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CUA 1903 - The Ultimate Alps Tour

Saturday, August 31, 2019 | Axel Gert Schneider / Manuel Marabese | Europe

Our little family

Every trip has an end, so this one too:


But the end of a journey is the beginning of the next !!!



But before the new adventures begins we (Manuel and Axel) would like to thank for this tour with you and especially for this:


Nobody knew the other before, but the love to ride a motorcycle led us together. We did not just ride together and we were not just a tour guide and customer combination!

We became friends and it was a pleasure for us as tour guides to have joined you on this trip.


Thanks for this great moments, the great 

conversations, the funny moments and the interesting chats.


Thank you for the ride

Manuel and Axel/Alex  




PS: we hope that our ways meet again in the future

Day 8: Bozen - Mieming

Good morning Good Morning


Today is the last day's drive to Mieming-unfortunately


It was time to say goodbye to Bolzano and hello again to Mieming.


Our day should be the crowning end of our tour. Because it went from Bolzano on towards the Sarne valley to Sterzing over the Jaufen pas and the Timmelsjoch in our headquarters of Edelweiss Bike Travel!


After a strong thunderstorm yesterday evening, Pedrus meant it  good with us today, because the sun should be our constant companion today.


A great breakfast in Magdalenerhof gave us the strength to go on, on our day 8. So our tour started on the picturesque Sarnental which is almost untouched by traffic. At the end of the valley we conquered the Penserjoch and enjoyed the view over the Sarnental on one side and the view to Sterzing on the other. Passes hungry as we were we went on towards Sterzing and the Jaufenpass which was a real dream, because the weather, the road and especially our little new Edelweiss family was one with the bike and the here and now. After overcoming the Jaufenpass, we went to lunch at the place of birth from Andreas Hofer. There we had an extended lunch with the crowning conclusion in the end in form of curd cheese dumplings.

Once again we hopped back on the bikes: so we went on towards Timmelsjoch !!!! At the food of the Timmelsjoch we went through the picturesque landscape, curve by curve towards the summit. But as a bonus, there was a stop at the legendary motorcycle museum on top of the pass. All motorcycle enthusiasts dived into the world of bygone days because the oldest motorcycle has been from 1905. A place that you should not miss when you are in the surrounding. One or the other of our little family met old companions (his first motorcycles).


After refreshing old motorcycle days we drove through the Ötztal in direction to the Edelweiss headquarter where Manuel already expected us.



Arrived in the central office, we went through the hallowed halls with Manuel and Axel in order to follow the last journey towards the hotel Kaiser in Mieming. Where our farewell dinner was already waiting for us.

Pennserjoch view
Lunch at Andreas Hofer place of birth
The road is our passion
Happy Moments on the Way up
on the top of the Timmelsjoch
Motorcycle Museum at Timmelsjoch
We became friends
Flash back moments
Never forgotten moments
Men’s never change !! - they always be kid´s
At the home at Edelweiss bike travel

Day 7: Bozen - Dolomiten - Bozen

Today is Dolomites Day !!!!


After a dreamlike good menu in the hotel last night and a decision between Dolomites tour with Axel or city tour with Manuel. We watched up on the motorcycles at 9:30. One part of the group went for a walk to Bozen with Manuel who had a lot of interesting secrets about Bolzano in his mind and the other part went with me Axel into the Dolomites.


As a mood for the day there was as usual briefing, where the highlight of the day were discussed and off we went in the direction of the Dolomites.


Once on the road and Bolzano in the rearview mirror, we dived already in the Eggental where we headed for the Karersee first. Impressed by the crystal clear water and the limestone mountains in the background we drove on and dived deeper into the Dolomites. Now we went on over the Strada Dolomites in direction towards Penia to get to the Lago di Fedaia. Once there, there was a good espresso in a beautiful landscape. Strengthened and curves hungry, we went further east (Rocca Pietore)and from there on our goal destination has been Passo Falzareggo for lunch, on the way himself we had a wonderful road and almost no traffic - what more does a motorcyclist want? Our lunch was filled with impressions of the road and the meijesthetic mountain landscape of the Dolomites. The afternoon should not be less impressive as the morning because: Passo Campolongo, Passo Marmolada and Passo Gardena were on the program. After Following these beautiful passes it was now time to start the journey towards Bolzano. Once there, it was time for the rest of the group to make it to the Ötzi Museum.


