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Riding Academy Andalucia

Friday, October 11, 2019 | Michael Göbel | Europe

Day 1 - Arrival in Almeria

Sunset at the hotel

Tracey and Ed from US, Sharon and Steve from US and Emad from Quatar. This is our group!


Day 2 - Classroom session and training on gocart track

After 2 hours of theory we got on the bikes and rode to our training area. The first twisty roads and riding skills from beginner to really experienced riders. 

But everybody did well during the exercices and learned a lot. The final race was all about slow speed! Exhausted but happy we arrived at the hotel. 

Start for the final race
And the winner is Ed

Day 3 - Loop around Almeria - 240 km

Our first touring day. Lots of curves and lots of fun!

Riding in the beautiful scenery of Andalucia is great. Sone exercices on a road with a couple of hairpins and the class did well!


Day 4 - Loop around Almeria - 290 km

A very intense riding day! Beautiful scenery and fantastic roads. 

Look at the road in the background
Wild West in Spain

Day 4 - Almeria - Vinuela - 300 km

First day of our two day tour. What a riding day! Great roads in breathtaking scenery. And the class did an outstanding Job.

Perfect dinner

Day 5 - Vinuela - Almeria - 270 km

Unfortunately the last riding day. It was our masterpiece! Incredible twisty roads, thousands of curves and great lookouts. Everybody arrived with a smile and a little bit proud. Well done!!!!!!

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Shari Smith Dunaif
Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 22:57

Thank you Michael! The October 7, 2019 Andalusian Academy was not just excellent training for technical riding, but really fun too. I quite recently got my motorcycle license, so I really appreciate the opportunity to learn how to ride a safe line, negotiate hairpin turns, and experience narrow, sometimes steep, mountain roads. Thanks to Michael, I am a safer, more confident rider. I'm grateful for Michael's efforts to inspire and instruct our group of diverse riding experiences. Now, I'm ready for more advanced adventures. Thanks again, Michael!


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