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best book there is, part 7: from Latvia to South Africa

Monday, March 1, 2021 | Thomas Ritt | News

 Edelweiss Bike Travel – 40.

I turned to Edelweiss 10 years ago when I was around 40 plus. Just the right time to explore the world’s freedom and adventures. Visiting different counties of our planet I’ve had a long-standing wish how I want to travel and here at Edelweiss bike tours I certainly can - where life is about the journey, joy, and excitement. I gained some experience before and I have to say – I have taken some hard hits, but still up and running and full of energy, enjoyment, and always open for an adventure! Bringing together with a variety of people and cultures in far-away places I have never ever dreamed of visiting, traveling in safety, many welcome tips, and lots of freedom – that is what I like in Edelweiss Bike Travel. There are many choices out there, with plenty of key features that helped me get the most out of Edelweiss tours.

My most memorable story is also my longest trip to South Africa tour in the year 2012. I got an eye on this tour just after finishing my second tour with Edelweiss Bike Travel within Europe. I wanted to explore other continents and South Africa struck me from the very beginning. Reading through the annotation and I could not wait till it started.

We started from Johannesburg. Getting on the place and receiving baggage went smoothly. The weather was perfect, it is quite warm there in November. The first evening is always thrilling - receiving bikes and getting to know each other.  However, most attention paid to the riding gear – as usual - check if something is not forgotten or broken on the way. The next morning - on the long-awaited day - sets the path of the tour, the places I have dreamed about already long before.  South Africa tour took me on incredible roads with perfect tarmac through beautiful landscapes all the way to Cape Town. I enjoyed epic mountain passes and witnessed some of the most wonderful scenery I have ever encountered. First day-off we spent discovering Kruger National Park where the thrill of being so close to nature and animals is breath-taking. Visited nature reserves, African Savannah, enjoyed lifestyle within local Zulu tribe and finally, of course, swim in the Indian Ocean.  

Besides excellent, fast, and curvy roads the trip brought me back to history when I was still reading kid`s books about Africa. I never dreamed that I would be standing on Cape of Good Hope - so close to Vasco da Gama’s sea-routes more than 500 years ago. All that in two weeks’ time!  After several years it still left me with memories. I want to return to the spirit out there looking again to embark on a long, adventure-packed journey.

As with every tour, we get to know people from different countries. With some of the riders, we build friendships and had taken more Edelweiss Bike Travel tours together. Our life is a journey, and I am so happy that Edelweiss Bike Travel community is a part of it.


Aigars Benders, Latvia


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