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Halcones Alps Tour 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / Axel Gert Schneider / Claudia Wenhart | Europe

Our Last day - Salzburg to Erding

Today we had to groups with different preferences - a city walk in Salzburg and another day riding in the Alps.


... muy rico ... Mozartkugeln

Everybody arrived safe, happy and with good memories in Erding.

Day 8 Haibichen Salzburg

Another beautifull day with sunshine and curvy mountains roads was waiting for us. We started early in Oetz to climb up Timmelsjoch, where we visited the motorcycle museum.

Our next stop was on top of Jaufen pass with an amazing view. But no time for long stops, because our highlight of the day was the Grossglockner High Alpine road.

Jaufen Pass
On top of Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze
Salzburg by night

Day 7 Pontresina Haibichen

Edelweiss Bike Travel is not just riding - Also find some new friends


It goes back to Austria !!! Welcome on Day 7


Today it was a small plan change. Since the connection from  Bormio to the Stilfserjoch has been been closed, we (Domenico Claudi and Me - Axel) worked on a new and still breathtaking route to the top of Stelvio Pass.



And here we go the plan is made and we are ready to present and to ride the new route!!



So let's go, start was in beautiful Pontresina at cuddly 3 Crad outside temperature. From there we passed the Morterat Glacier over the Bernina Pass to Livignio. Now the journey continued over the Ofen Pass instead of going to Bormio. At the top there were the first sunbeams which warmed us again to conquer the Umbrailpass. Afterwards we had a meeting at Bruno's sausage place (groups 1 and 2) on Stelvio Pass. And as well there was the exception for group 1 - a strengthening . After exploring the Stelvio's and numerous photos, we went down to Gruns a medieval city. There it was said: una capucchino prego and lets go again. So we went to the famous  Reschensee with the Church in the Lake and explored the story about the lake. Now there was one last highlight on our tour today and we drove to Gacherblick. Which became famous in the Napolitan era. Afterwards we went over small narrow streets towards Ötzthal where we spend the night in the Waldhof Daniel in Haibich.



An interesting day is coming to an end and tomorrow will be reflected in the first talks.

Moteratsch Glacier
Stelvio in breathtaking weather condition
The one and only - Stelvio
Famous Reschensee Lake with his church in the lake
Gacher Fewpoint

Day 6 Locarno to Pontresina

Great weather again this morning for our ride through the mountains. We started in Locarno in direction Bellinzona and Passo del S. Bernardino. Our next highlight was Splügenpass. And to add some more to the normal daily route we went over Julierpass and Alublapass in the afternoon. What a great ride!

St. Moritz a traditional destination of the upper class and international Jet Set is known as one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. 


Day 6 and we have new friends


Attention here the names of our new friends:


San Bernhardino Pass - Passo dello Spluga - Malojapass


Julierpass - Albula Pass


What a day!!!!


Lucarno to Pontresina a brilliant day of driving.

Once out of Locarno and into the Misox valley towards San Bernhardino please.


So today started our day with 3 official Passes on our list and what nobody knew, it got even better !!!!


Because the first 3 passes were actually on our To Do list and because riding a bike is fun, there were 2 passes on top of it as a reward for sharing one of the greatest passions on earth - riding a motorcycle.


Well, days like these let you experience the adventure of motorcycling on every turn and every time you accelerate. Live can be so beutifule


What shut i write - well today the picture along the way describe the day probably best - enjoys the pictures



We will read again tomorrow

Lago Maggiore in the morning
The San Bernardino was the first mountain pass we climbed today
Coffee break on the San Bernardino pass
Entering Italy on the Spluga pass
At the Acquafraggia waterfall
Lunch break
St. Moritz - the Jet Set spot

Day 5 Chamonix to Locarno

2 groups one common goal - Locarno -


Today we woke up at the foot of the impressive Mont Blanc. After a restful night which filled with countless impressions of yesterday's tour. Our journey today went on through the Mont Blanc tunnel into the Aosta Valley of Italy.