This day will probably be remembered by everyone under the motto: Dolomites and History.



Thus, another day of our breathtaking journey through the Dolomites came to an end - it was just beautiful


PS: The picture will give you a little impression what we discover along the road

Karer Lake
I gutes he likes the Road quit a bit
Lago di Fedaia
just breathtaking
The famous Ötzi in Bolzano

Day 6: Val di Sole - Bozen

Let's go to Bolzano


Day of surprise for our little family.


Today, there was a short briefing in the morning and unlike usual Axel had disappeared quite quickly, why, our little family did not know that - but she should find out in not too distant future:


Manuel abducted our curves hungry guests today across the Lago Molveno to San Romedio, a medieval small town and went on to our surprise.


Welcome to the Edelweiss Bike Travel Picnic !!!!


Our headache today Axel


Now it made sense why Axel was gone so fast today - because he was shopping for a great picnic on the lake side. I could write now what we made but the pictures should better describe it and if it was good you can definitely see it  in faces of our little family.



Well after sunbathing on the lake and a strengthening, Manuel went on so that the group cut enjoy the road over the Passo della Mendolla in direction of  Bolzano where we will enjoy the next two days.

So here we go - Welcome to Bolzano the home of Manuel

Day 5: Lugano - Val di Sole

The heroes of the day - who made it on the top of pass del Vivione

Hello and welcome on day 5 our journey through the Alps!


Today our journey took us from Lugano to Val di Sole - The Valley of the Sun - but before that,there were the real highlights.


Start was as usual at 8:30 clock and the journey took us first along the promenade of Lugano in  direction to Italy and the famous Lago di Como.


Arrived in Mennagio it was now time to take over the ferry in direction to Verena. Once there, after a breathtaking crossing, we went on small country roads away from the big tourist places in the true Italy.


The streets became narrower and narrower and the Italian flair was more noticeable with every breath.


Now it was time for the Passo Culmine di San Pietro who was waiting for us. This pass enchanted us with its really narrow streets and sharp turns. At the top there was the first coffee break in a small picturesque coffee. Then we continued towards San Pellegrino where our journey went on, on small Italian roads and to land in Albergo Ristorante Luisella. There was a great lunch with homemade tortellini - Italian style.

The batteries were recharged so we headed for the next destination on the tour - Passo del Vivione. This pass was a challenge for anyone who is a little bit scared of heights but on the other side the road was breathtaking beding along the mountains and was really worth it. Arrived at the top was the pride to see in everyone's eyes. Now there was another espresso and the journey went to the end of today, over the Passo Tonale.


Arrived in Mezzana we expected a life style hotel with spa and not to forget Manuel who had already prepared everything for us (luggage in the room, table and menu organized)


Another dream day with many impressions accompanied us to bed and our dreams.



It was the place to be for tonight and the first thoughts were already spreading, what tomorrow may bring

Lets start the engine in Lugano
Ferry from Mennagio to Verena
good by Mennagio
here we go Verena
Passo del Vivione

Day 4: Zermatt - Lugano

Good morning, day four !!!!


After a restful sleep near the Matterhorn, we opened the window and unfortunately it was the first day with rain. One more reason to enjoy the breakfast.


After strengthening, we took the train to Täsch to the motorcycles. And off we went to Lugano. On the way to Lugano we went over the Simplon Pass to come to Italy via Lugano. And the good eating at breakfast had helped because after 2 hours it stopped raining. So we arrived in Cannobio and the subsequent sightseeing tour at the Medieval City was another highlight on our tour. After exploring Cannobio we moved on towards Lugano because it is as well a place what shut you have seen.

Here we are Lugano is taking care of us this night.

On top of Simplon pass, Italy is just around the corner.
Once we arrive in the charming Cannobio finally the sky clears up, giving us a dry ride in the afternoon.
A ferry ride across Lake Maggiore and then onwards towards Lake Lugano.
And here we are, in Lugano. Last overnight in Switzerland... Tomorrow we go back to Italy!
After the evening thunderstorm we are blessed with a quiet evening under a porch... Yummy!

