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Scandinavian Dreams Special

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 | Lukas Schiebe / Arild Korstadhagen | Europe

The three last night we spent in Ålesund. The weather was so-so, but Ålesund looks nice even in fog and rain.

It has been tour of nice riding, lots of beautiful sights and some adventures to remember.

Thanks for the ride guys !

Day 1: From Oslo into the Telemark

Inspecting the bikes and getting ready to go!
Leaving Bristol hotel in Oslo.
Stop at Vikersund skijump.
This hill holds the world record of 253,5 meters!
A gray day, but still nice to have an outdoor lunch at Notodden.
Heddal Stavkirke admired from tho outside...
...and the inside.
It will come along for the rest of the tour.
Passing the Vrengsfoss locks in the Telemark canal in the first riding day..
Vrengsfoss locks - don't fall inn guys!
Last short brake before Vrådal

Day 2: From Telemar to the South-West Coast

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Taking off from Vrådal.
We have a bit of bad luck with the weather but the morning starts very nice with a short break at a river and a fotoshooting
The afternoon is very nice again and we have a super ride the last 100 km to Sola
The view into Frafjord

Day 3: From Sola to Bergen

Waiting for the ferry at Mortavika - lets get in front of those lorrys!
Great views along the old Åkrafjord road.
Checking out the oil platforms currently inn for some maintenance.
"Street-kitchen food" Norwegian style in Odda.
The Hardanger bridge is a mighty sight - also from above.
Three powerful machines.

Day 4: From Bergen to Skei

The beautiful view on our coffee stop at the famous Hotel Stalheim from their terrace
We are lucky to get weather conditions that allow us to take the "snow road". The views from there are amazing
And we get to see some snow
Arriving Skei

Day 5: From Skei to the fjord of fjords: Geiranger

Ready to leave Skei
On the fifth riding day we went to see the lake Lovatnet. A high percentage of the water in this lake comes from sorrounding glaciers and gives the lake an intense green color.
The road in there is kind of interesting...
...and there are a lot of pictures to be taken.

...and sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in.
Oppstrynsvatnet - another lake with the green glacier water.
Then we did some gravel-riding at the "Old Strynefjell Road", which is a museum-road kept in the same condition as when it was built by hand about 120 years ago.
The two readheads of the group enjoying Dalsnibba.
The view of Geiranger from viewpoint at Dalsnibba is a classic!
So is the view from "the Eagles Nest".
A part of the group also made an evening ride to a neighbouring valley of Geiranger.
In this valley the pace is slow and relaxed.
Even the guides helmet was impressed by the views today

Day 6: From Geiranger to Ålesund.

Late start today. Off for som sightseeing before we go on the ferry out the Geiranger fjord.

Day 7: Loop from Ålesund to Trollstigen, Valldal and back.

Breake in front of Trollveggen "The Troll Wall"
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The guys are going up (and there are some campers in their way)
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Here they come out of the last switchback in the ladder. Our friends from El Salvador are doing Norwegian switchbacks like they grew up in the valley below.
The views on the top is magnificent.

Last riding day: Loop to Atlanterhavsveien (the Atlantic Ocean Road).

Vi did the Atlantic Ocean Road as it it should be done: in heavy rain, 13 degrees celcius and with strong winds blowing in from the North Atlantic sea.

As the guide said on the morning briefing - we will not see much, but we will feel it !

In fact it was so wet that no pictures where taken outside that day (have you tried to unlock an operate a smartphone in really wet conditions - if not, try it sometime). 

At lunch it was really nice with som warm bacalao and fish soup at Bjartmars Favorittkro. After this mornings ride our guests can definitely consider them self to be made of viking-material.
Helmets left to dry up on our last of many ferry-rides on this great tour.
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