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STP19050 Moto GP Tour 2019

Friday, August 16, 2019 | Johannes Geiger / Michael Kreuzmeir | Europe

Moto GP Tour Group 2019 (alias Schnitzelsoup group)

Riding day 1: From Vienna to Brno (AUT - CZ)

First daily briefing
Tourguides bike in beautifull wine region "Wachau" - Yamaha Tracer 900 GT
Happy customers - happy tourguide ...
Samll ferry crossing over the danube

Rest day: MotoGP in Brno (CZ)

On the way to masaryk circuit
What a beautiful group picture ...
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Moto3 starts
186.000 people visited the MotoGP on the weekend
Tourguide's life at its best
How else should we enjoy the "Monster Energy GP of CZ"
VR46 Fans going cracy
Biggest Vale fan ever
Waiting for the taxi back to the hotel
Exploring Brno after dinner

Riding day 2: From Brno to Kromeriz (CZ - CZ)

Main square of Kromeriz
Beautiful Saint Maurice church
Aperitif in the courtyard
Maybe getting some Schnitzelsoup tonight ...
Damned! But nevertheless is was very delicous
Late night geocaching trip
Having a deep motorcycle conversation at the main square of Kromeriz

Riding day 3: From Kromeriz to Liptovsky Hradok (CZ - SVK)

Morning briefing in the courtyard of Hotel Octarna ****
Straight on the way to Slovakia
Cicmany: 136 wooden timbered houses with different patterns on it
Tourguide bike: Yamaha Tracer 900 GT
Schnitzelsoupgroup visiting Cicmany
Lunchstop: Bojnice Caste - constructed in the 11th century
Delicious ...
Ohh i think i have to leave my gun outside
Some impressions of our lovely stay at Liptovski Hradok ....

Riding day 4: From Liptovski Hradok to Kosice (SVK - PLN - SVK)

View from Tatra Mountains
Crossing the border to Poland
Lunchstop at Bardejov main square
Greg gets executed for all his gei caches
Saint Elisabeth church in Kosice

Riding day 6: From Oradea to Sighisoara (ROU - ROU)

Welcome to Sighişoara Edelweiss!
Way up from the hotel to the old town
Dracula everywhere
Lovely cafés
176 stair leading up to the hill
Sf. Nicolae
Graveyard behind the church. Breathtaking scenery
Castel square
Zinngießer tower
Figures from the clock tower
„Olive oil tasting“ at dinner
Seems Adam like the olive oil ...

Riding day 7: From Sighisoara to Brasov (ROU - ROU)

Bran Castle - what an unexpected experience ...

Riding day 8: From Brasov to Sibiu (ROU - ROU) !!! Transfăgărășan !!!

Transfăgărășan ... What a blast! 151km (94 mi) of pure hapiness. 40 soldiers lost their life and 60 tons of dynamite had been used while building this stunning road. It was built from 1970 - 1974 for military use.

Coming up from the north side
Impressions of Sibiu

Riding day 9: From Sibiu to Timisoara (ROU - ROU) !!! TRANS ALPINA !!!

Today we started quite early into the day because 410 km had been waiting ahead of us - definitely worth it. First of all we started at 07:30 at Sibiu and went trough some really interesting villages to the Trans Alpina Road. In comparison to yesterday (Transfagarasan) there was no traffic up to the the top. Arrived at the Trans Alpina Saddle we got rewarded with a spectacular view all over the carpatians. When we went down on the other side we even had a little off-road section - we really enjoyed that After we left the mountains behind us we rode straight to our hotel in Timisoara were 44 degrees celsius waited for us ...

Trans Alpina - it was a pleasure
Don‘t know which one is better to ride
Our local guide
Little offroad session
At least Wochenende had enough grip at these temperatures ...
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Kim & Joe
Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 02:23

You are one good looking group! Pictures are amazing and it looks like you are eating and drinking quite well..... Enjoy and be safe! Greg, I am glad they invented geo-cashing so we can keep our pilot happy
Greg Rooney
Monday, August 5, 2019 at 18:39

Great trip so far, THANK YOU El Hefe for getting it organized, and to TG’s Michael K & Johannes “Horst” Geiger for the GREAT riding, so far. The Blog post is MUCH appreciated!

But PLEASE, hold the Schnitzel Soup, and give all the slow truck & RV drivers a good Backpfeifengesicht!!!
Jeff King
Sunday, August 4, 2019 at 02:43

Scary group i must say, just my kind of people (allstar line up), just watched qualifying on tv great track,Enjoy Enjoy...Make sure Jim is well fed or he gets grumpy....Michael wish i could practice my Motogp skills chasing you again, alas next trip. Cheers my Good friends ,Have a great Adventure
El jefe
Monday, August 5, 2019 at 17:37

Halo EJ. You are truly missed. Yes next time. All say cheers


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