Day 3: Brunnen - Zermatt


The group of Rock Stars moves on !!!


Today we started early, because it was like yesterday, a road closed because Rocks has been falling down. This should not spoil the day, because the weather rewarded us with a dry start towards Zermatt.

After a small special round over Luzern we continued on the planned route. First stop of the day: Lake Lungern with its turquoise waters and picturesque landscape. And  we went to Meringen to the Sherlock Holms Museum where we had a little trip into the past. Now it was time to say: turns, hairpin turns and Switchbacks !!!!!


Welcome to the Grimsel Pass


You could write now - great street or it was a treat ...


But what really does happen is: This is a road and landscape where motorcyclists dreams are made of !!!!!


At that point you could see that everyone in the new Edelweiss family would loved shaking hands with the one who built this street - just to say thank you for that moment. And where it goes up - it has to go down again, unfortunately this time in the rain, which was still not taking the joy away from going from one turn into the next. Once down we got a view of the Rohne Glacier. Only short because the heater like to give us a early shower. Well so we hither road again to come to Zermatt - to explore the beautiful village on the bottom of the matterhorn. 


So another day comes to an end and the smile on our faces it seems to never end. Tomorrow we are off to Italy - espresso - ice cream - and great roads. 



See you tomorrow.

Meiringen - Sherlock Holms Museum

Day 2: Pontresina - Brunnen


Day two and the luck with the weather is preserved.


Today we went from Pontresina to Brunnen 


330 km over Splügen Pass, San Bernardino Pass via Lukmanier Pass and Oberalp Pass. A pleasure for everyone who rides a motorcycle. Of course, with us at Edelweiss Bike Travel you don’t get only riding a motorcycle!! What means we always have a hidden treasure - on this day there was a bit of history on top - we stopped in Altdorf at the Wilhelm Tell Museum. 


This day was already in place through the passes highlights in the history of this tour, unfortunately there was a rock fall just before the finish, so that we had to keep on riding over Lucerne to Brunnen. Once there, a dreamlike table awaited us on the terrace right by the lake with a delicious menu. 



As every day, this one has to come to an end - So it was time to go bed because the next day/ adventure was already close by.

The place to be for the night before we going to zermatt - Seehotel Waldstätterhof
Tourguid Manuel is ready to - How about the Rest?
Of curse
detrás de ti ve
let´s do it
I'm right behind you
nothing can stop me
Hey guys - I'm coming don't worry
Gorgeous day for a ride across 5 passes! Here is the first, Maloja Pass.
Followed by a well deserved coffee and resting time on top of Splügen Pass.
Well done everyone! Also Bernardino Pass is conquered! Let's go to lunch now.
We are in the Italian part of Switzerland, so let's have...
The last pass for today, Oberalp.
One more photo... This time at the statue of Wilhelm Tell in Altdorf.

Day 1: Mieming to Pontresina

Alps Pure the adventure begins.


Today is the first day of our tour and it goes from Mieming to Pontresina, where the first highlights along the way already has been waiting for us.

Our journey took us from Mieming over one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Tyrol (Gacher Blick) over the Reschen pass to one of the most famous passes in the world - the Passo dello Stelvio. 48 switchbacks in a breathtaking landscape accompanied us on the 2758 meter high Stelvio Pass. Once there, the famous Bruno was waiting for us with his homemade sausages. After the refreshment and enjoying the view, our journey went on via Bormio and Livigno and continued on to the destination Berninpass. Ones there we stopped and had a look at the glacier with blue sky about us and a landscape with cut be from a postcard. All in one you cut say or describe the day like this: 



One day three countries (Austria / Italy / Switzerland) and around 110 breathtaking switchbacks in a breathtaking landscape.

And the best moment on the this day has been always when the riders took of here helmets and you cut see the big smile on the faces.

As a Tourguide (Axel) i already like to thank the group of riders for this ride and i looking forwar for the the next one already

The Bikes are ready to take of for the Tour from Hotel Kaiser
First Stop at the Gacher viewpoint
Fly like an eagle
We made it !!! and it feels like we are on the top of the world - Stelvio
The Group at the legendary sausage place at Stelvio - Bruno thanks again
Welcome in Swiss and almost in the Hotel
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