The first highlight was the castle Bard which was once a thorn in the eye of Napoleon. Then we jumped back on our bikes and we went of on narrow winding Italian roads through the true Italy, towards Mosso. Arrived in Mosso we deserved our first Cappuchino to recharge the batteries. For group 1: The journey went on down the valley to Arona on the Lago Maggiore where we follow the shore road towards Lucarno. But hardly arrived at Lake Maggiore there was a strong desire for a bistro right on the lake. So we stopped in Meina. And here we go Cappuchino number 2 and a pannini was our company while we enjoyed the breathtaking view at the lake.


One last time we went on the bikes and the goal was almost reached. Lucarno we are coming.


For group 2:  we went to Mosso as well and took the road via Varallo to Umenia to Lake Maggiore to Intra.

Both tours were filled with countless small villages and small roads which made the biker's heart beat faster.


Another day of our journey comes to an end.

But now there is a great menu at the Hotel Belvedere in Lucarno waiting for us.



So see you tomorrow with the impressions of the trip to Pontresina.

....yummy icecream
Happy birthday Claudia!!!
... Locarno by night

Day 4, Andermatt to Chamonix

Another wonderful day in the Alps, today we spent almost all day in Switzerland and finally ended in France, in the beautiful village of Chamonix Mont Blanc. The first pass we faced was the beautiful Sustenpass, then we reached Thun where we had lunch and then again up and down on the Col du Pillon and Col de la Croix. What a rollercoaster!

First stop on the Sustenpass
Claudia is a great photographer
Group picture, only Axel is missing, too bad he was driving the van today!
At the lake of Thun
The beautiful town of Thun, where we had lunch
Col du Pillon
Chamonix Mont Blanc

Day3, Warth to Andermatt

From the snowy mountains around Warth to the beautiful Andermatt.



Welcome to the report on day 3


Today it was 9:30 am and our journey started with not so fantastic weather in direction to the Furkajoch. You could also describe it like that: it was really really not warm. But that should change. Once arrived in Feldkirchen the cloud cover opened up and it got better with every meter.

After crossing the border to Lichtenstein we saw the first historical highlight of today - Vaduz Castle. After a look at the castle and getting rid of the rain gear we drove on - in sunshine - to the ice blue Walenstadt lake.


In a coffee high above the lake we enjoyed the view with a cappuccino in our hands and our thoughts already focused on the next pass.

So here we go, back on the street we drove in the direction of Klausenpass. Once there, we dived into a breathtaking landscape witch was marked by white mountain peaks and the lush green meadows of Switzerland and of curse we passed countless cow pastures on the way up to the Klausen Pass.

It was just the reward for the cold kilometres in the morning.

Just an indescribably nice day. Now almost arrived in Andermatt, it went to Whilhelm Tell stature to Altdorf.

After the last historical highlight we went bak on the bikes and off to Andermatt !!! Because Claudia was already waiting for us at the Hotel Crown.



Another day is over and our thoughts already at day 4 - it goes over the Sustenpass to Charmonix and everybody sit looking already forward.

See you tomorrow

... and we start with snow ⛄️ this morning
First coffee break in Feldkirch
The castle of Vaduz
Lake of Walenstadt
Swiss Alps are incredibly beautiful!
riding fun...
At the Wilhelm Tell monument in Altdorf

Day 2, Seefeld to Warth

... what a day, rain rain rain and snow on top of the mountains.

We started in Seefeld along the Leutasch valley and the Geisterklamm in direction to Walchensee and Kochelsee. A short stop in Linderhof for a warm coffee, helped us to get the last kilometers to the hotel in pooring rain again.


Day 1, Welcome to Seefeld

Our special tour with the Halcones BMW club from Monterrey is ready to start. We started with our briefing in Seefeld and everybody was happy to get his bike for our week in the Alps.

Seefeld... beautiful atmosphere after the rain
Carlos & Pepe
Gerardo - Hr. Mayer
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