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SPT 19047 - Scotland and the Isle of Man

Friday, September 6, 2019 | Michael Kreuzmeir / Michael Göbel | Europe

Day 1 - Welcome to Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland!

From here we will start our tour through the highlands, along beautiful Lochs and up&down amazing motorcycle roads! Follow along for a glimpse of what this breathtaking part of the world has to offer!


Willkommen in Edinburgh, der Hauptstadt Schottlands!

Von hier aus machen wir uns auf den Weg durch das Hochland, entlang wunderschöner Seen und auf traumhaften Motorradstraßen. Folge uns, um zu sehen was diese atemberaubende Ecke der Welt zu bieten hat!

The bikes arrived to Edinburgh.
Our starting hotel in Braid Hills.
Downtown Edinburgh
A very detailed map of what's coming!
At the Welcome Briefing we had support from Daisy and Jim.
Of course Michael put some famous 'extreme' into this Special Tour.

Day 2 - Edinburgh to Ballaculish

Our first riding day was a good warm up for the tour. Visiting the famous Stirling castle, having coffee at a beautiful lake and riding twisty roads in the Trossacs National Park. The weather was typical Scottish, sunshine and rain. Team Mexico went out for an extra ride and had a lot oft fun.

Falkirk Wheel, a unique boat lift
Stirling castle
Coffee stop at lake Mentith - really nice

Day 3 - Ballaculish to Isle of Skye

Today we had a beautiful day through the Great Glen along the Caledonian Canal. In Invergarry we turned west and rode towards the Isle of Skye. We couldn't skip the most photographed castle of Scotland of course - Eilean Donnan Castle! Afterwards we had a very good lunch in Broadford and a loop around the amazing Isle of Skye. Old Man of Storr and the Kilt's Rock included!


Heute hatten wir eine sehr schöne Fahrt durch das Great Glen und entlang am Kaledonischen Kanal. In Invergarry sind wir abgebogen Richtung Westen und zur Isle of Skye. Natürlich konnten wir nicht einfach am meistfotografierten Schloss Schottlands vorbeifahren - Eilean Donnan Castle! Nach einem super Lunch in Broadford gab es eine weitere Runde Motorradfahren rund herum um die Isle of Skye. The Old Man of Storr und der Kilt's Rock inklusive!

Sunshine in the morning.
Eilean Donnan Castle
That's how all the Instagram pictures are made.
James and Daisy watching the unique ferry.
Off we go onto the Isle of Skye!
Kilt's Rock

Day 4 - Isle of Skye to Inverness

What a great day! Scottland at its best! The challenging Applecross road in the morning was breathtaking and the roads later on were also great. Fantastic views, a perfect Edelweiss picnic and fun riding all day long.

Day 5 - Restday in Inverness

Today was our first restday and most of the group decided to do the scenic route arround Loch Ness to say hello to Nessie. The Iron Butt group of James and Raul followed Michael on an extreme trip to the north, 420 km and half of it were single lane roads. The weather was perfect and the Extreme Group had a blast. 

Remote roads in the Highlands.

Day 6 - Inverness to Aberdeen

Today we explored the Cairngorm mountains, the famous Whisky Trail along the Spey River and the Castle Trail. Another beautiful day with pure sunshine, no clouds, perfect roads with twisties and sweepers and a ton of amazing scenery plus another outstanding picnic next to the river. What more could you ask for?


Heute haben wir die Cairngorm Berge erkundet, sind dem berühmten Whisky Pfad entlang des Spey Flusses gefolgt und haben ein Schloss des Castle Trail besucht. Ein weiterer Tag mit Sonnenschein pur, keine Wolke am Himmel, perfekten Straßen mit engen und weiten Kurven und einer Fülle an tollen Landschaften plus ein weiteres fantastisches Picknick. Alles was das Herz begehrt!

High up in the Cairgorm mountains.
A Mexican group picture.
Scotish Highland cows are everywhere!
Raul petting his new friend.
Built in 1717 this bridge is a hidden gem - and pretty old!
The (famous) Glenlivet destillery!
James, Rainer and Gaby exploring the Scotish Whisky World.
How about a bottle for .... what?!?!
Michael G. prepared a tsty Picnic for us!
Picnic with a view! The also famous Spey River.
Everybody liked Michaels cooking.
Rainer's summer residence.
Girls and a pink castle. Coincidence?

Day 7 - Aberdeen to Edinburgh

Today we had a full program, the plan was to visit Balmoral Castle, the summer residence of the Royal family, but Queen mum was there and she did not like to have a tea with us, so we could not visit the castle. Instead we did some extra riding through the Glen Lions, a beautiful ride!

My home is my castle! Our hotel!

Day 9 - Keswick to Isle of Man

Isle of Man we come! After a wonderful ride through the Lake District over two twisty pass roads, we checked in on the ferry to the Isle of Man. We had a great dinner at our hotel in Douglas and went to bed early, to be fit at 6 o'clock in the morning for a loop around the TT course.

Day 10 - Isle of Man

Two loops around the TT course before breakfast. What a special experience to do the famous mountain course on a bike!!! 62 km one lap, makes 124 km on the track. It is hard to believe that the racers do it three times as fast than we did.

6 am at the grandstands

Day 11 - Isle of Man

After a rainy day yesterday the weather changes to sunshine. In the morning we did the ritual 6 o'clock loop around the TT course and then watched the International Manx Trial for vintage bikes which was great fun. A scenic loop arround the island with a great lunch in Peel made the day perfect. 

Day 12 - Douglas - Liverpool

Unfortunately our last riding day,  but it was one of the best. After exploring the northern part of the Isle of Man on scenic single tracks visiting two lighthouses, we could even spot some seals at the beach. For Daisy it was also a good day, because we visited a little church at the coast and the mess was still going on. We were envited for coffee and cake in the church, how kind!

In the afternoon we took the ferry to Liverpool,  the city of the Beatles and had a great farewell ceremony at the Hotel. Everybody really liked  Scottland and the Isle of Man!

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Diane & John
Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 06:32

Hello James, Daisy, Rainer, Gaby, and Michael. A Mystery Tour with a map! We are on an Edelweiss e-bike tour in Bavaria so that is why we could not join you. Our mystery has been that there are Alps that we couldn’t see for the clouds. Plesae have a cup of tea for me.
Friday, August 23, 2019 at 00:15

Wonderful day !!


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