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4AE2103 - Alps Extreme

Thursday, August 5, 2021 | Tom Friden | Europe

Arrival day: Welcome to a new edition of the alps extreme tour!

If you can't get enough of curves and switchbacks, then you will love this tour, however, you should not underestimate this tour in any case. Good driving skills are a must for this fantastic tour. This tour has it all: winding roads, technical switchbacks, beautiful hairpin turns with breathtaking scenery across the Alps and Dolomites. We ride from Edelweiss HQ south to Lake Garda. Then we head back north through the Domolites until we arrive back at Edelweiss HQ.


Prepare for long days of riding on the best roads the Alps and Domlomites have to offer. Truly a roller coaster ride for the bravest riders among you.


And off we go, enjoy!

What a piece of art this is, is it for sell Tom?
Everything is set for the welcome briefing

Day1: Mieming - Serfaus

Our first stop on this tour is the winter sports resort of Kühtai with the pass of the same name, which offers a perfect introduction to alpine motorcycling.

In the afternoon the driving highlight of the day follows, the fantastic Kaunertalstrasse. This offers an almost perfect mix of curves, straights and breathtaking views over the Alps and leads us up to the glacier. 

First coffee stop of the day.
What a fabulous view down the valley of Kühtai.
Meeting the locals at the Kaunertal glacier road.

Day2: Serfaus - Monte Penegal

Today the Stelvio Pass awaits us, the second highest pass in the Alps. The 48 hairpin bends of the north ramp of the pass demand all your driving skills and your full concentration. An absolute highlight for every motorcyclist! After the successful conquest of the Stelvio Pass, the Passo di Gavia and the Passo Tonale are waiting for us as a "little encore".

The famous sunken church tower at the Rechenlake.
First coffee stop of the day in the beautiful medieval town Glurns.
Rainy conditions at the stelvio pass, all our riding skills were required. But it was really a fun ride up to the top.
Mission accomplished! 48 switchbacks on the wayup to the stelvio pass.
Views at the Gavia pass.
Misty conditions down the Gavia pass
Last coffee stop for the day before we reach our well deserved hotel .

Day3: Monte Penegal - Levico Terme

We leave South Tyrol and drive on to Trentino. From now on there is only pure Italy! 

Winding roads through vineyards and apple orchards lead us to one of the deepest gorges in the Alps, the Sarche Gorge. The beautiful drive to Monte Bondone proves with what passion the Italians build roads.

Mmmh, what a delicious applestrudel!
After yesterday's rainy day we are spoiled with best driving conditions today.
Lunch stop at lake Molveno
What great conditions on Monte Bondone, the Italians know how to make a biker's heart happy.
Photo shooting at Monte Bondone

Day4: Levico Terme - Garda lake - Levico Terme

This rest day is something very special. We will drive south to Lake Garda into a completely different world. It will seem as if you are not in the Alps, but on the Mediterranean Sea. The route first follows the shore to Limone before climbing steeply up into the mountains for the first time. At the highest point we enjoy the view over the lake. When you take off your helmet after the next 800 curves at Lake Idro, you will hardly find a fellow rider who doesn't have a satisfied grin on his face.

What an incredible view to start the day.
We look back at the Valsugana valley with Lake Caldonazzo on the left and Lake Levico on the right, exactly where we left this morning.
You can't get any closer to the region than on these small, winding country roads.
It is simply incredible what views are offered to us on this tour.
What a spectacular view over the lake garda.
We could not ask for a better lunch stop.
Nice little castle for our last coffee stop of the day.

Day5: Levico Terme - Toblach

Today's route offers a special challenge for motorcyclists: seven passes with countless hairpin bends and curves will literally make you dizzy. Rather unknown passes like the Duran Pass and the Cereda Pass are on the program. The unbeatable advantage: There is hardly any traffic. Plus a landscape like something out of a picture book.

Today's menu: countless curves in all kinds of patterns.
Hard work to apply the Edelweiss sticker.
Done it!

Day 6: Toblach - Mieming

For the really tough guys, this route offers everything your heart desires. After a few kilometers on well-maintained roads, we turn onto the Würzjoch, an unknown single-trail pass with a great view. Then we continue over the Jaufenpass to the Timmeljoch, where the highest motorcycle museum in the world unfortunately burned down in January 2021 and is currently waiting to be rebuilt. But even without the museum, the Timmeljoch, our last pass on the way back to Edelweiss HQ, is a driving and scenic highlight.

What a view of the Dolomites to start our day’s ride.
Beautiful switchbacks on the way up to the Würzjochpass.
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Bob Mihalics
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 23:34

Hi Tom, Another great tour with only a few riders, did they push you like the Fastest
Grand mother?
Maybe see you next fall.

Tom Friden
Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 13:22

Hi Bob, glad you liked the Blog, we did have a really good tour with good riding skills.
Tom Friden
Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 13:25

Would be great to see you again, just keep me updated, who knows, maybe i’m availble.
Peter Alderson
Friday, July 30, 2021 at 14:49

Stelvio without cyclists. Worth getting wet for! Hope you are all having fun.
Tom Friden
Friday, July 30, 2021 at 16:41

Hey Pete, yeah we having good fun, and Stelvio was a really good ride even in the wet.


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