....Enjoy the trip
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 18:48

Hey Melody,
thanks for your comment. It is a super nice tour, you will enjoy it. Till now the weather is perfect and we having fun.
Enjoy your trip
Diane & John
Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 17:29

Hello Claudia,
BOE was our first Edelweiss tour and reading your blog is bringing back such wonderful memories. Thank you for a blog well done. We're looking forward to the new Touring Centre Austria. Oh my, that will be our 10th tour!
Enjoy the ride,
Diane & John
Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 18:32

Hello Diane and John,
thank you very much for your comment on our blog. Ja can imagine... that's a long time ago than, that you did it. Touring Center Austria, sounds very good. So have fun, good weather and enjoy the trip.
Charlie Green
Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 18:57

Hello Claudia
Have a great tour. Charlie
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 20:29

Hey Charly,
thanks for your comment. Super that you follow us on our blog
Enjoy it.


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