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Modul Tour 6TG2101, Tour - Guide - Training

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 | Stefan Sykora / Claudia Wodarz / Arno Lachmann / Dominik Nattkamp / Daniel Neuner | News

Day 1: Arrival in Bolzano

Must be the right place for the Training
Bikes are ready!!
Welcome Briefing - Jan & Christoph, well done guy`s
Stories - Fakts - Tips - The idea of riding
Not only the trainees having longe day`s
Watching different movies

Day 2: From Bolzano to Levico Terme

Our first official riding day - finally on the bike! The Warm-up led us from Bozen to our picnic in Truden. In between there was a photo stop with a cloudy but wonderful view to the Rosengarten (stone roses ) and the corresponding saga of the dwarven king Laurin. Before our picnic we had a coffee stop at the 800 year old chapel St. Helena. At the arrival of our destination Claudia welcomed us with a world famous Edelweiss picnic - and it was amazing!

Part of the crew in front of the Rosengarten
Coffee stop at the chapel St. Helena
Finally arrived at the italian picnic - Thank you Claudia!
Now, time to chill out... Or take photos of your tour guide

After a wonderful picnic in Truden we drove towards Molina.  Very beautiful winged roads and green forests.  Although it was raining a bit and there was slow traffic, the surroundings were beautiful.  Unfortunately a customer fell over but happily no injury.  And the bike was scratch-free, too.  We drove along Schloss Pergine to our hotel directly on Lake Levico.

View at Val di Cembra

Day 3: Back to Bozen

Tag 3 der Modultour führte uns zurück von Levico Therme nach Bozen. Nach einem gemütlichen Kaffeestop im beeindruckenden Castel Toblino geht es weiter zum Lago di Molveno, der ein tolles Fotomotiv liefert. Das Highlight des Tages war aber sicherlich das hervorragende Picknick.

Day 3 of the Modultour led us from Levico Therme back to Bozen. After a relaxing stop for Coffee in Castel Tobline we continue riding to Lago di Molveno, which is a nice motive for some great pictures. The highlight of the day clearly was the marvelous picnic.

Lago di Molveno - what a beautiful place for a picture stop
The picnic was clearly the highlight of the day
Stefan clearly enjoying the BMW GS
Castel Toblino - a great place for a relaxing coffee stop
Start to Riding Day 3

Day 4: Bolzano to Levico Terme

One Ice is enough

Once again from Bolzano to Levico this time with Dominik as the rookie guide. After leaving the city we pased some nice hairpins and reached the chapel of "Kaserer Bild" for a historie lesson. Then on to a hidden treasure a special toilet hidden in the woods was found. We all have had there a lot of fun.

Afterwards we explored the Lavazé Pass and enjoyed an exellent coffee on the top of the pass.

After some more Curves we reach the picknick place and enjoide our meal

The group on the top of the pass

Day 5: Returning to Bolzano

Heute ging es wieder Richtung Norden, diesmal östlich des Etschtals am Vormittag. Stefan führte uns sicher um einige unerwartete Strassensperrungen, dann musste ein platter Reifen geflickt werden. Kein Problem für unseren Guide, der mit einem siebten Sinn für Leckagen ausgestattet ist

Ein weiteres leckeres Picknick, diesmal von Dominik vorbereitet, rundete den Fahrtag ab. Am Nachmittag nahmen wir den direkten Weg nach Bozen, wo wir einen verregneten Rundgang mit unserem Stadtführer Manuel geniessen konnten.


Today we headed northbound again, this time east of the Adige valley in the morning. Stefan guided us safely around some unexpected roadblocks. Then a flat tire had to be fixed after a photostop. No problem for Stefan and his seventh sense for leaking tires

Once again we enjoyed a perfect picnic overlooking the valley below, created by Dominik. In the afternoon we took the direct route to our hotel in Bolzano, where we spent a rainy couple of hours on a city tour with our guide Manuel.

Stefan fixing a tire
Stefan beim Reifen flicken
The legendary Edelweiss Picnic
Das legendäre Edelweiss-Picknick
Sightseeing in Bolzano
Stadtrundgang in Bozen

Day 6: Bolzano to Levico for the last time

Our last riding day from Bolzano to Levico, after 15 km thru the vineyards we reach passo di Mendola for the fast riders it was the time for free riding! After that fun ride up on the pass, the group met to continue the ride together on Mt. Penegal a little narrow forest road to the peak with a breathtaking view to the Dolomites, Brenta group and the Ortler Alps. 

From the vineyards we passing the juicy apple plantations for having another nice picnic break. Strengthened the ride goes on, we passing a city nice and smoothly and having a last coffee stop at lake Caldonazzo, from there it's just a short mountain road back to Levico where a typical Edelweiss surprise is waiting for us  

Passo di Mendola, now with a new edelweissbike sticker
Mt. Penegal, with a great view to the great Dolomites
Edelweissbike Family
Lago di Caldonazzo, Coffee stop and Jan is prepared with shorts under his bike pants
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Claudia Wodarz
Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 16:50

Now we are ready and good prepared for the tours we gonna ride!
Jan Van Der Jagt
Monday, June 7, 2021 at 09:27

Picknick in the wild


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