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ATC1906 - The last one for 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | Axel Allgaier | Europe

Happy riders at 2020m asl

Why would you want to tour the Alps in October? Eleven riders were to find the answers in 6 days of riding through stunning roads in the vicinity of Seefeld, Tirol, visiting parts of Italy and Germany on the way.

After a day of slow introdution to riding on wet roads in the fog, Monday, our first "real" riding day took us over three passes - Timmelsjoch, Jaufenpass, Brenner - taking in snow, 16°C, sunshine and many twists and turns.

At the mototcycle museum at Timmelsjoch after a chilly ascent.
Sharon and Greg survived the first few of many switchbacks
Up into the fresh snow we went.
Canadians - should be used to snow, eh?
Motorcycles and snow at Timmelsjoch

Day two, and the weather looks perfect for the challenge of Stelvio and its 48 hairpin turns on the northern ramp. But first a stop at Graun, the sunken village at Reschen, for the mandatory picture of the bell tower.

Who would miss the opportunity for a picture of the tower ...
... or taking a picture of people taking pictures?
Stelvio, looking up to the top.
Stelvio, looking down. What do you see apart from the great landscape? That's right, hardly any traffic!
Storm in desperate need for one of Bruno's sausages after mastering 48 switchbacks!

After two long days and not very favourable weather forecasts for the afternoon, Wednesday was a short riding day close to Seefeld to be back at the hotel just in time before the rain set in. 

Thursday started with a ride through the clouds down into the Inn valley for our journey east into Zillertal. The narrow "Zillertaler Höhenstraße" offered cahllenges and great vistas for the brave riders.

Coffee stop in the valley to gather strength for the things to come (and give the clouds some time to lift...)
Negotiated the narrow roads, avoided busses and cars, just to be up there in the clouds?
Where's the promised view? At least lunch is available.
Things change quickly in the mountains - now look at this!
... and this ...
... and that!

Final day, King Ludwigs castles are waiting. Another perfect day with blue skies and little traffic.

A stop at Walchensee to enjoy...
... this view!
Now what are all these people doing on that bridge?
Looking at Neuschwanstein Castle of course!
Close to the castle is the "Alpsee". Picture postcard conditions!
And Eric and Storm are taking advantage of the opportunity to get a good snap.
A final coffee stop at Namlos.
Troy and Dave enjoying sunshine and cake.
Hahntennjoch, the final pass of this tour.
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